Curse of the Royal “CATFIGHT”

Ooooolalaaaaaaaa, a ROYAL CATFIGHT! *I LIKE!*

Poster’s a bit too glossy and PS-ed for my liking, but I already love the looks on the queens! Jessica is doing the understated evil but calm upfront queen whilst Myolie is going for the fierce and I-dun-give-a-damn look. And Sunny? LOL Poor guy looks just like a mouse trapped in dilemma between a lioness and tigress. No offense but he just doesn’t have the Emperor look to me. He’s too soft-looking and mild? If only Kwong Wah still does TVB dramas. If only. (Where has he gone to btw?)

Check out the trailer for Curse of the Royal Harem:

There’s a whole load shitz of catfights between the queens. Very dramatic and over-the-top. But I’m definitely going to check this out for Myolie and Jessica‘s performances. Myolie is touted to be potential TV Queen this year (for her last 2 dramas had been big hits), will she score a hat-trick with Royal?

Remains to be seen.

credits: / COTRH asianfanatics / as tagged


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