Immortal Song 2: Hong Kyung Min’s Little Lovers

Immortal Song 2 is such a daebak daebak show! I love it so much, you have no idea. I get so high listening to the modern renditions of the oldies. Sometimes I sit in silence and tears after a performance. And worse still, sometimes I get goosebumps all over from listening that I have no idea how to react, brain in total blankness.

I’ve already raved incessantly about the show in earlier posts so I’m not gonna bore you with the same ol’ all over again. Instead, I’m gonna show you one of my favourite-est performances from the show, if not my favourite-est and the best I’ve seen, Hong Kyung Min‘s rendition of Jo Yong Pil‘s Little Lovers.

His performance was just so breathtakingly and jawdroppingly awesome. So passionate and emotive. Powerful and gripping. In the end I have no words, you just have to watch to believe:

I’m not sure if Hong Kyung Min is known widely by the masses, or whether he’s popular in Korea or overseas. He’s not an idol or anything, just a singer who’d debuted some 10 over years (maybe nearly 20?) years ago (as per wikipedia). I only came to know of him a few years back, as an actor (!) in a melodrama, and totally did not know he could sing, and in fact, is a singer in RL. My immediate reaction back then was WOW.

Then years flew by, didn’t see or hear of him much. Not up until recently, when he appeared in IS2 (that’s why I love this show!). Not until he performed this song.

I was totally dumbstruck and floored. He took the song, immersed himself in it totally (you could see his closed eyes and expressions through out) and made it his and his alone. Never have I been so blown away this much by an IS2 performance. The show had A LOT of great performances, and a number of them I can still recall and remember up until now. But when you talk about being blown away until nothing is left of me in the end, it’s this performance no doubt.

It’s so EPIC that I still get shivers listening to or even thinking about it.

Hong Kyung Min, *RESPECT*


8 thoughts on “Immortal Song 2: Hong Kyung Min’s Little Lovers”

  1. Just listening to the music without understanding the lyrics gives it a purity of appreciation I never knew I could appreciate. He was downright fabulous! And the rapping near the end was excellent!
    Be that as it may, it would be great if I could listen to it again with the lyrics? It could give the song new meaning for me.
    Great post!

    1. Aww…thanks 😀

      I’ve been trying to look for the lyrics of the original song as well. Searched up and down, high and low on the internet, but sadly to no avail >.< I'll try to get someone to translate the song for me, and will have it up when I do manage to get it done. ^^

  2. I used to watch him on the variety shows – X-Man, Loveletter – BUT – it was not till New X-Man when he sang I Believe as * different artistes that he blew my mind!!!!

  3. totally agree! im starting to like him since that song he sang…so touching n great performance! i didnt know him before but thanks to this show,i knew a lot of oldies song n love the transformation they they did to the song…love other singers also….but my first focus on this show is always him!haha i love his “white night” too!

  4. Hong Kyung Min<3<3<3 I think it's either because I watched so many of his performances lately and the episodes he's in on IS but I currently have such a big crush on him it's not even funny… Ripgal, have you seen his performance on the Sobangcha special episode? I looked for pictures of him and haven't seen him wearing a sexier outfit than that day. I guess Ulala Session made him use all 'weapons' available LOL. And apart from the outfit that performance was just AWESOME, as usual.

    And now back to Little Lovers. Oh how I love this song! The intro is a harmonica, when he starts singing it's a ballad, transforms in a soft rock song without you even noticing and then the rap kicks in and it ends with the ballade feeling. None of these transitions seemed forced or unnecessary. It's often the case on this show that singers start with a ballad feel and then the dance/rock/raggae/etc. randomly starts and it feels so kitsch, so forced. But with Kyung Min oppa it was never the case, and I think that's why he managed to attract my attention to him. And also I have to give a standing ovation to those rappers as well. Just imagine if they came in with a "X's in the house" phrase, total disaster lol. But.. I don't know who they are either, nobody from the editing team bothered to mention their name on the screen… Both times lol. Hong Kyung Min performed this song a second time at the 'Unlucky Special' and no name was given away then as well. Oh yeah, that just reminded me of what HKM said in the interview before the performance "I haven't changed anything because the arrangement was perfect"(something between those lines) And how much I agree with him!

    Thank you for posting this, it was good to see someone liking this as much as I do:)

  5. Did you see his version of “Sad Song”? Even though I didn’t understand the lyrics, it was so sad and he made a lot of people cry including the original singer who said it took her 3 days to record the song because she kept crying. One of the You Tube videos mis-named the song as “Rain”
    I couldn’t find the translation of this song either.

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