One of my fav 2nd lead OTPs ever!

Oh, my flustered and flustering heart, how can a husband be THIS PERFECT?!!!

Yup, I’m still a bit behind The Princess’ Man, and only got up to this episode showing such a tender and beautiful moment between our 2nd lead OTP – Jong and Princess Kyung Hye. People rave about the beauty and greatness of TPM, and I wholeheartedly agree with them in that it’s one of the best dramas this year. With a solid cast, neatly told and woven story with a wonderful wonderful soundtrack. I adore the OTP Seung Yu and Sae Ryung, their tragic romance, their yearning for each other in spite of their allegiance/emotional attachment to their fathers who are sworn enemies, their dilemma and heck even their torment and pain. There were some things which didn’t sit well with me (eg. how convenient of Seung Yu to have evolved from a scholar to a skilled swordsman in one day without intense training), but overall, this drama is totally DA BOMB this year.

And to top it all up, this drama also gave us one of the best 2nd lead OTPs EVER!

I cannot tell you how much I love Jong and Kyung Hye together. Regardless of the menial screen time that they have in the drama, they totally rawk their OTP-ship together. If it were not for the Seung Yu-Sae Ryung ship, I would totally have rooted for a pure Jong-Kyung love story. The hard-up princess slowly warming up to her man that nobody thought would have had the guts to do great things in his life. Ain’t that a delicious story in itself already?

Kyung Hye has always showed a tough and stern front in front of others, and sometimes  a tad mean and hard to handle. But I love love love love how supportive and protective Jong is of his wife. How he stands up for her, how he goes all out for her, and how he gives her spaces to breathe in times of pain and agony. Who would think or expect that a playful lad like Jong (right in the beginning of TPM) would have evolved to become the righteous and responsible man he is now?

Lee Min Woo and Hong Soo Hyun totally rawked their characters and chemistry together, making me root deeply for them, individually and as a couple. Truthfully speaking, I didn’t think they’d match. The moment they encountered each other in Ep 1, I thought oh wellz, how could she fall for a guy like that, a guy who looked so…drunk and lost in sense of direction? But I was so wrong.  As episodes went by (undoubtedly spurred by the incidents following Seung Yu’s disappearance), Jong turned out to be a complete gentleman, a man of righteousness and dignity. A man that Kyung Hye would eventually come to appreciate and love.

Believe me or not, I nearly cried when Jong and Kyung Hye finally admitted and acknowledged their feelings for each other in Ep 18. When Kyung Hye finally called him “Seobang-nim”, and when he kissed her hand after slipping the ring into her finger, I nearly streamed tears of joy. Tears of utter happiness. That finally, amidst all, they managed to share such a beautiful and sweet moment together. From her smile, to his longing to stay with her (in his eyes),  so genuinely heartfelt and beautiful.

But if we follow the Romeo and Juliet formula, and given how things have gotten worse each episode, I already am prepared to face RL – that happiness for my Jong-Hye will be shortlived. *weeps* Mom came rushing into my room last night, with eyes all swollen and red, and I knew something bad had happened (they were watching Ep 22). I was also sorta spoiled beforehand, so I knew I’d have to face it sooner. But gaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how could they?!!!! T___T

I tried to search for Jong-Hye videos/MVs/clips/cuts in youtube, but sadly, I only found 1, the only ONE! 😦  But it has MAJOR SPOILERS, so don’t watch if you’re still behind. Funny cos I watched like 3 secs and stopped (I’m not there yet!) LOL will be back again when I’m done.

Enjoy the weepfest, for those who’re done.

So there goes, one of my FAV 2nd lead OTPs ever!


11 thoughts on “One of my fav 2nd lead OTPs ever!”

  1. Apart my the main OTP… just because my love of PSH.. i love the relationship between jong and princess… he is such gentleman and every man should be like him… to be honest, in ep 1… i saw the encounter between those 2… i sort of guessed the writer is setting them up… how “mis-match” they were back then… but in the end… they just belong together..

    TPM has to be my top drama of the year.

    1. I knew from the moment they meant each other, they were going to cross paths one day. But just didn’t see how a high-and-mighty princess could fall for a drunken player. Now they’re just so precious together. What Hye did for Jong in Ep 19, it was the biggest sacrifice ever. T_T

  2. I enjoyed the fact that she is supposed to be such a GREAT beauty, and honestly I have thought the actress was really really pretty since her Let’s Go To School Sangdoo days, but the lead actor isn’t what you would generally call handsome especially when compared to most kdrama males. Honestly, nothing against the guy, but his facial features somewhat resemble a pig (if people can compare PSH to a bird I can compare him to a pig, damnit). Plus, as mentioned, he begins the show as a drunken wastrel thus making his transformation to prince charming even more fun to watch.

