Snapshots of cast filming Light and Shadow

Ah, 1 of the most anticipated upcoming dramas for me this year –  Light and Shadow. I want so much to watch this, for my first Korean crush Ahn Jae Wook. And for Nam Sang Mi of course.  But alas, I don’t even know when will my snailing internet speed recover, and whether it’s capable of recovery. It’s so so so so unimaginably shitty slow that I don’t even wanna look at my PC screen anymore. The last you read I needed 4 hours to DL an episode, now not even 6 can make the cut.  >.< My patience is so down in the gutter now.

Perhaps it’s a sign that I should take some time off drama and refocus on other things in life? You know, eat love pray (play)?

Light and Shadow is touted to be MBC’s 50th Anniversary grand production, starring Ahn Jae Wook, Nam Sang Mi, Lee Pil Mo and Sohn Dam Bi, with famous scriptwriter/PD Choi Wan Gyu helming the script and PD Lee Joo Hwan directing. Not the greatest PD-Writer team around, but I’m not gonna deny that I’d enjoyed some of their previous works, and that the cast did play a big part in my anticipation of the show.

In case you’re wondering why the guys are clad in such oldies (LOL), you might want to know that the drama is set in the old times and starts off in the 60s until the current, centering on the lives of 2 entertainers (AJW’s character Kang Gi Tae and NSM’s character Lee Kyung Hye) in the showbiz. Lee Pil Mo plays Cha Soo Hyuk, friend and foe of Kang Gi Tae (you know the typical friend-turned-rival character in K-drama) while Sohn Dam Bi plays senator’s daughter Jang Tae Hee, both of whom will rival the main leads in love and romance.

Not a very interesting character set-up, but I am interested in the premise of the drama focusing on the career and lives of singers in the olden days. Nowadays it’s almost always bling and glam that a look into the past might give us an idea on how it began and evolved into what we’re seeing now. The show will involve a lot of dancing and singing, so AJW should be good enough. But Nam Sam Mi as a singer instead of Sohn Dam Bi? *I’m having Gloria flashbacks now*

Well, at least they do look the part.

Light and Shadow is set to air in November after Gyebak.

Please please whoever controls the internet speed, let it be smooth by then, let it be please.

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3 thoughts on “Snapshots of cast filming Light and Shadow”

  1. Hi ripgal, is your internet better? 2 nights ago, for a few hours (after midnight) it was okay. I thought finally its back, was waiting for it to be stable before sharing the good news with you! BUT alas, its snailing again oh so very veeeery da sloooow…:-(

    1. Nope it hasn’t improved one bit, haven’t been able to DL anything for the past week 😦
      I checked TM’s website, apparently they’re having some cable problems which can only be fixed by the end of October? Not sure how true this is, but at least we know we’re not the only ones who’re suffering. 😦

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