Baek Dong Soo, you’re coming along… but…

…could you just do away with the wrong signals you’re giving this lady here?

Poor Jin Joo.

I knew it. The hiatus I said I was going to have? It’s all plain BS on my part. Totally knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t stay off the PC/K-drama/blogging for long.Hah.

With the chilly weather creeping in here, curling up on the couch in a heated room inside is definitely the better option. K-drama and blogging, here I come!!!

So I’m all caught up with WBDS’s 20 eppies, the only drama which I’m fully done with following the current live schedule. Why out of all dramas (SoAW, PTB, Princess Man, Hurray For Love), WBDS? When I don’t even think it’s a great drama, or even worse, better than the rest?

I maintain my earlier stance, that I’m Team Dong Soo. And all the way until the end I will be, that I’m sure of.  Yeo Un still bugs me and I still don’t like him. Ji Sun is still unlikeable and boring. The action sequences make me laugh. And I still don’t get why Park Chul Min’s character is still in the drama alive and kicking when he’s supposed to be ridden off earlier on. Even Kwang Taek annoys me now. ))($&_)#*_#$

Nothing really pulls me in save for DS’s personal growth, Cheon and Jin Joo.

Dong Soo ah, I know you’ve grown up and you’ve matured. 3 years with Kwang Taek, you’ve totally grown out of your playful puppyy-ish ways, you’ve learned all your master’s skills, you’ve become more observant, vigilant and careful.  I love that you look slicker and nicer with your mane of glory tied up. I love your new-found thoughtfulness. I love that you’re nice to everyone now. I know all of that, they’re needed to show your growth. Your gradual metamorphosis into the great warrior Baek Dong Soo.

But why oh why, why did they have to get rid of your spunk and vivacious ways?  Your playful and amusing antics? 😦  😦 The boring, lifeless and monotonous Ji Sun already irks me good enough. Why did you have to adopt her ways? Why did they have to make you like her? :/

Even Samo noticed, and misses your old self as much as I do.

And worse, you’re still oblivious to this lady’s love for you, and pine for a Ji Sun who is devoid of emotion and life.

I know I’m getting way ahead of myself here. Obviously WBDS isn’t about love or romance at all. The writer barely touches on Dong Soo and Ji Sun together, let alone anything concrete about Dong Soo- Jin Joo. Drama probably doesn’t even intend to go anywhere near that route. Maybe a triangle, but not a DS-JJ ending (to my dismay sighs).

But it’s just me feeling awfully bad for JJ. I know DS worries for JS for she has endured a lot in the past. And that she’s his first.  Do not blame the guy for falling for JS (I just do not understand why). Not expecting DS to reciprocate JJ’s feelings. But would it hurt for the writer to just give DS and JJ lil moments of friendship and endearment? Not just DS appearing 3 years later and vowing to protect her after her mom’s death. WTH was that about?!! Weird.

The shipper in me of course squealed in delight when that happened. But then, it just didn’t seem right and odd at least. Why would DS just declare out of nowhere, to protect her like that? He didn’t even like her in the past. And even as a friend, he took her for granted. Why now all of a sudden? Just because in 3 years, you’ve become a better person and everyone’s problems become yours to solve? Hmmmmm… perhaps. But so not convincing IMO.

So, I was already prepared to let go of the DS-JJ ship forever and accept that love is indeed blind. UNTIL drama gives me this in Ep 20: –


Now you know why this drama makes me mad?

First DS-JS, then DS-Yeo Un, and now this?

No wonder drama’s called Warrior Baek Dong Soo. He has to be involved in everything, and with everyone.

I may not buy DS’s sudden appreciation or sensitiveness towards JJ, but his love for Yeo Un I can totally see and understand. I think they have more chemistry with each other MORE THAN ANY couple/OTP in the show. More electrifying and palpable together than when they’re with the boring monk girl (now you see why she turns people off?!).

Tho I dun understand what’s in Yeo Un’s head and his real intentions or motives (hence my lack of affection for the guy), his interactions with Dong Soo do keep me invested to a certain extent.  A friendship torn apart by fate and love for the same woman. Will they end up wanting to killing each other all the time just like Cheon and Kwang Taek? Will they overcome all that is between them and be each others’ friends and arch nemesis at the same time?

