Back to RL. Kdrama and Musings.

Yeap guys, I am back!

Back from my 2 week hiatus for good (tho it didn’t seem like one eh? What with some of my random postings in between hehe..)! I had a tremendously enjoyable break, with my sister, relatives, friends and all. Though I didn’t get to travel to any interesting or must-see places, I had a great pleasure of catching up with my sister who’s just graduated (5 years of archi-torture ate her up and I’m glad she’s made it thru this far), meeting up with old friends whom I haven’t seen for years, and hanging out with newly made chinggus. Now that I’m back home, I already miss the moments spent there, the weather,  the people, the feeling of not having to set my alarm clock to wake up for work the next day and so on.

RL sucks sighs.

Seo Na Yoon from Protect The Boss!

This girl is downright made for cute comedy! I cannot stress how much I love love love it when she comes on screen. She’s not main lead, nor does her character make any profound impact to the show. But her presence is strong, and she hits all the right buttons and evokes every single laughing nerve in me.

When she laughs, she goes OTT in the most hilarious ways ever I get into never-ending giggles and fits. And God bless that beautiful face of hers, she makes me envious. Even when she cries and does all kinds of stupid silly ridiculous expressions, she manages to look natural and GOOD. Without slight annoyance at all.

Wang Ji Hye has had leading and meatier roles before, and has what it takes to lead and do better roles, but I think this short supporting stint in PTB gave her a chance to explore her abilities and acting range a lil bit more. She’s done angsty, bitchy and is nailing her comical side in PTB so wonderfully that it’d only be a matter of time for producers or writers to see thru this and try to secure this girl in a good script/project. Girl’s got major potential. And looks like a goddess. What gives?

PTB has been a pretty solid drama so far. I had great enjoymeent and fun with the 16 episodes in spite of the plodding execution of the story in the last 3 episodes. Ji Sung is still spot on as  Ji Heon, Choi Kang Hee still kicks ass as Noh Eun Seol, and so are the rest with their characters. The office shenanigans bored me a bit and the sudden angst and melo turns bugged me.  But it’s OK that I could deal with (as with most K-dramas). The characters still made up for what’s lacking in the writing department.

But what surprised me after 16 episodes, was that rather than looking forward to the leads Ji Heon and Noh Eun Seol (their love story, conflict and angst combined), I actually found myself wanting more of Na Yoon. Her scenes with Mu Won, Noh Eun Seol and Myung Ran. Like I said earlier, her scenes totally do not render any impact to the plot at all, but for some reason, those were the scenes which left a deeper impression on me.

If I didn’t already watch Ep 16 and I saw the picture above first, I’d go like, “EH, that’s a peck on the lips kiss again. So K-drama.”But nope, if you haven’t watched, you’d be gladly surprised on how the drama’s going all out to push for this OTP to happen.

I for one, am ALL FOR this OTP to happen. Although I’m on the fence with Jae Joong (he’s really handsome, and he nails some of his scenes well, but falters in some), I think he has great chemistry with Wang Ji Hye’s Na Yoon. More so than Choi Kang Hee’s No Eun Seo whom he’s supposed to like so much for about some episodes. Their scenes together are just all sorts of cute, funny and adorable. Na Yoon’s naivete and Mu Won’s blunt honesty kill me everytime (LOL). And make them a mis-match couple of fun and zaniness. Whenever it’s their time to interact, I prepare to laugh. And I always end up rolling into fits. Thanks to Na Yoon’s ever silly antics. lol

I didn’t know when it started. Perhaps when Ji Heon got together with Eun Seol? PTB slowly became more like a friendship/brotherhood/ sisterhood drama to me. I still love their characters. But their love story kind of slid to the side and took a back seat when it came to Muwon/JH’s bromance and NES/Na Yoon/ Myung Ran’s sisterhood scenes. Especially the latter, with Na Yoon’s ever silly but honest conversations she has with her “sisters”. They’re made for laughs, but boy do I envy that they get to do that. The bond and friendship between 3 very different people. Odd and interesting. But more so, very endearing, sweet and winning. I wish I had cherished times and had fun with my besties like that when I had the chance back then.

