Out with LoO and in with Bu Bu Jing Xin

Thanks to the evil masters of enablers ockoala and mookiehyun, I’m now officially WAY BEHIND my K-dramas. WBDS aside (which I’m surprisingly following per schedule in spite of its ridiculousness and lack of sense lately), the rest have been put on hold for about 2 weeks now! I promised myself that I’d catch up with everything earlier, but it turns out that “HOLIDAY” doesn’t want K-drama watching in my daily routine aiks. I’ve managed to finish a TVB drama Lives of Omission (LoO) and even embarked on my first live watch mainland Chinese drama – Bu Bu Jing Xin.

Yeap, give it to those evil evil enablers.

LoO ended last week. And what can I say about the ending? hmmmm.. it was just alright. So much less than I’d expected from a TVB drama which I thought had some amazing acting and writing thru out. There were some good moments, but more so, there were some WTF moments which made me go HUHHHHH?! 20+ episodes in I already knew that LoO had this tendency to go overwrought on sudden twists and turns. I remember clinching my fists and getting all edgy on my seat towards the end of some of the episodes of LoO. mookiehyun knows!  But for it to have ended that way, I couldn’t help but feel cheated of and disappointed.

Remember my earlier ranting post on how amazingly witty and gritty the drama was? That went on about 20 eps or so with a gradual decline in the last 5 eps. I have this gut feeling that they’d edited large chunks of scenes out of the drama to rush for a Friday ending..  some characters acted out of character, things happened for no reason, and execution just fell flat.

Wasn’t exactly surprised tho, as it’s always been the case for TVB dramas. Their endings always leave peepz with flat taste. Either it’s cliche happy ever after or endings which make no sense. LoO’s finale was a mix of both, the typical and blatant good-triumphs-over-evil without heart devoid of depth and substance.


First off, Laughing and Baico’s so called battle of wits and frienemy rivalry did not happen for reals to my disappointment. They did show us a lot of Laughing and Bai Co battling for the top spot of Yi Fung with constant clashes and manipulation in guise of their so called brotherhood. A lot of verbal arguments and all. But it stopped short with little focus on nuance, depth and intensity. Everything between them was just so surface-like and pretentious. There was no emphasis on Laughing’s struggles in balancing between his task and his friendship with Bai Co. There wasn’t no real connection between them. Which probably was meant to be in this drama, but so was a total waste of their brilliant bromance chemistry together.

Bai Co and Paris. Oh how much I loved and loathed them in the drama? What I loved, their intensity and sexual tension. What I hated, their weird on and off relationship which really bugged me so much towards the end. I think the writer just ran out of ideas on how to deal with them, so might as well just throw in some conflicts here and there, and have them make up by eye-mouth sexing by the end. Not gonna complain much about that, cos they had some major sensual stuff going on I thought I was going to burn. But I felt that their conclusion was a bit too cop out for my liking. Hmmm.. why couldn’t they just have died together?!

Laughing and Madam Jo’s ending, on the other hand, was such major wtfuckery!!! Mind my expletives but why the heck did they have to get rid of her?! I know they wanted to create an excuse for Laughing to kill Bai Co off, and make way for a new Laughing film. But at the expense and cost of Madam Jo? There goes my favourite OTP of the show writer. And now I’m supposed to root for Laughing and a noob actress char in the new film?

Everything else ended up pretty much the way I’d expected. Gong Sir got his happy ending with Guan Lam (though I didn’t really buy their romance, I thought they were already nice being friends) and Lap Cheng became the star UC of CIB. And for Laughing and mystery man? Guess we’ll have to wait until the Laughing film comes out (they better make this right this time!).

Overall, I would consider LoO a solid success in terms of quality but still a stretch far from sensational or classic (so far no cop drama has ever came close to topping Detective Investigation Files IV for me).  Michael and Bosco are both touted to be potential contenders for TV King, and I definitely will be happy for them if they do end up getting the trophy, either one…tho I’d honestly say that their acting did reach a stalemate for me towards the end (prob to the lazy-ing writing).

Now I can only hope that the film will do better by delving deeper into Laughing’s inner struggles and demons. Like or example Lat Giong in the drama? Whilst he was a antagonist, I loved that he had inner conflicts and issues which he had to deal with being a UC for so long. Although he’d reached an ultimate breaking point towards the end and couldn’t turn back, his character left a huge and deep impression. Make Laughing go through that phase or period in the film, I’m all good!

