Joseph and Rainie rumored to be dating? [UPDATED w/ JR GBA presentation clip]

KYAAAAAA!~~~~~ True? Not true? True? Not true? 😮

Title does mention “RUMORED”, and we know we’re clever enough to take such news with a grain of salt. But wadaheck, why should I care now? Anything JR excites me anyway, let alone THIS! *I can already hear Queen and Unni squealing high!*

So we ALL know Joseph and Rainie are good friends, buddies and playfulgoofs. Thanks to DTLY, thanks to their wonderful OTP chemistry, some of us have become fans of the actor, the actress and their tandem. Anyone who has watched the drama from beginning to end will definitely not deny that they share such exquisite and lovely chemistry together on screen and off screen. You know, the kind of palpable chemistry capable of burning your eyes and melting your heart. The kind that makes you heart thump faster? And some of us mad fans, like myself, have sunken so deep with the ship that any slight movement from them would immediately jerk us back to our crazy drama OTP RL shipping mode.

And what can I say, paparazzi shots or whatever, this totally makes my day!

I’m kinda lazy to translate the whole article but here’s a simple gist:

  • J has been hotly pursuing R for about 2 months, ever since he’d (allegedly) broken up with his GF Crystal of 5 years.
  • JR were rumored to have already harbored feelings for each other during the DTLY period but chose to remain friends as J was still hitched and R didn’t want to be a 小三 “third party”.
  • R was pretty vocal about her admiration towards J (as a friend).
  • Both JR had earlier expressed that both are great actors and have each others’ support. (J said so when R was not nominated for the GBA while R expressed her support for J to win).
  • JR were spotted hanging out for movies with each other (along with a bunch of friends) around Taipei area recently.
  • Witnesses said JR were seen hanging out and chatting with each other happily, and allegedly having their eyes focused on each other constantly.
  • Rumors also spread that R had requested to have a 3 month break from her company, sparking speculations of her intending take some time off to date?
  • And alas as usual, both agencies came out to refute the rumors by saying that their last gathering was about a month ago and they are ONLY friends.

I don’t know about you, but I know my heart nearly skipped a thousand beats when I saw the picture. Yeah, a picture of JR hanging around with peepz they’re cool with ain’t telling too much. They could be friends or buddies or soulmates, and they don’t look as fishy as Wookie and Sunah (Scent of a Woman) when they’re together.

But can’t a girl dream in fantasy? <3333 If it’s true, I can only say my senses are quite reliable hehehe… if not, I’ll just continue dreaming <3333

So, what say you? 😛

credits: Joseph Chang official / yule news



JR @ the GBA Awards yesterday together, presenting the awards for Best PD and Best Actress

They didn’t walk the red carpet together as both couldn’t make it on time. And R once again stressed on stage that they are NOT an item. *oh my dreams crushed* but nvm as long as they still are cool with each other ^^

I’m sad that DTLY did not win any awards, and even sadder that Joseph lost and was ousted by Wilber Pan? I mean no offense to Will Pan or his fans, but any clear-minded person would and could see who’s the better actor. But again, I didn’t watch Will’s drama, so can’t comment any further than that.

Maybe next time Joseph, maybe next time! HWAITING!


20 thoughts on “Joseph and Rainie rumored to be dating? [UPDATED w/ JR GBA presentation clip]”

  1. Yeeesss, yes, yes!!! Thanks, you made my day, I am on the same ship with you. All the sparks in the bts of DTLY can’t be wrong. I notice J is always teasing R, but he always do what R tells him to do.
    Btw, I am also in the same boat with you i.e. the snailing (dying) TM internet and have resorted to stream OG. Lucky I am not addicted to any kdrama atm and the new twdramas ITWY and OG is so good I am somewhat appeased. 🙂

    1. Haha, we’d have to keep our cool a bit. Rainie has just denied and refuted the rumors strongly in her weibo early this morning, stressing sternly that they are just friends and no more.

      I’m glad you caught up with OG and ITWY too. Hopefully by time they end, we’ll get our so called speedy internet line back. Pretty please!

  2. How ironically that she denied and refuted this rumors strongly..if there isn’t anything going on why so upset??? I remember she had the news with Show and Show was rumor to have STD but she didn’t say a thing (why?? because she know in her heart it isn’t true and no need to denied… but in this case she was all over the news…this tell me she has something to hide….

