The Musical Teaser

Teaser looks pretty interesting. Seems like it’s heading towards the typical underdog story? But I have a feeling I’ll like this, with the actors (my ILU and Park Ki Woong) and MUSIC combined.

Hopefully it’ll do better than Heartstrings (a drama which could have done better sighs).

Squee: My ILU looks so adorable in it! <333



5 thoughts on “The Musical Teaser”

  1. just watched first 2 eps of The Musical.
    Your “I LUB U” is surely cute. Too bad GHS doesn’t seem to have chemistry with him. Or I should get my eyes checked? I have nothing against GHS, but she annoys me a bit here or is it the story line?

    1. Have seen 1, and was totally charmed by my ILU’s boyish smiles 🙂
      GHS doesn’t do anything for me, but I’m starting to open up for that she will def end up with my ILU in the drama. Story’s the typical underdog story. But at least I’m liking both men in here? ILU and Park Ki Woong? <3333

      Amusing thing is that Go Eun Bi calls both guys ahjusshi, when obviously in real life, she's like older? lol

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