Office Girls 小資女孩向前衝: First Impressions

What a adorably cute and fun drama!

Nope, I wasn’t intending to watch this drama initially. In spite of the positive raves and comments I’ve been hearing, I thought, oh wellz, it most definitely cannot be better than In Time With You right? One of the better TW dramas shown in recent years, with subtle and nuanced story-telling coupled with solid all-around acting by the cast, further enhanced by a brilliant OST. LITS (i.e. Life Is To Short), why should I bother myself with another drama when I’m already watching 2 of the best TV shows atm, ITWY together with The Princess’ Man?

My internet DL speed is to blame, with no significant improvement shown in the past week, and with no signs of recovering for the better :(, rendering me with no other alternatives, but to resort to streaming links for dramas. Streaming used to be NO NO for me, but alas, I cannot live a day without watching drama. And apparently, for I dunno what reason, the streaming links (the source I’m using) only work well for TW dramas and TW dramas alone! So no K-dramas, no updating with the newer ones out (Vampire Prosecutor, Glory of Jane, Thousand Day’s Promise), and no babbling about the hot guys, pretty girls or new OTPS….etc

Only TW dramas left.

So I checked out Office Girls, thought I’d just brush and glance thru, and be glad that I did not waste my precious time on this cliche sugary fluff. And sure I was annoyed, with the first scene beginning in the most typical TW rom-com way ever (i.e ordinary girl introduces ordinary life). How many times do I have to see this happen in TW drama? o_0 But little did I know of the amount of fun coming my way. 15 minutes in, the moment Roy Chiu’s character Zi Qi pulled off his “I can’t see” gimmick in the yakuza’s car, the drama had me. There and then. I’m such an easy girl to please.

I know first episode impressions do not automatically conclude whether a drama’s good, great or watchable. And given that I’ve only seen 1 episode, I am in no way qualified to recommend this drama to anyone. But I always appreciate a fun rom-com, especially when it starts off with a bang and strike with my inner drama chords. The 1st episode of OG had me by the 15th minute mark, and the rest became history. I giggled my way thru from then right until the very last minute, and immediately craved for the 2nd episode after it ended (which I would have done so if not for my prior appointments grrr).

OG’s plot is really the plain-est of them all. The typical rich-man’s-boy-encounters-poor-but hardworking-girl-then-falls-in-love kind of story, we’ve seen it so many many MANY times. But what sets it apart from the normal rom-com, I think, is the really refreshing and fun vibe it projects within the office space, the setting which encompasses interactions from the usual employee bickerings, to boss-employee clashes, down to the simplest interactions between working individuals. They’re all light and fluff at least, with no overreaching drama or OTT-ness to service the plot. Kind of Protect The Boss in a way, but displays a broader spectrum and emphasis on the individual characters (not just Zi Qi and Xing Ren).

Zi Qi and Xing Ren  like most rom-com OTPs, start of at the wrong end. They both despise each other for different reasons, but yet are forced to work with each other to do work assigned to them. Romance plots like these always get to me right off the bat. I love it when drama couples come to like and appreciate each other through long-term understanding and friendship (of course bickering included) and work together to resolve their issues. Roy Qiu and Alice Ke have a very warm chemistry to compliment their tandem, and though not extraordinarily sizzling, you already feel that they’re meant for each other right from the start.

OG has no killer dialogues, doesn’t bank on unique story-telling technique, and has less than stellar direction to make it a WOW drama. But it is very direct and on your face, with certain mockery on how things are dealt with in the office. Case in point, when it comes to Zi Qi and his so called business ideas and principles and Xing Ren’s perceptions on his working ways. Do you do it the bookworm principled way, follow procedures and wait until your work or proposal is approved? Or the hell with routine, do whatever it takes (as long as it’s legal) to make things happen?

The characters in OG may seem typical to many, seen before and heard before. In particular Xing Ren, who appears to be bolder version of Chen Xin Yi in Fated To Love You. An ordinary girl with an ordinary job with who lives an ordinary life. Nothing new there. Alice Ke is doing pretty well with what she’s given, a character if done poorly, could be of great annoyance. So far she doesn’t bug me in any way, so all is good. Roy Qiu on the other hand is hitting all the right buttons with Zi Qi, channeling a smarter and tad matured (but generally still childish) version of Ji Sung’s Ji Heon in PTB. I won’t go as far to say that he’s great, but I love how he pulls off Zi Qi’s blunt honesty and emotional dependance on his father’s money.  The fun and amusement in seeing him adapt to life without status and wealth (forcibly taken away by rich papa who wants him to begin from scratch) is good enough to keep me glued to the screen.

A good office drama requires a good amount of office staff to complete the picture. Like ITWY (You Qing’s company if you’re watching), OG also has its ensemble of office peepz to complete the picture. Apart from Xing Ren, we have the annoying but hilariously funny ass-kisser supervisor Shi Te Long, the overly cute-ish Yu Le (also Xing Ren’s bestie), the she-who-thinks-above-others Man Di and the sassy and confident PR of their company, Kai Er. With so many different personalities combined, I’m sure I’m gonna have lots of fun in the office with them. And add Zi Qi to the equation, I think I won’t have enough tears (of laughter).