2 eps to the end of PTB, and I have to say bye bye to such a beautiful and wonderful cast ensemble. I can see that they’ve forged a very close friendship with each other thruout these few months. And I believe like the Scent of a Woman cast (who just went on a ridiculously fun trip together to the Phils after the drama ended), their friendship will continue BTS when the drama ends for good.

I can only hope that the ending brings back all the zany and fun and give me a happy conclusion for both OTPs. JH and Eun Seol are a given, but please pretty please, Mu Won and Na Yoon? They’re so just so dysfunctionally meant for each other that they have to get together.

And perhaps JH’s dad and MW’s mom too?!! WTH lol


10 thoughts on “Back to RL. Kdrama and Musings.”

    1. Thanks for welcoming me back! 😀 Are you still on DTLY frenzy? I read that DTLY and Joseph were nominated for the GBA this year (but poor Rainie got snubbed no nomination?). Perhaps we’ll get a red carpet walk with our OTP?

      1. Yeah I was rather peeved dat rainie was snubbed ..My heart bleeds for her,even more so coz she took it so well n calmly.Meanwhile altho I mix dtly n still lurk around forums on it n the Otp,I ve found a new love,BBJX!!n altho I will never b as enamored of the Otp s I m of JR,I must say I m completely enraptured by the plot,characterization n glorious cinematography!makes me want to visit china yet again!o it’s good to have my drama soulmates back here!

      2. Yay for BBJX! I’m so incredibly addicted to and in love with it right now. Glad that we have something common to rave about again after DTLY 😀

  1. Glad you’re back. I’m still on a hiatus of sorts but hope to be in the swing soon again as well.
    Haven’t seen PTB for weeks so I again I couldn’t read the entire entry… But NY quickly become the woman to love for me somewhere around ep 8. She is the best second lead female of all time! My drama buddy (who’s seen a bit more that I) admitted that NY might be her reason for watching at this point!
    So glad you did a post on her. She so deserves it!

    1. I agree about best second lead female of all! The first episodes she was in she seemed destined to be the cliched bitchy, rich, spoiled second female but somehow they switched her over to a neurotic, yet loveable, mess! Her scene where she bemoans how even the water is against her was an instant classic with me. I like how she doesn’t try to ruin the relationship between Eun-seol and Ji-heon but just whines about her loneliness and forces her way into these people’s lives seemingly against their will. She seems to know she is annoying to these people but just doesn’t care.

    2. Ah, sorry if I spoiled the drama with some pics up there. But hope you can catch up quick and spazz with us. I agree that she’s one of the most quirky and funny 2nd female leads of all time. So adorably silly and lovable. 🙂

  2. Awww, yay! I’m all caught up on Protect the Boss, and I’m with you: I am excited to see this OTP happen. It must happen. heehee. I see how MW and JH and NY were friends before, and I LOVE the teasing relationship with MW. So cute.

    Welcome back, chingu. I wanted to check what you think of the admission of Lee Dong Wook on a variety show. Supposedly he had dated in real life one of his on-screen partners. I’m giddy thinking it is Lee Da Hae. What do you think?

    1. Right? NY and MW are just perfect for each other. MW provokes her to do better than just act childish all the time, and she makes MW laugh. I am already 90% sure that they’ll end up together… but drama may not emphasize on them too much? But so better than nothing.

      Re: LDW’s real life romance w/ former on-screen partner
      *scrambles to find that Healing Camp episode* I so think it’s LDH, and I’m like 70% sure? But then they’d never admitted anything before so yeah, still nothing solid. I read in baidu tho that he’d dated one of his co-stars in School 3 (early years of his career) but I’m not convinced. Wookie’s been known to be very close and buddy-like with his co-stars, so it could be anyone haha… but all is in the past right now, as long as he’s happy now, I’m happy 😀

      1. I hope I see both OTPs married with children (I’m a sucker for those kinda endings). But I’m sure PTB will surprise me.

        Re: Wookie. Yes, his happiness is our happiness. 🙂 Judging only from his interview answers recently, he is ready to settle down, right? I read the news of Park Shi Yeon getting married to non-showbiz bf, and I can’t help but wish marital happiness to the rest of the My Girl leads. That drama is really special to me. 🙂

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