Me Too, Flower! Official Poster + Teaser

Hmmmm, this is interesting. The cast of the drama posing in a unique shape of a flower?!!! LOL It looks like the drama is taking its title very very seriously.

I’m kinda torn about this show. I like the writer (MNIKSS and What’s Up Fox) a lot and think the cast are decent (well maybe not so much LJA, but I’m willing to give the girl a chance.. I did adore her in Legend and she does deserves a chance). But I’m still trying to figure out the titular explanation to the plot itself. What does FLOWER have to do with everything? Yoon Shi Yoon being a flower-good-looking boy? His hair? (Which I actually think looks so bad on him yaiks) Lee Ji Ah’s character?

Drama released a short teaser today, click HERE to view. (Sorry I have no idea how to embed this video in here)

My thoughts: I already am annoyed by LJA’s character. The screaming and yelling? And Yoon Shi Yoon still looks like a baby next to her. The only thing which may keep me interested is the plot (pretend stories are always fun to watch!). But oh wellz, what do I know right? I was hesitant of What’s Up Fox before I watched it back, but in the end, I loved it so much GHJ and CJM ended up becoming one of my fav fav drama OTPs ever!

My drama rule:  Every drama deserves a first watching, good or bad.

credits: MBC/ daum


4 thoughts on “Me Too, Flower! Official Poster + Teaser”

  1. i cant even sit through the trailer, traumatized by LJA’s insane brand of OTT. Unless u say this is MUSTsee, not touching *sigh is sadddd WriterKim is my fav/only Kromcom writer*, I bet I’ll have a nightmare of some screeching cuckoo tonite.

    1. I have a very bad feeling. I just rewatched the trailer, and the last scene of LJA and YSY’s char bumping into each other: all I could think of, gosh they just look WRONG together. :/ I am just praying and hoping for Writer Kim to work his magic once again.

  2. I can’t stand LJA. I hate to make comments like that, but it’s true. She is the worst thing about this drama. I was never truly sold on it but with her in the cast, with an OTP role no less? Pffft!

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