    1. Know what? We will never know, only time will tell. And me? I’ll just continue to dream. ^^

      I have no idea why Rainie’s being unusually stern this time around. I remember she used to laugh about her rumors with her co-stars in the past, and didn’t bother to make such a clear and strict statement.

      But whatever it is, I hope it doesn’t affect her friendship with J.

  3. It s pouring cats n dogs,yet I m singing n dancing in the rain!!guess I don’t need to tell u why I ve suddenly been cured of my BBJX malaise n fixation n m up n about n pirouetting like a pro(hell,I ve never even had ballet lessons before)!!u r right,ripgal,I m in seventh heaven!!Dreams do come true when u dream them long enuf..oooh I just abandoned OG n ITWY as my BBJX fixes..who needs them with this news n ur haven !!thanks..let me soak up this joyous ‘rumor’ n.,,,,rain.,

    1. O n yes,I forgot to add dat I m
      A staunch believer of that age old adage that there ain’t no smoke without fire!!so rainie has denied it eh?didn’t she once ,during the heights of her rumored to be third party in jo s relationship,say that she never feels the need to
      Get defensive over unfounded or untrue rumors?so wy is she so quick n vehement in her denial now?n has Joseph cHUNKg issued a similar denial in hs weibo?looking fwd to the GBA tomorrow!

      1. Perhaps it’s getting too out of hand? And perhaps truly, they’re just good friends and she didn’t want this to ruin their friendship? But anyhow anyway, I wish them well, in being friends, co-stars or anything more. ^_^

  4. U were right ‘gal, my eyes did widen a bit when I saw the news but it quickly fizzled when I saw the pic, then I saw Rainie’s rebuttal… so, I didn’t have time to giggle, squeal or do any of the fun stuff (BOO!).
    I am a staunch believer that celebrities “know what they are doing” at least 85%. Meaning, if they get photographed it’s either on purpose, or the incident is harmless. There was no indication in the photo that they were trying to hide or be aloof or even be “romantic” with one another.
    Of course, I’d love for this to be true, but for now, I’m going with Rainie. I do, however, believe her vehemence on the subject is intriguing but that could have more to do with the circumstances surrounding the rumor or their own personal ones. Joseph was in a long-term relationship (for a long time) and conveniently he’s now single? Most of the reports say that he broke-up with gf before Rainie, but most also allude to Rainie being the unwitting cause. If I liked a guy and we were just friends, I wouldn’t want to be linked to him in that way either. But in her remarks, she seemed quite annoyed so there is more going on there and I don’t think it’s her trying to “hide” she’s dating Joseph. It seems more like she’s trying to protect something. (imho)
    I agree that “smoke and fire” are related but not always in the ways we think. I’ve consistently believed that they are attracted to one another and would make a great couple. I still feel that way. I hope they do too. I just don’t think that’s what is going on right this second.
    And believe me, I’m sad about it.
    Seriously, next time, I just wanna hear they are married 😉

    BTW, the weirdest thing is, this news made me think of Jiro Wang for some reason?

  5. Hey pals,must say both ur sense(ripgal’s) n sensibility(unni’s)has somewat hit home n burst my bubble of euphoria n ecstasy..,o well,I shall now adopt a que sera sera stance n continue to include dem in my nightly prayers that they will b happily married by next valentine’s!!my gut feeling says they r going to end up like Eugene n kang sang Ho(hope I got his name right)..,meanwhile I will stop walking n pirouetting with my head in the clouds n get back to OG or ITWY…thanks, gals,needed that reality shot..

    1. O ya …why jiro Wang??was there ever a thingy btw the two?he s Not chenglin s type,I can vouch
      For she prefers her man tall n muscular, strong n silent n with a low profile..Zelo ..o I mean,Jiro hardly fits the bill!

      1. You know to be honest, Idk. They’ve always given me a weird vibe. When they did ToGetHer (which I adore), there were rumors they hated each other but when I saw clips of them it wasn’t hate at all. It was awkward. Very awkward. I still can’t wrap my head around it. It’s weird that I would think of him but I did. Perhaps I was just comparing rumors and chemistry levels in my mind.
        Anyway, Idk about their personal lives or their “types,” I just go by what I see for myself.
        Either way, it’s nothing. Nothing until someone gets married.

