Snailing internet line…GRRRR.. lucky I have The Princess’ Man.

Grrrrrr… I’m damn frustrated and annoyed now. DARNIT!

I have 3 more episodes of BBJX to go, and so wanted to finish it off 4 days ago. The ending of Ep 37 (I follow the TV version) left me hanging like crazy and just when I thought I could watch the next epi, I realized I hadn’t downloaded anything after that! I was too frigging engrossed with watching that I totally forgot about everything else. So as usual, I did the normal. I clicked on DOWNLOAD, hoping to get all 3 eps downloaded within the same day/night with my weak heart readily prepared to break and to soak in a river of tears. Aaaaaaaaaaand, it showed speed @ 10KB per sec!!!! *)&$*(_)#*_$&_)#*_)#(_($)#*_)*# to my horror! T________T

Well it’s not really THATTTT slow (I’ve suffered worse) but I can never have the patience to wait through 4 hours to watch an episode knowing that I could do it in 1. So I waited another day, no improvement. And another day, and another. No darn friggin’ improvement from 10 kb/secs! Oh dear goodness, what happened? Did I just finish all my broadband quota by having gone on full gear downloading of BBJX in the past week? And now they’re LIMITING my usage?!!@!@!#@!#@!#

Yes, I’m again, heavily and deeply in love with another drama, The Princess’ Man. Another angst-heavy BBJX-type drama to wreck my already near- broken heart. I’m still watching the earlier episodes, so melo hasn’t kicked in that much yet. But you bet I’m already loving the characters in here. Seung Yu oh Seung Yu, my dear Park Si Hoo. I love how you’re breaking ground and barriers with your acting in here, I can already sense you will be my source of torment and pain later on. Have I mentioned before that I hated your sageuk look and acting in Iljimae back then? And Moon Chae Won‘s Sae Ryung? None other than pure GOLD. Every time she comes on screen, I just stare in awe, at how beautiful and naturally emotive she is.  No wonder I was drawn to her (and MGY) in Painter of the Wind back then, girl is made to rawk sageuk.

Plot, it’s cliche, done before and seen before. But the devices and execution employed in showing the political and romance aspects of the drama are especially intricate and fine. I love how the colors and visuals give the drama an authentic sageuk vibe (unlike the crapstatic/idiotic but strangely addictive WBDS which I’m struggling not to drop with 4 more eps to go) and how real and soulful the characters feel. I’m like only 3 episodes in,  and I already feel a connection with the OTP, the King, the Princess Kyung Hae and the rest of the characters. Heck, even my dad’s like obsessed with this show (he’s like 10 eps ahead of me! Korean drama HAS really taken over our lives), how can I not love it?

Lucky I have 17 more eppies in my HD, reserved for watching when things like internet-breakdowns happen. Now I can indulge in my TPM-feast while waiting for the line to improve for the better (it better! I need my BBJX fix).

Meanwhile, found a very beautiful MV of TPM on youtube. Music, visuals and the feel~~~ ahhhhh, love everything about it.

Aigooo, the heartbreak 😦

credits: ayachan


9 thoughts on “Snailing internet line…GRRRR.. lucky I have The Princess’ Man.”

  1. I always felt like BBJX and TPM gave me similar vibe.. historic… tragic love store.. beautiful costume and people… and of course, solid acting all around… these 2 has to be my top dramas of the year.

    i love these 2 dramas to pieces.. I have completed BBJX and just ordered the drama dvd and book online… and I am anxiously waiting for the last 2 episodes of TPM in eng sub. I always love PSH and he just made me love him even more after this.. MCW is so solid as well.. and I agreed with you that she is made to act in sageuk.. MCW has the look and grace…. I am hoping that both of them don’t die at the end.. otherwise, i will be heartbroken… after BBJX.. i don’t think i have any more tears left…

    it’s funny u mentioned WBDS… i found the story all over the place and often time silly and ridiculous.. .but it’s so addictive at the same time that i can’t put it down… i found it entertaining and loving the bromance.

    1. Yes, I do feel the similar vibes from both BBJX and TPM too. But IMO, TPM does it slightly better in the cinematography and character connection department? It took me about 10 episodes to fully feel for the chars in BBJX, but in TPM, it got to me by the end of episode 3. My heart goes right into aching mode whenever the Vola song starts playing. And the acting? Everyone is so intense and believable, from the main leads, to the supporting to the veterans. It’s truly a treat of visual, heart and performance.

      WBDS, I really do not know what to say about it already. Ever since Cheon died (like spoof into thin air), everything became worse! yaiks.. o_0

  2. PM is my current crack. I only have two eps to go, then I can get back to regular life. This drama owned me during it’s run. It took over my world to the point that I couldn’t watch any other Asian dramas. Nothing would satisfy… It’s that heady. Everyone is captivating, there’s nothing I don’t like, no matter how many times I’ve seen it before. PM has found a way to make it’s characters feel real and tangible and very respectful. The women (female characters) of this drama are stellar!
    I can’t make any BBJX comparisons yet but perhaps I’ll have the same twinges as everyone else. I should be watching the finale eps in a day or two… plenty of tears my way, I have no doubt! Enjoy!

    1. Done with BBJX and fully on board on TPM right now. Definitely agree with you about the women in this show. I’ve not seen that much yet, but I’d already felt a very strong presence from both Sae Ryung and Princess Kyung Hae right from the beginning. Their determination and strength in wanting to protect the men/people they love. Their brave upfront in confronting problems. And did I mention Hong Soo Hyun (who plays Princess Kyung Hae) before? I love love love her acting in here. Her character may not be the nicest and is a tad mean at times, but I love how the actress plays off her insecurities. The way she tries to hold her herself up amidst adversarial situations, with tears filling her eyes… it’s very believable and heartfelt.

      So true that every character affects you.

  3. LOL the title totally made my day! well, one thing that I like about other countries than ours is their super speed internet, which I’m still hoping will be in our country soon. but it’s just a dream for now. *sigh*

    I’m wondering, am I the only one who had only watched PM’s first episode? blame the internet! I’m so behind right now..:(

    1. Haha I feel you. I was in Australia few weeks back, and the internet speed and quota were beyond words. Downloaded most of my TPM episodes there *phew* at least I can marathon the eps.

  4. hi there, I am going nuts!!! Its been 4 days already and I am still getting around 10kbs!!! How did you get your speed back. Glad I drop by here, at least I know I am not the only one but then your problem is okay already, rite?

    1. My line is still pretty unstable. Sometimes I get around 50K/s, sometimes less than 10K/s? I think it depends on the hour of the day and the DL link you’re using. So far I’ve only managed to download an episode or 2 a day, compared to about 5-6 eps in the past. yaiks o_0

      Are you using streamyx?

      1. Yes. It hasn’t improve at all. Its 10K/s and below. Its not the hour or day, as I have tried download after midnight and its still sooo slooow. I now realized its the 2 ‘particular’ DL links that is giving the trouble. Another link its normal 70-90K/s. Problem is my dramas are dependant on the 2 ‘special’ links (hope you get what I mean…). Oh man, I hope its temporary only. Really sucks bigtime! 😦

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