LoO rating: 7/10

BU BU JING XIN musings~~

Constant ramblings and ravings about good TV always tempt me. I always fall hard, thanks to babe ockoala, she’s the master of all. So I approached with caution and hoped that this drama would blow me away. And 2 eps in, I fell in love. SO VERY IN LOVE <333

Bu Bu Jing Xin has got to be the most visually and aesthetically mesmerizing Chinese drama I have ever ever watched. Everything is so intricate, neat and seamless. The scenery, setting and costumes, all of them make me eyes gaze and stare in wonder. Everyone looks so pretty it’s crazy. The directing, music and execution of the plot, awesomely solid and captivating. And don’t even get me started on the acting. I’m in awe.

I have not read the novel prior to watching, but did catch 1 episode of Jade Palace Lock Heart (which is loosely based on the novel) and didn’t like it one single bit. I remember I was so turned off by the OTT-ness and execution that I trashed it away half-way thru. BBJX on the other hand, hooked me in by episode 1 and got me addicted by 2. Thanks to the wonderful and awesome Ruo Xi.

Ruo Xi is one word – FUN! Let’s put aside her amazingly authentic Chinese beauty (Liu Shi Shi’s one gorgeous lady I’m already fangirling over her!), I love that she has traits of youth, wit and innocence. So endearingly charming and winning in whatever she does. I’m not sure how closely she’s based off the character in the novel, but this version of Ruo Xi brings me abundance of smiles and laughter whenever she comes on screen. She’s so real and honest in the most amusing way. She lives, laughs, plays and acts the way she wants. And manages to be grounded and firm in her thoughts and principles. She does stupid things and acts silly at times, but never never annoys. How can a character be notoriously lively yet so ethereally elegant and charming at the same time? God, she’s pure gold.

Some may say that Liu Shi Shi’s a lucky actress. To be able to work with 9 hot guys..ermm.. princes at the same time, what gives? But I say they’re even luckier, cos she nails it right with all of them. From compatibility to chemistry. She’s got em all done for.

Kevin Cheng and Nicky Wu in particular (they’re the leads), are not guys I’d consider good actors in my book. But here they’re just so awesomely dashing and with innately brimming charm. 4th Prince (Nicky Wu) exudes coldness enshrouded with piercing aura, and is not somebody that you’d like to hang out with. But darn, I already love seeing him with Ruo Xi together. She makes him stop in his steps. And look at her with such solemn but intrigued gazes (who won’t Liu Shi Shi’s darn gorgeous). He’s like fire, and she’s like water. They’re so damn gorgeous together. So dangerously alluring.

Kevin Cheng’s 8th Prince is one man I’d love to stare at all day. Altho I have never been a fan of the actor, I actually like his performance in here. Perhaps its his characterisation which I’m drawn to. He’s grounded, thoughtful and careful. And more so, devoted in his love to Ruo Lan (Ruo Xi’s sister who doesn’t seem to like him back.. ahh, why lady?!!). He has an air of earnestness and yet is not without confidence. He is smart and full of calibre and yet maintains humility. He, as Ruo Xi goes on and on about in Ep 2, is definitely husband material.

Gah, I be damned for not being able to make a choice. Both 4th Prince and 8th Prince (along with the rest of the Princes) make it hard for me to root for fixed OTP right now. I love Ruo Xi’s nervousness when she’s with both Princes, and I love how they keep getting amused by her antics from afar. Her chemistry with both the Princes, are just so different and yet so equally intriguing and intense. What more can I want?

I’m trying to restrain from being transfixed in a ship right now (tho I’m more 8th Prince heh <3), but can I say how adorable Ruo Xi is with 10th Prince! He has the least intellect, guard and wit compared to the rest of his bros, but his youthful naivete gets me into fits of giggles. How cute is that a high and mighty prince can be fooled and amused so easily? Give me more!

How much do I love the pouty lips of LSS? I dunno, I think probably by the end, I’d be so major fangirly over LSS that I’d like everything about her. Her Ruo Xi, clicks with everyone in every sense of the word it’s unbelievable. Just watch her and Ruo Lan or even Qiao Hui (her maid/assistant), sparks fly everywhere. The girl is an electricity magnet I tell you. I think if I met her in real life and stood before her, I’d be stunned to static silence. ❤

Now just give me more Ruo Xi with 4th and 8th Prince hot intense and sexually charged, I’d be glad to ship both. It has never happened to me before. Perhaps BBJX shall be the first?


14 thoughts on “Out with LoO and in with Bu Bu Jing Xin”

  1. Hi Ripgal!
    You didn’t watch The Musical?i didn’t try it because i was waiting for your opinion and it’s only one episode per week.

