Lee Da Hae interacts in Chinese @ Happy Camp without interpreter, stuns audience

Mind my continuous rant on LDH? I know I did an earlier post about on her speaking Chinese in an interview. And such should have been enough to show how much effort she’d put into learning the language. But what you’re going to see later, I assure you’re going to be very impressed, if not blown away. I was almost in tears by the end of the clip (you know how much a fan I am). The feeling of joy and pride was overwhelming and overbearing. I never knew she could come this far, let alone see it happen right before my eyes.

From what I know of, Chinese/Mandarin Chinese isn’t an easy language to learn, read or write, perhaps one of the hardest to master out of all. Being Chinese and knowing it by tongue, I by no means am fluent or even good at it. It requires extreme hard work, time and dedication. One must definitely have a driving passion.  A goal. Even Hong Kong celebrities  have a hard time conversing in / speaking the language, what can you expect from a foreigner? Our girl took only a mere 5 years (so imagine her effort), and she’s able to read, write, speak and most importantly, communicate and converse with others in the language without major problems or glitches. Couple that up with spontaneity, spunk, charm and open-ness, it’s really not difficult to see why she’s so loved in China.

Below I’ve embedded the cut of her Happy Camp episode which she’d recorded during her trip to Changsha, China about a month ago. Not only did she speak Chinese thruout the ENTIRE show, communicated and interacted with the host and the audience in the language, she also stunned audience by doing everything without an interpreter on stage, by being the very first foreign star to ever guest star a show with such audacity.

LDH Happy Camp Cuts

Part 1 (beginning from 10:40 min mark):


Part 2:


I wasn’t  joking when I said earlier that I nearly cried tears of joy watching the clip. Seeing her interact with the hosts on stage in a foreign language, with such endearing charm, wit and adorable-ness, I cannot help but feel so happy for and proud of her. Her enthusiasm and genuine want to blend in with the people of the show, it shows her sincerity and how she’s willing to be part of everyone. Diva? Fake-ness? HWAT?

I know she’s been yearning to venture into the Chinese market for quite some time, but back then I knew nothing and just wished she’d just stick to her roots in Korea. But now, it’s all BS to me. Of course I do still hope for her to choose a really good and solid project (film preferably) in Korea, but if she sees better opportunities for her in China, why not? At least she stands a better chance with her grasp of the language and understanding of the culture over there.

To me, the show only affirms one thing. She’s still the same old bubbly, cheerful and bold Lee Da Hae from before. Looks and appearance, yeap she’s changed (get over it!). Personality-wise, the goof is still the goof.

And I still LOVE her <333


2 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae interacts in Chinese @ Happy Camp without interpreter, stuns audience”

  1. OOH Ripgal. Thank you dear. Can’t get enough of your writing about LDH.
    I know exactly what you mean and I felt like crying watching her and reading all praise and comments about our girl. SOOO proud of her.
    I hope too that she chooses her project there well and surprise us once again.

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