First look at post-MS Kim Rae Won

Yup, another hottie back from MS, and looking ever good and healthy!

Kim Rae Won was discharged from MS yesterday, but had opted for a more low-profile departure, leaving the media and fans in a frenzy. He had specifically requested his agency to inform the media and public a day before of his intention to leave MS  as quietly as possible with minimal commotion. So you notice the lack of (sorry, not lack of, but NONE) of his discharge photos online. The above picture was grabbed from a cut from a short video message he gave after his discharge (video link to be provided later).

But of course, he can’t run away from everyone!

YStar managed to catch up with his discharge, and here you go, Kim Rae Won fresh out of MS!



I have no idea how to embed videos other than youtube in here (yaiks), so check out his video message HERE.

I’m happy and excited that he’s back for good. There’s nothing better than seeing actors that you love coming back from MS (case in point: Wookie!) and looking great. I think KRW has slimmed down a bit (from the clip), but like other army men, I believe his insides have become buffer and more muscular than before? 😛 Is it too pervy of me to as for a post military shower scene?

Now that he’s finally out, I already cannot wait to see him back on screen with Su Ae in Kim Soo Hyun‘s A Thousand Day Promises. 😀 It’s slated for 50 episodes I know. And I might just die from drama overdose if I put this in my list.

But Kim Rae Won and Su Ae, it’s like a team-up you cannot miss no?


5 thoughts on “First look at post-MS Kim Rae Won”

  1. Where did you read A Thousand Day Promises was slated for 50 episodes? :O

    I remember reading on dramabeans that it was only slated for 24. Did the episode count change?

    1. Oops, made a mistake. I mistook it for A Thousand Kisses (Ji Hyun Woo’s new drama). 😛 I’m not sure about the amount of episodes, but Kim Soo Hyun’s last 2 dramas did span about 60 eps or more so I’d assumed that this would be a long one as well? I’ll make a correction once I get the accurate info. Thanks for the info.

  2. am excited to see KRW again…he must definitely have a broody shower scene…yay that surely made my heart a flutter!!!! am so looking forward to his drama with Su Ae…doesn’t really matter if its a long one or a melo, I just know in my bones that this two will not disappoint us… gotta hoard me some boxes of tissues then…

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