    1. Hi flora! Yeap I’ve seen Ep 1 of The Musical. It’s pretty decent, has a typical underdog story like Heartstrings, but with better actors and a different setting. Gu Hye Sun’s fine, but it’s Daniel Choi and Park Ki Woong who are stealing the show for me so far. I’ll probably come up with an impressions post, but I’m thinking to watch 2 and 3 first. hmmm..

      1. I was wondering how you feel about The Musical as well. It was never on my radar (not a GHS fan) but hearing that it’s the Daniel and Ki Woong show… I might have to take a peek.

      2. I think you’ll be intrigued by Park Ki Woong’s char. He has this dark and alluring aura that makes you want to know and understand him more. Daniel Choi does it best earnest and charming, not much different from his char in BFB, but more grounded in here?

  2. So you’re saying I need to check this out too?! AH! Like I don’t have enough on my plate. LOL. I’m intrigued. I watched a few eps of JPLH but didn’t finish. I’d heard alot about it so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. It really was a period take on HYD. If this is a better execution on the original story then I’m probably gonna like it 😉

    1. Yes, you so need to check this out! I’m not sure whether BBJX is strictly based of the novel, but I do see the similarities with HYD. 4the Prince being the unapprochable Doumyoji and 8th Prince being the caring Rui. But that aside, I think everything from the execution, acting and music in BBJX tower over HYD anytime. It’s funny but not OTT, silly but not ridiculous, all meaningful with substance and nuance. I really really like it.

      1. neh uh, i think they were talking about jplh being like hyd not bbjx..both main male leads share some resemblance with ‘rui’…rather it is the side characters who seem more light of heart D=

        but jplh..? complete and utter rip of hyd X) somehow works better too like someone said–since the ‘ultimate punishment’ is actually yaknow, Ultimate.

  3. hey there,this is my 1st time commenting…and I thought I was the only person who is going crazy over BBJX.I’m now at episode 20 and am shipping the 4th Prince and Rou Xi from the very beginning.I like my men cold on the outside gooey on the inside!!!
    I’m curious,which website are you watching it live from?Please do share!

    1. Hi llei, thanks for commenting! ^^ I’m just sharing the drama love like koala and mookie babe, thanks to them I found this wonderful drama.

      I’m actually not watching BBJX LIVE in the strict sense of the word hehe…what I meant was that I watch BBJX as the episodes are released online. First for me. ^^

  4. Normally, I am not a c-drama fan… but I wanted to watch on BBJX after reading koala’s blog… I marathoned 13 ep over the weekend on viki… viki has 13 ep but only has english sub till 11 ep… it did not bother me since i read chinese.. BBJX is so good and beautifully filmed. Rou Xi is absolutely adorable… her chemistry to all princes is unbelievable… i like her with 8th prince.. they looks comfortable together.. very lovely couple.. but I can’t help myself but rooting for 4th prince… something about his coldness is very attractive… I normally not a big fan of Kelvin cheng aka the 8th prince… but he is good here… i am most surprised about Nicky Wu.. I did not know that he has that kind of intensity in his acting.. i have seen him in his past work… did not catch my eyes really.. he is definitely making an impact here… and what about the other princes.. 10th prince is so cute.. 13th is absolutely handsome… and 14th is just a real gentleman…

    there is nothing bad about BBJX.. I can’t wait for the new epi…

    1. You see? Koala is a bad bad enabler, she makes everyone want to watch everything! And we all end up sleepless zombies 😛

      I haven’t caught up that far yet as I’m taking it really slowly. I wanna savour every single scene and moment. So far I haven’t seen that much of 4th and RX yet, but I already sense his growing fondness for her. The cliche of a cold-ulterior-guy-melting-cos-of-woman is old, but yet I always fall for it. I cannot wait to get to that part! 😀

  5. Hahahaha….This my first Cdrama.

    I am squarely in #4’s camp. He is willing to change for her and adapt himself. It’s like he is synching himself to fit her little by little. I love him. He has such a good heart it seems; how can she ever doubt his good intentions. 😦

    Awwww, man….Prince #8 is just oozes sex-y. They way he looks at her as someone to be ravished. Stop. He’s prince charming to me all the way. Giggles.

    #14 is growing on me too….

    1. Hello my dear mskololia, I’m so happy you’re watching this too! Were you also influenced by the master enabler? lol

      That’s what I like about BBJX, there’s no fixed black and white, no certain good or bad. Both 4th and 8th have their innate qualities and yet are so bogged down by ambition for the throne. But darn, I just love them. When my men are dark and conflicting, my love and attraction to them multiply to the max. Just can’t help it hehe…

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