    2. Aw. But thanks.
      I did want to say that you always crack me up [dancing in the rain, pirouetting in the clouds, etc]. Don’t ever stop. No matter what, it’s good to have well-wishers and believe me, God hears every prayer. I had several answered during TPM 😉 . I counted!

      Oh and his name is Ki Tae Young.

    3. Another awwwwww here, thanks! ^^

      RL is always different hehehehe.. As much as I wish for something to happen between them, I know that deep in my heart I will never know. Not until anyone confirms anything. But I firmly believe, at least 99% that they ARE attracted to each other, like Unni said. Maybe they’re no love sparks and all, but “attraction”, definitely YES. And whether it became more than that, we can only dream~~ and let (or hope for) the wind (to) take its course. ^^

      I notice that fans tend to get protective of their idols (R and J alike) when rumors surface about their personal/dating lives. I’ve read some of them, and I can only say, what’s the harm in dreaming eh? hehehe.. I hope I didn’t offend any of you/them reading this. Sometimes I can get a bit delusional and over-excited. In the end, if they’re happy with whoever they’re with, who am I to say anything? =)

  6. Regarding the GBA Awards video: Rainie was too anxious, she seems to have something to hide and afraid that Joseph maybe saying the wrong thing…

  7. So!what did we make of rainie s nervous plea to the media n gba audience to end all
    Speculations abt Joseph n her?it s unprecedented for rainie..she s never done ts in all her previous relationships,has she?and old Jo remained cool n tight lipped thru it all..allowing rainie to speak on behalf,yet betraying little of his tots or feelings on the rumor.he did look pensively at her now n was obvious that rainie was not herself during or post awards.she appeared tensed,shifty and smiled too much..hahaha..,maybe cool Jo affects her in a way she refuses to acknowledge for now..maybe his presence makes her a little unnerved,nervous n defensive..coz he hasn’t really acknowledged hs feelings for her,so she s denying hers!!well well steamy enough for a mills n boons romance novel eh??it’s intriguing relationship has me entranced!still,a thing of beauty is a joy forever n just seeing this beautifully complementary couple together at the GBA awards brought joy n smiles to all of us JR shippers…s long s both r single,tr s lots of hope for a union btw ts beautiful pair,besides valentine s day is months away!!hwaiting JR!!

  8. Just a note from the MOD (me) here 😛 I know some of you are fans of J or R or JR and I appreciate all your input, comments and insights regarding this issue. However, I noticed that recently there have been some insinuations and implied allegations pertaining to the character/personality of the individual artists in some of your posts (esp R), which I have taken the liberty to delete in order to avoid clashes or unwanted discomfort to fans of both sides.

    I myself do not know J and R personally (and will never know UNLESS some day a miracle happens LOL), but do love reading and raving about them. This post is for pure entertainment and amusement on my part, and for those who find the exact same joy in doing so. Having to see fans of both sides being at discomfort about this issue saddens me to an extent. >.<

    You are of course entitled to your opinions, and I by no means can dictate whether you're right or wrong, but I sincerely hope and would appreciate for comments or direct attacks on the personalities or chars of the artists to be avoided HERE at all costs. For the peace and comfort of readers and fans alike. For us to continue reading (if you guys are still doing so hehehe) happily! 🙂

    Peace to all ^____^

    1. Yikes!!wat was dat about,rip?m I missing something here?have I or we offended any fan of J or R or JR out tr?hopefully not,coz everything said n done in ts post is purely for the love n admiration of J n R or JR n not meant to offend the fans of Show,Jiro,Wilbur,.Mike Cyndi Lauper,Ariel etc etc..n while I
      M here,I might s well say my daily prayer…o lord,please make magical things n fireworks happen
      Btw J n R btw now n next Valentine’s so dat Ty will b married like Eugene n KTY(thanks,Unni)ts time next year?? Love You !!Amen.

      1. Haha, I love your optimism. ^^ And nope, nothing wrong abt your posts of course. All is good all is good. hehehehe..

  9. Thanks ripgal. It’s always nice to seem them together, but hate you have to deal with individuals who refuse to be positive. Oh well.
    I will always find it interesting that R is so adamant but perhaps it’s age. The older we get, the less tolerant of nonsense we are, especially about people we love and respect.
    I definitely think she’s trying to protect something or someone, whether it’s her personal relationship with Joseph or theirs with other people. But again we won’t know till there’s a wedding.

    And according to Queen it’ll happen sometime next yr 😉

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