Bromance love always works for me. So writer, if you have no idea who to match DS with, please stick with Yeo Un okay? He’s 1000 times better than monk girl. For sure.

Bromance is no doubt endearing, but parent-child connections hit me worse (case in point: Can You Hear My Heart). Amongst all and everything in WBDS,  my heart connected and resonated the most with these 2:

I didn’t expect to feel so much and so deep for both characters. The moment Ji told Cheon that JJ was his daughter, I felt a pang in my heart. I knew I was going to shed tears. Their moments together were brief and short-lived, but filled with tenderness so deep that I teared up in almost every scene they had with each other. I didn’t even tear up when JJ met her mom for the very first time, but tears fell uncontrollably when Cheon bandaged JJ’s injured leg and made her his first meal, as a father. For the very first time, Cheon found light in his life apart from Ji. For the first time, the parent-child bond connected with me more than anything else in the drama, even more than DS and his growth.

So imagine my utter disappointment when JJ turned out to be Kwang Taek’s daughter instead. My 2nd favourite duo after DS-Yeo Un, gone. Sighs.

I can only hope that Cheon continues to take care and cover for JJ whenever she needs help. Kwang Taek is her biological dad, but doesn’t seem to know a thing, or doesn’t care to find out. Hence the slight annoyance he’s been to me in the recent episodes. Just give me more Cheon-JJ scenes, I’m all good.

The other sub-plots of WBDS are fine with me, as I know ultimately DS will bring justice to everything and gain his glory in the end. 10 episodes is more than enough to make that happen.

But please I pray, either do away with the unrequited love JJ has for DS and give DS-JJ more meaningful moments of friendship OR just go full gear on the hints of a triangle that the drama has been dropping on us so far.

Ji Sun, she can just do whatever she wants, I dun care the least.

I just want DS to become a warrior of his own worth, JJ to be happy, and Cheon?

Defeat Kwang Taek for once? hehe..

Caps credits: WBDS Soompi and Baidu thread


12 thoughts on “Baek Dong Soo, you’re coming along… but…”

  1. Haha! Love reading your rant over WBDS! I feel the same! What made me join the WBDS band wagon was the bromance! I hated how the story-writing shows DS & YW being kept on a tight leash by boring monk girl. I was like #$%&^#@! the drama is about DS not about who cares about boring emo-nun! I’m still love the drama despite of it all, I have invested so much emotion in Chun-JJ and it sucks a lot that they’re not really father and daughter. Pretty much like how lame it is that emo-nun still exists in the story!

    1. I’m glad we share the same sentiments about monk girl… haha.. I think 90% of the WBDS fans do. There’s just no glint of color or life in that girl. Sighs. That’s why I kinda hate how they’re making DS half monk girl with all his serious speech and all.. bring back the lively DS!!!

  2. Dude, I have been waiting for some awesome JJ-DS scenes since the kiddie days but even though I haven’t seen 19-20 yet I am sure those moments will be few and far between. SIGH.

    I like to call boring monk girl hairpin girl instead bc seriously, where did she suddenly grow this affection for huge flower hairpins that take over half her head?? Is this supposed to show us she is vibrant and beautiful like the flowers in her hair! Umm…no…still as boring as ever. The actress who plays JJ (whose name I can never remember) may not be the best but she at least makes us FEEL something in these last few eps. JS makes me want to fall asleep.

    Oh and I wanted to throttle the dying Ga Ok when she told Cheon he wasn’t the daddy. I just knew it was coming but way to ruin the best relationship going on in this drama at the moment. Please keep the Cheon-JJ moments coming writers whether they are blood related or not! I think they will though just because of Cheon’s devotion to Ga Ok/Ji and since he couldn’t protect her now he can do so with her daughter.

    1. Oh yes the hairpins! I so noticed, and was like, HUHHH?!!

      The father-daughter relationship may be gone case, but I have a feeling that drama wouldn’t ruin whatever they’ve bonded in that short period of time. At least Cheon’s doing a far better job that Kwang Taek, who doesn’t seem to want to find out?!!