I sorta can predict how the drama’s gonna unfold. First with Zi Qi learning his ways around the office with Xing Ren’s help, then with him falling with the girl as time goes by. It’s pretty much written there from the beginning, knowing how TW idol dramas flow. However, I think I’m going to enjoy seeing him grow out of his slightly immature ways. I know he’s a smart guy, but I also want to see him put his intellect to good use, with rationale and planning. And not just go for the kill with just an idea in his head. Plus it’s always a treat for me to see the underdog succeed in the end. Even though here it involves a slightly arrogant and brash underdog hehe.

Xing Ren on the other hand, I want to see some more spunk in her? I know she’s brave, bold and confident in spite of her lowly employee status in the company. But I don’t know something’s just lacking. She’s only OK when she’s alone, but she shines even more when she interacts with Zi Qi. Perhaps because Alice Ke’s relatively new and raw? Or maybe Roy Qiu is leading her? However I do like that she doesn’t tap into overacting to prove her character’s importance, something which could totally ruin the drama for me. I expect Xing Ren to pit against Kai Er for Zi Qi’s love in the coming episodes, and I hope she stands firm and holds on strong to the guy. Cos hey, you don’t get to meet a handsome, capable and adorably fun guy just anywhere OKAY? Take the chance girl when you have it. And Yu Cheng Feng? Guy can just stand aside and look LOL

Enough said, time to watch Ep 2! And while I’m at that, here’s the extremely catchy and hippy opening credits theme “Bu Yao Bu Yao” (eng trans: I don’t want, I don’t want) sung by Zhuo Wen Xuan: –

credits: sanlih


6 thoughts on “Office Girls 小資女孩向前衝: First Impressions”

  1. I’m in a very similar boat! Only difference is I’m the shallowest of Roy’s face fan and will watch wayyy crappier PoSs he’s in before and hopefully this will mark the end of his stint in exclusively crappy dramas. 😉

    I’m very impressed with the OTP, they r bouncing off each other with the exact vibe warranted by the stage of the relationship. I think their chemistry is so spot on convincing every step of way, I’m weird in peeving for the sizzle/lub at first sight rt fr the beginning. It spoiled my fun when I feel the bickering and mutual distaste a veil for instantaneous lust. I love to see the falling.

    1. Oh hello my dear GF Mookie! 🙂 So happy we’re in the same boat nowadays, esp after BBJX. hehehehe… And Roy Qiu, I’ve always thought he’s good looking, but he looks better and HOTTER than ever here. Like an edgier and rugged version of Mike He? And nope, that’s not shallow, that’s normal LOL

      I’m not very into the love at first sight thingy too, think it undermines the process of falling love through getting to know and understand each other. Their chemistry is indeed at the right stage right now. Not too overwrought, or lacklustre, but just at the right point of them getting to know each other more as colleagues, and as a person.

      OTP ftw! <3333

  2. I haven’t started OG and I don’t see myself doing so until I’m at least half-way thru BBJX but I continue to hear and read great things. Now with this post, I know I will be peeking soon.
    However I do hate that you are missing Vampire Pros. because it’s wonderful. Also with the new crop spudding I would be intrigued on your take.
    Oh well. I will be praying that something pans out, if only so you don’t have to stream 😉

    1. Take your time and thnx chinggu, I’ll count on you for updates on K-dramas while I wait for my line to recover. Lucky TW dramas have been good to me this year. This, In Time With You and Ring Ring Bell, can’t complain that much hehehe..

  3. Hi gals…could OG be just the thing to mend a broken heart..for my heart has just been smashed pummeled trampled to smithereens by BBJX,ESP after the death of my fav princes,seeing the 4th prince so derelict n despondent after the death of ruo xj n not even the slightest hint of a reunion of the souls during contemporary times can glue the broken pieces of my heart back together again!!still…I may take a peek at OG to c if it is the antidote to the bitter pill that is BBJX.. But I did make a promise that I wud remain loyal to LY n the RYJC Otp for the rest of the year..Thus my reluctance to allow any other tw drama to stir my heart or interest…ooohh..decisions!conflicts!!such a weary difficult time for the drama addict!!ooo well,maybe just a teenie weenie peek..just to see wat all ts uproar n hype s about....

    1. Oh Queen you’re such a funny romantic at heart ❤ you definitely need a nice, fluffy and mindless drama to cure your grueling pain. It didn't take me long to get over BBJX, but the painful memories of heartbreak and torment still remain vivid in my mind. A perfect but drastic ending for both souls.

      I think OG would be perfect for you! hehehe.. don't fret about the OTP taking over your JR love or anything. Just rejoice that you have another cute fluff to watch, and another OTP to love! I'm not oh so in love with the OG OTP yet, but I do adore them together, and love it when they interact. So direct and straightforward when they're with each other, but yet so warm and fuzzy at the same time. 🙂

      And if you happen to love a slice of life drama about 2 best friends troubling about falling for each other, please do do check out In Time With You by Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin. It has a very tightly and wittily written script, with solid acting and wonderful music to top up. Some people aren't comfy with the unconventional TW drama-ish direction the drama is taking, but I love it. It's really hearty, real and genuine. Resonates deeply with me at least.

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