Joseph and Rainie in VOGUE’s FNO Promo

Nope, they’re not in this promo video together. But I figured it’d pique more interest with their interviews meshed up in one?

After all, it’s Joseph AND Rainie I’m talking about. And JR makes me happy! 😀


They, along with other celebs did a promotional interview for VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out, a global fashion event which is to be held this coming 17th September 2011. The last I read Joseph is scheduled to attend the show. So maybe.. perhaps we’ll be able to get another glimpse of our OTP in the event together? *pray hard DTLY and JR fans!*

Both of them shared thoughts about fashion and shopping in the interview. Joseph thinks shopping is a happy thing to do and he likes to do it alone whilst Rainie thinks shopping’s a MUST. Joseph’s most unforgettable shopping experience was during a spree he had in a second hand furniture shop in Shanghai while Rainie’s best was when she and her bestie went for a bleeding shopping spree in Korea (a country they’d never been to before) and shopped from dusk to dawn.They also chose the color WHITE as their favourite color for the VOGUE FNO water tumbler.

My love for the DTLY OTP has not lessened one bit as you can see. So please bear with me if you see me doing stuff like this, posting DTLY-unrelated stuff but which has the teeny-weeniest connection whatsoever especially in relation to the OTP. 😀

I just miss them that much. Sighs.


4 thoughts on “Joseph and Rainie in VOGUE’s FNO Promo”

  1. O yes,thanks …I was like a parched thirsty person stumbling upon an oasis when I came across this ..needless to say I ‘drank’ it all in tho they r not in it togetherNews about them is scarce these days what with rainie caught up with her album promotions etc.however there s been alot of frenzy on the Show-rainie thread with their die hard fans cocksure that love is brewing between the two….u heard?

    1. Yup Rainie’s been very very busy. But at least we know they’re still gonna have a DTLY cartoon collab. ^^

      The Show-Rainie thing has been going on since forever so I’m not surprised. Anything I’m good, as long as girl’s happy 😀

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