Short rant on Hooray For Love

Jae Hee oh Jae Hee, you know how much I wished for you to be able to come back to drama. You know when news announced that you were going to star along Lee Bo Young in Hooray For Love, I jumped, screamed, squealed in overwhelming delight. And you know how bad and sad I felt for you when you got hurt and pulled out at the last minute 😦

When Lee Tae Sung was announced as your replacement, I held my heart back a bit. Liked the actor but never saw anything with him as lead, expectations I had immediately took a low dive.

And guess what after 5 episodes?

@ I already adore Lee Tae Sung as Dong Woo.

Dong Woo’s confident, witty and a lil bit naughty (as in a disobedient mama’s boy LOL). A lil play-boyish, but has a kind and endearing heart. Most importantly, when it comes to work, guy goes all out.

Jae Mi, no worries, Dong Woo will heal your breaking heart in no time!

@Love the main OTP triangle

Stuck between a bastard hubby played by Jin Yi Han and a charming lawyer Dong Woo who helps you to move on? I am already sold.

I already foresee a HUGE obstacle for the OTP to overcome in future when they eventually get together, but I’m going to enjoy all their adorableness and cuteness first.

@Intrigued by the old generation OTP

Cannot stress how fascinated I am with the relationship between Jae Mi’s mom (Bae Jong Ok) and dad (Cheon Ho Jin). Everything between them is pretty much complicated and makjang to the max, but holy shiz, when they’re together, not only do they look great together, they sizzle all kinds of sparks and electricity.

I want them to get back together no matter what. I don’t care about Juri and why he had to marry her (maybe because of the kid?), because it’s so obvious he’s still so very much in love with his ex-wife. And because he looks so much more normal besides her. (Sorry, he just looks too daddy-ish next to Juri aiks).

@Want more Mommy-Daughter love

When mommy is unlike mommies who shout or scream at you in K-dramas, you just know this mommy is for grabs. Not only is Jae Mi’s mom loving and understanding, she supports Jae Mi in whatever she does and becomes her pillar of comfort whenever she needs a crying shoulder. There’s no spanking, no yelling, no pulling, but just mere words of wisdom and consolation.

So you’re not alone in this Jae Mi. You still have mommy!

@And of course, LOVE LOVE LOVE-ing Kim Soo Mi and her En-grishhhhh!


Overall HFL is quite decent and enjoyable. Typical and cliche nonetheless, I think I can do as long as Dong Woo continues to be this cute and charming.

45 more episodes, we’ll see if HFL can break Baker King and CYHMH’s record (my longest live watching K-drama/s  @ 30 episodes).


10 thoughts on “Short rant on Hooray For Love”

  1. Rant? I think this is a short RAVE! 🙂 From the title of the post I thought you didn’t like this show. I watched five minutes of the first episode and there was a LOT of drama so I stopped cause I wanted something happy and heartwarming, but now I am going to have to go back and give it a real try. The longest drama I’ve watched period was at 31 episodes so I’ll see if I can make it watching this live for…months!

    1. Oop, miahn for the misleading title. 😛
      HFL is pretty much DRAMA all over lol you have to get past all that to be able to enjoy it.

      If you manage to get past 2 episodes, I think it’s good for you to continue. 😀
      I assure you that you’ll love the main guy and his mom, if not all the characters (okay, not all.. you’ll see why).

  2. I’m up to episode 7 for this drama 🙂 I’m not all that invested, but I adore the little girl (Kim Yoo Bin)!! She’s my favorite character so far lol I’ve been interested in seeing how the older OTP plays out because Bae Jong Ok & Cheon Ho Jin have such sizzling chemistry. I know it’s probably a case of “too late, lost your chance”, but I still want them back together… Jung Soo is so hot, but such a dumba**.. Dong Woo is adorable, but I haven’t been won over by him… yet. I don’t know if I can keep up with this drama until the end, but we’ll have to see~

    1. Oh yes, I totally forgot about adorable lil Da Reum! I seriously ADORE her to bits, I wanna pinch and hug her and kiss her! How on earth is she able to act so well, so on par with the adults?! o_0 Love it when she says “It’s alright.” to her daddy in Korean. Sooooooo cute! 😛

      This is my 2nd attempt at a 50 ep drama, have no idea if I can stay that long. I tried doing Gloria but I watched till some 30 eps and skipped to the ending right away. Hmmm…

  3. oh you are still at the beginning I am watching mostly because of LBY and JYH is awesome as well even though I wanted them to be lovers not enemies overall its pretty enjoyable and cute with some excellent acting the weakest thing about it is the writing which is a bit over dramatic but that’s pretty normal in kdrama land
    concerning the plot it depends on the way you look at it some may complain about heavy story too much drama but that’s what divorce is all about its pretty realistic I have seen a very ugly divorce ( my cousin is going through one) and I know the dreadful things the women suffer because of it its not easy being a divorcee especially if your ex is a bastard so if you were a Feminist you would want to see JM the dumped wife a strong woman
    btw the fortune teller tells both mother and daughter that they will find new love so there is little hope for the mom and dad to be together

    1. I’m taking it really slow for this drama, 1 ep at a time. Hopefully I can last long enough until it ends?

      Anyway, I’m okay with the divorce topic. I’ve never seen one before but I can understand all the emotional turmoil and complications involved. I wasn’t comfortable with Jae Mi’s persistence to salvage her marriage knowing for obvious that JS cheated on her. So I squeed and screamed in delight when she got her divorce annulment and immediately in turn asked for a divorce there and then! A bit exaggerated (have no idea if they can really do that in court) but darn that was cool! Way to go Jae Mi! JS deserved it, for Jae Mi owned him there and then! WOO! (But I saw the preview and JM’s heart softened again sighs.. arrhh bastard JS1)

      I think what the fortune teller meant was that JM’s mom will experience a 2nd time at love? Given that she’s already divorced, I’m pretty sure it’s her ex we’re talking about. It’s just so obvious they both have such deep lingering feelings for each other. Their intensified gazes and stares toward each other, it’s electrifying. It’d be difficult for them to get together in any way, but I’m sure somewhere or somehow, they will re-affirm their feelings for each other once again. Juri? Care less about her. She can continue h her designer clothes and beg her mommy for money to spend. Poor hubby.

  4. Girl, good to hear you’re enjoying HFL! Gotta be honest, I was actually more excited when I heard that Lee Taesung and Jin Yihan came to replace Jae Hee and that other guy. I love Jae Hee but I don’t see him having a good chemistry with Lee Boyoung.

  5. I haven’t started this and Lord knows when I will but one of the biggest draws to me has to be Chun Ho Jin and Bae Jong Ok, two of my all time favs! I hate that Jin Yi Han is playing a jerky character again, ’cause I really want to see him in a drama where I can love him unabashedly. I know Kdramas love to redeem characters (one the worst being crazy ex in DF) but I rarely buy into that.
    Oh well, with this rave, I know I wasn’t wrong for putting this is my “Watch When I Get A Min” box. 🙂
    Thanks so much for the rec!

    1. Jin Yi Han playing bastard hubby is amusing cos he’s so charismatic that I can’t hate him fully. And with that voice to die for?

      Chun Ho Jin and Bae Jong Ok have wonderful chemistry in here. If anything that’s worth watching solely for in this drama, it’s them no doubt. Their intensity in their interactions pawn every single interaction in the drama, heck yeah even more than the OTP. I assure you’ll love them in here.

  6. there’s this favourite song of Cheon Ho Jin and Bae Jon O
    k that they love so much in the movie. I really don’t know how to get it

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