Joseph Chang goes dorky for Johnson & Johnson Acuvue

That’s so not dorky at all?! But yes it’s the same person Joseph Chang alright. Hottie/manly or dorky, this guy has all it takes to woo and charm a lady’s heart.

But please get your eyes checked first? LOLs




Can Joseph be anymore adorkable? I just love how he has such a manly macho side to him but still manages to pull off dorky and cute so well. Gah, kill me already please. I can’t stop giggling and squeeing.

DTLY may have ended for good, and we’ve all moved on to other dramas and indulgences. But trust me, the DTLY love still lingers for me, and heeds no signs of subsiding. I still search for videos relating to DTLY and JR, prowl around news sites for pictures of them together and hope to hear news of them collaborating again. Tho not as often as before (with Bu Bu Jing Xin occupying half my sanity now), but it’s definitely still a daily routine that I’ll never miss.

Both JR have been busy with new stuff recently. Rainie touring places to promote her album, and Joseph filming a new movie with Gui Lun Mei called Boyfriend, Girlfriend. Don’t think there’s a chance we might see them appearing in any event together anytime soon… UNLESS, Rainie can really spare time to WALK the red carpet with Joseph at the coming Taiwan GBA? I’m super disappointed that she was sorta snubbed off a nomination for Best Actress this year, but I love how grounded and humble she sounded when interviewed of her feelings. She even expressed her wish for Joseph to win and would be willing to walk the carpet with him if given a chance. *winks at DTLY and JR fans*

But amongst all, it’s a great year for both of them. Rainie having achieved so much in her music and drama career and Joseph having secured several projects right after the drama ended. The last I heard he’s being pursued by several directors/writers and might be doing a new drama/film with Ady An soon? I can only hope that they continue to soar higher and higher in whatever they do and that a scriptwriter/director would cast them in a film or drama again.

Please drama/movie gods!!!


7 thoughts on “Joseph Chang goes dorky for Johnson & Johnson Acuvue”

  1. JOSEPH! Oh how I’ve missed you. I was surprised that R didn’t get a nomination but given the other contenders I understood, however Taiwan definitely would have gotten a disgruntled TWEET if Joseph hadn’t been on the list.
    I really would love to see them do a film together. I think it’s a medium that lends to a little more freedom and less contrivances… But who knows right? Honestly, I’d be totally fine seeing them more in real life, going to the movies, lol’n together on the street… I’m sad. I don’t think I’ve shipped a couple in RL for quite awhile. FIGHTING JR!

    As for Bu Bu Jing Xin, I started it and am on ep 3. The princes are all too precious in their own way. I already see now that I’m going to have issues with choosing between 8th and 4th, though, knowing my track record and my current feelings, I’ve already chosen. I do have to admit how surprised I was that 13th and 8th are so attractive (physically)! It doesn’t sway me with their characters but it definitely makes them easier to look at (kekkekeke).
    Don’t know when I’ll be able to watch again, (I have about 3 dramas to finish at the moment…) but know I’ll stop back in and let you know my progress.

    1. I’m not sure who are the other contenders for Best Actor save for Wilber Pan, but you bet I’m hoping and praying for Joseph to win. Then at least Rainie will be happy (cos she brought out the best in Joseph in the drama IMO), and they’ll both be GBA winners alike! 😀 How cool! And of course, Rainie needs to walk that red carpet with Joseph. He better invite!

      A film would be great, like you said, it gives them more opportunities to explore and enhance their acting abilities, and not be constricted to drama restrictions and censorship issues (you know where I’m getting at hehehe). Joseph has a movie/film charisma vibe that I can’t describe and I believe if given better choices and chances, he’d do really really good. Rainie? Girl’s got lots of guts and courage, we just need a scriptwriter/director with a good eye for blazing co-star chemistry to secure them in a film. But then again, we can only hope.

      Re: BBJX
      Yay that you’ve jumped on the BBJX bandwagon! Take your time with it, as I know you have WBDS and PTB to catch up with (shuckz, this is when I hate K-drama, it takes away all our time). But please do continue whenever you have the time, I assure you will not be disappointed. The quality is amazing.

      As for choices and inclinations towards 4th or 8th, I can only say that the heart is peculiar. You pine for one, and yet you feel for another. You may have chosen, but things may change. Just like me. hahaha.. no guarantee it won’t change later on again. heeee…

      And 13th, he’s a daebak character. End.

      1. You are absolutely right! I’m watching too many dramas and am stuck on one right now, that makes me careless about all others. Boo!
        Then I had the nerve to start ITWY yesterday and AAAAAAAAH!

  2. Hey u two,u ve both aptly n eloquently summed up all I had n have n want to say about dtly,joseph n rainie n BBJX.sorry if I seem to be in a hurry..just can’t tear my eyes off BBJX!!o o yes one more thing..please god,create the opportunity for rainie to walk dwn the aisle..oops I mean, red carpet with joseph n make them kiss n hug passionately when Joseph wins the best actor award..Amen.8 th Prince beckons..bye.

  3. “He better invite!”
    Whether he invited her or not and whether she accepted the invitation or not you will never know. So, don’t assume if it doesn’t happen. As we all know, Rainie did not promoted SA with Chun Wu, WHY??? we do not know her reason, but this girl seems to want thing her way or else….

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