Liu Shi Shi comes to rescue!

BBJX is really not for the faintest of hearts when it’s on full blown angst.

My heart bled, eye glands drained and sucked to emptiness when 13th did that sacrificial gesture for the sake of his brother. For the sake of his greater ambition. It’s sad and despairing that it had to happen after his heart-to-heart emotional talk with his BFF, Ruo Xi.  And worse even for 4th, I can imagine.  How cruel!!! T____T

Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi were brilliant in that scene. Her uncontrollable crying verses his constrained and bottled up tears. No words said, but filled with such grieved and forlorn beauty. It was this scene which sealed the deal for me. RX and 4th.

Just when I thought I had suffered enough with RX and 8th in the earlier episodes, it didn’t occur to me that it would get even worse with 4th. Even more painful. Even more mentally agonizing and harrowing.

I am expecting to indulge in a more laborious tear-fest in the upcoming episodes. So whilst I prepare myself for the major angst coming up, Liu Shi Shi can lend a helping hand.. give me some laughs?

Oh dear goodness, this girl is way way too FUNNY! I think we can be BFFs LOL

credits: video uploaders


9 thoughts on “Liu Shi Shi comes to rescue!”

  1. Oh goodness, this was the episode I first saw 4th cry, and let’s just say, I completely lost it- the pain combo from 13th, 4th and RX was just too much for my heart to handle. So many precious moments in this epi- the determined look on 13th’s when he took the fall for 4th, 4th kneeling in the hall his hands bloody, RX kneeling in the rain, 4th standing in the rain knowing RX’s doing the same, 13th starting to waste away at that hovel– ACK! But perhaps the most poignant scene for me was 4th, alone in his darkened study, and finally coming to a decision that he’ll ascend that throne no matter what; he’d never let any of his loved ones get hurt again.

    Ahh BBJX just kill me! There, now I’m crying again!

    1. Oh poor thingy, miahne for getting you into weepfest again. 😦 Me ain’t better. Everytime I think about 4th, his solemn but desolate expressions, his yearning for RX, his clenched fists, my heart gets all achy for him. Nicky Wu really does it best being alone in deep thoughts, my heart goes out to him whenever I see him in such scenes. His ambitions, evil plots (if any) or whatever do not matter to me anymore. All I see is a man so in love with a woman who cannot go all out to reach her. And a woman who will wait for him with utter willingness but won’t expect much in return. Ahhhh… their love..:(

  2. Hehe Shishi is the most adorable thing on Earth! 😀
    Was so happy when ockoala decided to pick up this drama. The book was on all levels of awesome and was pleasantly surprised to see you pick this up too ^^ The show’s great! Can’t wait for more of your BBJX and Shishi posts.

    PS: Mwahaha, I used to stalk you on the LDH thread over @ soompi. I must say… I love your posts ^^

    1. Hi Joanna, thanks for dropping by and reading! ^^ I’m glad we have the same interests (LDH I assume?) 😀

      Yeah, I’m in severe fangirly mode over LSS. More so after I watched the clip! The way she laughs out loud and sassily, looks like a super fun person to be with. So real and genuine.

      Koala babe is evil, she always lures ppl into addiction of all sorts. But we love her all the same? Thanks to her I got to know about BBJX (never heard of the novel of anything before this) and thanks to her, I found the most adorable earthling LSS! 😀

      1. Thanks! She’s like the cutest thing ever! 😀
        I’m searching high and low in YT for her interviews and such now. Gotta love her natural cuteness.

        Another fangirl craze after LDH? 😛

  3. I recently finished that ep on Viki. It was tough to watch but I am enjoying the budding romance btw #4/Roxi; it feels organic whilst #8/Roxi was sex-y. Is it any wonder that #8 is still a lover for me as a viewer.

    As we progress, Roxi is getting herself more and more intwined because she loves the princes albeit differently. #13’s drink fest was wonderfully played by the actor prior to his taking the blame for #4. #8 is bad, but I like him….

    I love the dinner bts bloopers and don’t recall seeing that scene in the drama. 😦 Kevin lost it.

    Thanks for taking up this drama Ripgal.

    1. Oh I dun blame ya for your 8th love, I was once there. But for some reason, 4th-RX just tugs at my heartstrings even more.

      I think the dinner happened in the earlier episodes, even before RX and 8th got together?

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