Music Focus: Bang Yong Guk’s “I Remember” (feat. Yoseob)

I had no idea who Bang Yong Guk was until I saw this MV “I Remember” on KBSW last night. I only caught like 20 seconds of the MV (because dad was holding the remote aiks!) and mind was immediately transfixed in that moment. Everything in that 20 secs, from the music, vocals, rap to the MV itself – blew me away (u$(u_)i$ui_i)@_i(#_i#_)i@!!

And right after I watched the MV in full, I fell even more in love with it. Bang Yong Guk rawked his rap like no other. Yoseob nailed those beautiful and soothing vocals with perfection. And the MV totally pawned everything and made the song even better!

I’m still in awe.

And MV/song are still on constant replay on my laptop.

Do have to give it to the Koreans for being able to package an MV like this o_0.



6 thoughts on “Music Focus: Bang Yong Guk’s “I Remember” (feat. Yoseob)”

  1. It’s a shame he is going to be part of a boy group instead of going solo! So sad ><

    He is amazing right? The MV is so awesome!! Loove it!

    Another mv I liked too and he featured was the song ''Going Crazy'' with Ji Eun.

    This is the first time he appeared on music industry.

    Has two versions of going crazy, the first onw with actress Min Hyo Rin:

    And the 2º version: with Ji Eun and Him on the mv.

    1. ^ Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen the first video and whilst I liked Ji Eun’s calming voice, I thought BYG stole the limelight a lil bit more with his rap. But for I Remember, it was Yoseob who actually sealed my love for the song. Still gotta give BYG thumbs up. Boy hasn’t even debuted and he’s already claiming hearts o_0

      Perhaps the reason why he’s debuting in a group, he needs vocals to go along with his rap?

      1. I agree. Well I do think his rapping with a vocal makes the song more good and interesting – Yoseob parts’ completed the song, he has a amazing voice ❤

        But BYG in a group? Means just few parts or almost none on the songs…. I would prefer a duo, it would be better, just look Yoseob and he = really good match, well but a duo with the two not happening xD.

  2. =) IKR, I remember blewed me away too but I expected it to be so great after seeing his rap in Going Crazy. I can’t wait to see what the other members have in store when there whole band debuts.

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