      1. What is up with Gwangtaek? I mean, I know Ji denied he was the father (still not sure why) but with Jin Joo following him around and such lately isn’t it kinda obvious mommy spilled the beans in her final moments? For such a smart guy he is kinda dim.

        I was soooo sad they had Cheon mourning Ji’s death all alone in comparison with all the support and such Gwangtaek and Jin Joo were getting when they scattered her ashes?! I know he’s the evil Sky Lord but come on…he did save Jin Joo after all and attempt to do the same for Ji! BUT then they had Jin Joo come and basically tell him to snap out of it which made me feel a lot better that the writers didn’t give poor Cheon the shaft completely there. *breaths a sigh of relief*

        I read some slight spoilers for Tuesday’s episode and seems like the JJ/JS/DS triangle might be about to take a larger role in the show. Have the writers been reading our anti-Ji Sun posts and are finally gonna make it all right and give her to Woon?? Let’s all pray together. 😉

      2. Oh Dong Soo, will you ever notice the other “light” in your life? Haven’t seen 21 and 22, but read spoilers that there’s this slight touch on DS-JJ, but still not sufficient to keep the ship afloat because emo nun keeps interfering? I mean if monk girl was so capable and smart (she’s a businesswoman and she knows how to use the arrow/bow), why writer why do you keep making DS and YU run to her rescue all the friggin time?!!! %RU)()+)_*$*# FUMED!

        And for SS/Kwang Taek, he’s lost his appeal since Cheon-JJ took over. I have since lost hope in the man.

    2. I loved Gwangtaek in the beginning but he seriously pales in comparison to the awesomeness that is Cheon. And why exactly does he need to duel C by the way? Is he blaming him for Ji’s death cause dude totally tried to save her! Kick his ass, Cheon babe!

      By a comment I saw on Thundie’s blog I have a feeling Gwangtaek might not be around for much longer but not sure. I won’t miss him really if he’s offed, not gonna lie. Now Cheon, that’s a different story. They better keep him til the end or I might drop this one.

  3. Hmmm, I disagree! Jin Ju was always important for Dong Soo, it’s just the writter’s fault that doesn’t know how to show this (better say he never show romance, it’s just fight and fights…)…

    When JJ and DS were kids and when they met again, I could see they are friends and care for each other, and this thing of suddenly caring for her… not true, is just that she is going for a hard time that she didn’t before and he wants to support her, btw, I don’t know if it’s true but by what I heard, in real life (the Baek Dong Soo did exist!) Jin Ju was his wife! And there is no Ji Sun… it seems she dies or goes to the temple be a real monk…. o___0

    I also am 100% and all the way Baek Dong Soo team, loving his new mature self, loved his old self but love his new too!! ^^ He is so hot!

    Btw, I don’t get this love both Un and DS have for Ji Sun – I will just take that the first girl they ever saw they fall in love – have no sense just that she was the first one, clean, ”pretty” girl they interacted so they feel in love… -___-

    1. Nah, I knew DS treated JJ like a friend and cared for her. He cares for everyone. But I just didn’t buy how they made DS a savior and hero to everything now that he’s grown out of his immature ways. It just doesn’t seem right with DS being all serious and thoughtful around JJ. They’re best when they’re at odds and teasing each other to no end.

      I read a different version saying that the real BDS married a Lady Yoo (Ji Sun I assume) from Jin Ju (a province or something?) and didn’t have a second wife? So I’m not very sure that JJ will ever end up with DS.

      And the affection that both DS and YE have for JS, it’s just mind-boggling. o_0

  4. LOL. I was trying to stay away from this post because I’m on Warrior hiatus but WOW!
    I didn’t read everything but I’ve read enough to know that JS isn’t dead(drats) and JJ is still pining over DS… (UH!). I’m over that. He’s a total waste of time! [Not as a character but a JJ love interest.] Chun is still worth all my love and you and I will never agree on YU(:( hehe).

    Either way, I’m sure I’m still gonna love the show. I’m only a few eps behind but I’m trying to be patient and wait for a bit longer. Can’t wait till we’re done… tapping my foot waiting for that post 😉

    1. Oh unni, I missed you! Thought you’d never comment LOL

      JJ and Cheon are such and amazing duo. If there’s anything good in the recent eps, it’s them for sure.

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