So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo’s ONLY YOU Teaser Posters


So Ji Sub oh So Ji Sub, why must you be THIS HOT?!!!!

Even in those ajumma curls!!!

To be truthfully honest, as much as I love So Ji Sub, as much as I dig his sad eyes, as much as I think he does it best in dark and melodramatic roles, I was a bit let down when he decided to take up this film. It’s not that I’m against melo stuff (I love angst if you know me well), and it’s not that I have anything against the director or writer. But it’s just, “Ji Sub, not again? Another sad character? Where you might have to die again (he probably won’t in here but I just have this gut feeling he will whenever he plays depressing roles)?!” I love you to death, but do you always have to torture me and my eye glands?

I’ve been following SJS’s career ever since MISA, my favourite and the best ever SJS  drama. Possibly the best I have ever seen in such context. So Ji Sub played sadistic, revengeful and heartwrenching like no other in that drama he totally ate me up. You don’t wanna know what a mess I’d been during those days. Yaiks. :/

7 years down the road, I’d much expected SJS to show off a more versatile side, but till now, I have yet to see much of that from him. 😦 It’s like he’s already stereotyped to do melo and sad that he just cannot break away from it. He blew me away in Rough Cut a few years back with yet another dark and angsty role, but that again was his specialty, his niche. Something that he does best.

So, when he was announced to play melo again in Only You, sighs.

Only You revolves around the encounters of 2 predicament scarred souls. Chul Min (SJS), a reclusive and introverted boxer with a dark past meets Jung Hwa (Han Hyo Joo), a girl who is about  to lose her eye-sight. They befriend each other, fall in love and gradually find consolation and comfort in each other, becoming the only one in each others’ eyes and hearts.

I’m not expecting much from the film as the premise doesn’t really intrigue me. I can already pretty much predict the outcome of their love story. But the posters are no doubt visually attractive and intriguing (of course, with 2 beautiful people together lol). And are sensually alluring enough to keep me interested. They give out a tragic melancholy imbibed with a sense of hope and cheerfulness. Jung Hwa ‘s lovely smile likened to the light to Chul Min’s lonely world?

I heard some good stuff and reviews on the director Song Il Gon’s previous works. I can only pray that he’s able to work off some magic in such a re-used plot. Maybe it’s not too late to hope for a moving and heartwarming story instead of a depressing  and tragic one?

And please please please So Ji Sub, do not die in here!!


6 thoughts on “So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo’s ONLY YOU Teaser Posters”

  1. And please please please So Ji Sub, do not die in here!!
    Haha! I know that’s right! But then again, he’s so good at it!
    And you’re right, the posters (at least this) are pretty stinkin’ nice. This one is my favorite so far. There truly is just “something” about this man. He’s the epitome of “je ne sais quoi”

    1. Yup, So Ji Sub is indeed a character and actor distinctive from others. E.g. He’s like so solemn and quiet, and yet he’s into to rap and music?! That I’m surprised of. Have you seen his rap video? It was horrible >.<

      But I still love you!~

      1. The recent one? No. I’m too scared. *hides*
        I did see his rap for Rough Cut I think though and the video was well done. Odd. But well done.
        I was surprised that he is a rapper not that he was into music or appreciated rap. I suppose that I’m not even surprised that he raps, per se, but more that he wants other people to know he raps, you know?
        I absolutely love him but I don’t see how he can really believe people (the public) would take that endeavor seriously. Not knowing him personally it’s kinda hard not to snigger a bit when I think of him beatboxing in the studio.

  2. Oh, our tear ducts are soooo gonna suffer when we watch this but it’s frickin So!Ji!Sub dude.
    I still can’t hear that Snowflower song from MISA without crying. True story.

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