Music Focus: Random on Idol Talents

Music time!

Immortal Song 2 is a very interesting show. I don’t tune in every week, but when I do, it’s almost always a treat and song-fest for me. I always sit in awe and enjoyment watching the singers deliver singing performances with so much intensity and emotion. There are times when I’d sink in dilemma, whereby I’d clap so hard for one, and root so hard for another. There are times when I’d just watch them go all out and tears would just start streaming down my cheeks. There are even times when I’d just have no words.

The concept isn’t new, with idol singers/members from idol groups pitting against each other with their (surprisingly) strong and solid vocals for a winning victory in the end. But what’s so alluring and meaningful about this show is that not only does it pay tribute to those legendary and old-time singers featured, it also opens our eyes to a mass of talented and solid idol singers who’re mostly either buried unnoticed in their individual groups or those who’re so underrated (or not so good looking) that they just go unnoticed all the time. It gives us an insight into their heart, enthusiasm and passion they have for singing and music. And most importantly, their growth and progress in becoming real singers, singers of their own worth.

And thanks to this show, I’ve discovered a bunch of really good and talented youngsters who come from extremely popular idol singing groups, but whom I’d never paid attention to before the show. People rant about how K-pop is so overrated and how those singers can’t sing to save their lives..etc. I used to be one of them.

But perhaps not so much anymore now?

1. Yang Yoseob (BEAST)


2. Yesung (Super Junior)


3. Hyorin (SISTAR)


4. Junsu  (2PM)


5. G.O (MBLAQ)


Those were some of my fav performances in the show, delivered with utmost endeavor and passion. The heart-gripping emotions, the heartfelt delivery. No wonder the audiences just sat quietly and stared in awe, with tears filling their eyes. I can only wonder in amazement, how on earth do they do it?

So just when I thought singing was the only forte they could count on to win my heart, I stumbled across videos of MBLAQ‘s leader Yang Seungho playing the piano. And holy gracious goodness, I was stunned, dumbfounded and awestruck. Waddaheck did he just do there?!@#@$#@$@

Jay Chou, you’ve found your competitor here!


And I read that he can do everything from singing, rapping, dancing, guitar to sports and other random stuff as well? o_0

Right, I’m so not gonna judge any singing idol group anymore. NOT until I find out what they’re good at.

*still mind boggled by the piano renditions*

credits: video uploaders/editors


2 thoughts on “Music Focus: Random on Idol Talents”

  1. Love your random music posts! Cause you know, the only way I’m going to see half these kids is through you 😉

    It’s disappointing when people try to put “idols” in any country in a box because there’s a formula to the system. Therefore, especially today, every group has at least one to four pretty strong singers, entertainers or talents(depending on group size). Speaking from experience, the system, is messy and manufactured but it’s filled with real people with real dreams and thankful hearts.

    Now as for the videos, I’ve never heard Sistar cause I’m really not a fan of female groups. They’re usually too risque too young for me but Hyorin really does have a presence and a nice strong voice.
    I’m sure you know Yesung is one of my favorites and so is Junsu. I’m a SuJu fan but 2PM I don’t listen to. I think they are precious kids but Junsu and Junho are the ones to watch for me. There are so many new idols a minute that it’s easier for me to see random moments like these and comment, than try to really find out more about them. My exposure is pretty limited to drama OST introductions, where idols are concerned. Though I’m glad they are adding more idols to OSTs I just hope they don’t get too heavy handed.

    On to BEAST and MBLAQ…. wow. I really didn’t know. Yang Yoseob has this pure, clean, crisp voice that is rare, even in the system he’s in. He and G.O. join the ranks of Yesung and Whesung that have that “believing” quality that I find pretty hard to come by.

    It’s nice that these shows hone in on some talents that would get brushed over by the fandom of the larger group. I do see it as a pimping or whoring out of the kids but then again, I understand. Without commenting on “THE MAN,” I get that these kids want to work what they have as long as they can, while they are young. It’s sad but they don’t have much hope of survival past about 5-7 years, no matter how talented they were. If not for these opportunities, they could find themselves retired by 30 and if that’s not what they want, showcasing in this way will always be to their benefit.

    1. Thanks for commenting unni! I’m not much of a K-pop follower as well, but when I hear constant rants/ravings on a particular singer, my curiosity kicks in. hehehe..

      I agree with you that it’s pretty sad that some idol singers don’t receive the recognition and acknowledgement they deserve, especially in respect of their vocals and voices, and end up being overshadowed by prettier or more popular members in their groups. You’ve got the looks, or the charm/personality, you’ve got a way better chance of standing out. However I do also think such has to do with how the general audience (including myself) come to approach idol groups per se. It’s natural for us to keep our eyes on the pretty and alluring, who doesn’t fancy the beautiful? Superficiality at its best, but true in every sense of the word.

      That’s why I think the show is precious, in that it gives rare opportunities for unknown members in groups to shine. At least for a period of time, and at least because of their real talent and singing skills. Not just because they’re handsome, popular or even charming. It’s pure talent and hardwork-generated skills we’re talking about here. Tho I dun dig how the judging system works. i.e. the judges vote after each performance (so No.1 is always at a disadvantage because usually the later performances are fresher in the audiences’ minds), I just love having a great time hearing them sing their hearts out. Good or bad, you hear it, see it and feel it. That’s what matters.

      If you have the time, do check out vids of G.O. and Hyorin from the show (Yoseob and Junsu didn’t stay for too long?), you’ll be impressed. Very impressed.

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