An-nyeong, see you in 2 years, Bi!

Awwww…. another one off to MS. This time none other than super hallyu star Bi. My one time crazy obsession. My one time love. Although I have not followed his news for the longest of times, he still occupies that one small corner in my heart. He who led me into crazy drama fandom (Full House), he who lured me into K-pop, he who made me believe that hard work does pay off if you believe in yourself.

Altho I don’t feel an extreme gush of sadness seeing him enter MS (probably used to it now), I do feel tad empty seeing his fans sending him off in tears. Farewells are always hard to endure. But like they always say, you part for a new beginning. It’s not the end.

Just hope that when he comes back in 2 years, he’ll be better, and better and buffer (haha, maybe not, cos he’s already so buff).

Yup, you’ve gotta go. But rest assured, we’ll be looking forward to your comeback! An-nyeong Bi! Take care and see you in 2 years!

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5 thoughts on “An-nyeong, see you in 2 years, Bi!”

  1. Bye Bi. It’s about time. I’m actually disappointed he didn’t leave sooner. I was excited when he released news he’d take the plunge earlier than normal but then he reneged and I was saddened.
    I try to be understanding of stars and their career obligations but it seems to me the only individuals that get to use these excuses are celebrities. I also understand that Bi had other issues like illness, etc. But it doesn’t sit well with me.
    Anyway, I’m glad he’s finally on his way, and I will celebrate with a toothy smile when he returns…[And I’m sure I’ll listen to that one song I like by him before he gets back as well…LOL]

    1. You know I thought Bi was exempted from MS a few years back due to his contribution to Korean entertainment. But I guess they retracted the decision? I’m glad he decided to push thru anyway, without giving reasons for evading service and all, it’s a great opportunity for him to go low for a while, focus on his man duties, reflect on life, mix with the norm and all . A lot of celebs come back from MS a better and changed person, with a wider and broader perspective on life. I’m looking forward to see what would become of him when he comes back. 🙂

  2. Yes au revoir,rain my man..u should be honored I prised myself from BBJX just for a second to send u off..but sorry my tear ducts r spent so I can’t shed a unni I m relieved u r finally taking that obligatory plunge into Manhood!! See u in 2yrs..that is if I hvnt gone blind from sobbing over Ruoxi n 4th prince by thenok gals I m off to continue wallowing in the pity n tragedy that is Ruoxi s….. My tear ducts have just been replenished n the floodgates r ready to be opened again….

    1. Oh Queen, you make me laugh so much. LOL Bi should be thankful, very thankful.

      And BBJX, you just won’t have enough tears. T_T

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