Lee Da Hae’s Chinese Interview in Shenzhen Event

Back with some news of MY GIRL!~~

Lee Da Hae‘s been on a roll lately. She just got off filming Miss Ripley, attended several events and shows in China (she may not be that popular in Korea, but she’s still a major HIT in China), filmed non-stop CFs, and also spared some time to hold a fan-meeting in Shenzhen, China where she had an enjoyable and fun time with her fans and media. She worked like a busy bee, doing interviews to interviews, holding fan-events and shooting CFs in between before returning to Korea. I’d initially wanted to cover her interviews in an earlier post but got stuck BBJX and TPM. And now that I’ve got spare time off watching the final episode of BBJX (tear-fest T____T), I figured it’d be good to do it now?

For those familiar with Korean entertainment, ya’ll know that Lee Da Hae’s not quite the typical Korean starlet like Yoon Eun Hye or Shin Mina, who’re dearly loved and adored by the masses. She’s been involved in several negative controversies (which I will omit here) in the past few years which had nearly cost her her career and popularity, and had lost her opportunities and luck in gaining better recognition. All the years I’ve been supportive of the girl, and always kept the faith that she’ll come through once again to prove that she really has what it takes.

Many have condemned her vanity, her fakeness, her trying-to-hard acting and over the years. But to me, she’s just her, has always been and still is. Aside from the fact that she’d indeed gone under the knife several times (I won’t deny that), she’s still the same old goofy and playful oddball from My Girl times. Talks openly, eats openly and laughs openly without much hesitation and doesn’t really try to put on an attitude as if she’s the celebrity so high up.

And did I mention that she’s also very talented in learning language? Or rather, hardworking in other words? She’s been learning Mandarin Chinese for 5 years, and now she can write and speak without much problems. If that’s not dedication and perseverance in spite of her busy acting schedule, I really do not know what is it.

Check out her interview below, which she did ENTIRELY in Mandarin.


Girl likes to have fun and laughs, is planning to venture into the China market with a drama next year, stays with her Mandarin tutor who’s like a sister to her, and wishes to find a boyfriend by next year.

And her Mandarin? I have no words.


6 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae’s Chinese Interview in Shenzhen Event”

    1. Haha my dear Daniel lubbing chinggu, I pretty much summed up the gist of her interview at the end. But I guess you gotta watch with subs to fully appreciate what I really meant by her goofiness and answers. hehehe..

    1. Hard work, dedication and perseverance? She’s been learning the language for 5 years, and always makes a point to speak and write her diary notes in Chinese whenever she has the time. I’ve seen some of her previous notes, and I can only say that it must have been a challenge for her.

      She also makes time to improve her English altho she can converse fairly well in it, having stayed in Australia for some years.

      I’ll post another video up soon with her interacting with her fans and the host in an event, also entirely in Mandarin. You’ll see how sincere she is. Girl has gained some fans after the show. Proud of her and am glad that people are trying to see her deeper as a personality rather than a celebrity. ^^

  1. i will always remain as your fan eventhough the other koreans are not thinking high of you.you are a smart actoress,FiGhTiNg!

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