    They didn’t intrigue and grip me as much as our main OTP but were a truly refreshing change from the usual second OTP.

    The ENTIRE show was refreshing. I miss my TPM! WAAHHH

    1. Yeap my first of her was in Sang Doo as well, but she was soooo young and fresh back then. I think she kinda laid low and didn’t appear in many projects after that? She’s pretty alright (and I think she did get some facial enhancement done, I’m OK with that) but it’s her performance as Kyung Hye in TPM which impressed me. She totally held her own as the character and made it hers and hers alone. I seriously hope she gets meatier roles like this in future because she does have what it takes.

      And Jong oh Jong, how can you call him a PIG?!!! hahaha jk jk 😛 agree with you that he isn’t exactly what you call good looking. But man, his voice is to die for!! And how he’s changed over the period of time being the royal husband “Pu Ma” to Kyung Hye, his loyalty to Seung Yu and the former King, ahhhhhh it’s hard not to like him.

  3. I loove them! First time I loved the second OTP as much the main OTP.

    I mean, like you said I totally love the tough girl falling in love with the sweet guy who breaks her walls and see how she really is deep inside.

    I totally love how fierce she is, actually I love how both main and second girl are strong, fierce and do not back off.

    Also, I think I saw a mv where they appear – where they all appear – SR/SY and KH/J

    Btw – I also didn’t think they would match – I did not find him atractive – but after knowing more about him I got to love him – actually his eyes and smile did atract me later.. lol the power of the inner self.

    ‘(eg. how convenient of Seung Yu to have evolved from a scholar to a skilled swordsman in one day without intense training)”

    But didn’t they show us SY and Myun fighting when he was still a scholar? If Myun was the soldier and SY was a scholar he wouldn’t stand a chance against Myun, but he did, and he was as great as Myun was… And I read on his character description, he was a man who had brains and skills, and also even the ahjusshi and the cabaret guy said his skills wasn’t from someone from a ”poor” backgroud i.e he learned the true sword skills.

    But oh well, when the men come to kill his father he lost very fast- I don’t know, maybe he was too angered/lost to fight well – or where too many men agaisnt him.

    1. Haha, I remembered the fighting scene between SY and Myun. But I guess I didn’t see it coming, that he’d be so SKILLFUL that he’d be able to beat out all the guards and even post threat to Myun. In any case however, it didn’t bother me too much as the drama progressed… paining along with vindictive SY was enough to make me busy.

      Agree with you that the women in TPM are awesomesauce. Both the princess showed great strength and courage and stood by their men like pillars, unmoved by all the adversities before them. Last scene of Ep 19 totally took my breathe away. Way to go Sae Ryung. You tear, cry and pain for all the sacrifices and bloodshed, but way to go, for finally standing up against your father.

  4. Listen, after a certain point, I cried every episode of TPM (I’m even tearing up now and I’m not even a crier!). I think it was the “declaration of love” scene that sent me into “the ugly cry” because I knew nothing good would come of this sweet, much awaited moment.
    Ultimately, Jong and Kyung Hye embody the title for me. This drama was absolutely wonderful, for it wasn’t just about Seung Yu and Sae Ryung. The title alone, reflects that. Their (SY-SR) love was wonderful, no doubt but Jong’s steady perseverance, his consistent and graceful understanding… Man, he’s everything a woman wants and needs in a partner.
    I never doubted that he was the right man for Kyung Hye, however, she did. She felt that she needed Seung Yu, for his political connections and his personal loyalties and intelligence, but Jong was the best thing that ever happened to her. He didn’t have the “connections” but everything else she thought she wanted and needed, he had in his baby toe. I also love that he didn’t spend his time trying to “prove” himself. He was just Jong, and eventually, she came to see that steadiness of character. He wasn’t bumbling, he was just fun-loving and easy-going. To put it simply, that man was amazing. Period.
    I can’t compare the relationships of the drama, for I feel they truly are so very different. One isn’t better than the other, but I do believe that Jong and Kyung Hye had more of a wooing and whimsical romance. Their relationship was all the things little girls dream about.

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