I like Vampire Prosecutor, but….

Yay for K-dramas! I’m back on track with some of the recent ones after some slight improvement with my internet speed. I pray to God that it really has improved for good and that it doesn’t go down once more. My faint heart cannot cope with having to scream and yell out of frustration no more.

The only 2 K-dramas that I’m watching right now are Vampire Prosecutor and Man of Honor, which really isn’t much as there are a bunch which I’ve omitted due to lack of watching hours and RL commitments. With cable churning stuff one after another, catching up is no longer an option. And can no longer be. LITS, I even have some pending unwatched/unfinished dramas from before (eg. The Musical, Can’t Lose) which I’m considering to drop for good. Feel bad that I’m not able to continue for the love I have for the actors/actresses (my ILU Choi Daniel for instance), but consider it done when I’ve paid my dues for staying on unmoved episode after episode.

Vampire Prosecutor is a slick and cool drama, I cannot say more. The visual works and cinematography are such an impressive treat to the eye, in that if substance or quality doesn’t kill it for a viewer, one would definitely stay on to be visually entertained. Add the one so many intriguing myth figure of all time – a vampire (who also happens to be a prosecutor), to the picture, you have in the making, the perfect fantasy-cum-investigation drama.

The drama is watchable in my books so far. Nothing terribly bad or awful so far, with pretty solid acting all across the board (Lee Young Ah needs to tone down her OTT screaming bit but overall she’s OK) and decent (but not creative or interesting enough sadly) episodic cases. But the gloss bling and cool factor aside, I have one major problem with Vampire Prosecutor after 4 episodes – who is Min Tae Yeon?!! I know everything about Tae Yeon’s ways of investigation (the drama repeats his swallowing of the victims’ blood every single episode its starting to grate on my nerves, yes drama we get it), I know he’s a vampire who has a dark past, I know he’s handsome and cool. But ultimately, I want to know WHO HE IS. Other than the manliner, his swift punching moves, his lighter (?) and his charming smile (yes I adore YJH’s smile), who is he?

I get that the drama tries to unveil Tae Yeon’s past or character episode by episode, by leaving us in the dark with minor hints to follow. By leaving us to want for more at the end of each episode. Create this sense of mystery and unknown around Tae Yeon in order for a big revelation or twist to surprise us in the end, but after 4 episodes, I’m beginning to think that him being a vampire cum prosecutor isn’t much of a big deal anymore. It’s more like he’s just using his powers to solve the cases (which seem too overly easy/cliche or convenient anyway) and that’s it. There’s no surprise, no twist or even the mysterious feel to it.  Procedural investigation assisted by Tae Yeon’s drinking and super fighting powers, that’s all? Hmmmm… meh.

Yeon Jung Hoon is doing fine. I love his acting in here, and I even dig his oddly styled scarves. He has a very playboy-ishly aloof aura which gets me on all the time and makes me want to see more of him. But I really wish the writer could take it up further by delving more into his character. As a vampire, a prosecutor and both at the same time. How did he get here? How did he cope with being a freak? How was he able to balance both identities? When you have a character penned with emotional conflict and complexity, it ups everything. And makes everything more worthwhile. Beautiful and mesmerizing visuals make for better icing on the cake, but if there isn’t anything to hold that up (i.e. the main ingredients inside cake), the aftertaste will be mere disappointment.

The other team members are doing their jobs pretty well, at least within the scope of what they’re supposed to do i.e. rouge cop doing his duty and junior prosecutor looking for clues and evidence. The cases area bit too simple and cliche, and more often than not drama actually relies more on them to solve the cases rather than Tae Yeon’s powers. That I can deal with, tho I’d wish for more difficult or complex ones and for Tae Yeon to do more than just drink blood and throw powerful punches. But I wish they’d give us some real interaction between Tae Yeon and his team during the investigation other than just him giving orders and mini banters here and there. I’m not expecting to see any romance whatsoever, altho I wouldn’t mind having one hehehe, but at least some analytical discussions on how to solve the cases? Of course we know it’s his character and all, but I’d really really like to see him open up a lil bit more.

Last scene of Ep 4 showed Tae Yeon’s enemy on the run again. If only the writer could take it a bit further, show us something more about this unknown vampire and his deal with Tae Yeon, I’d gladly do away with my complaints for now. 🙂 The investigation parts are cool and intriguing enough to watch, and we already know how he works. Tell us more about Tae Yeon and his past, or at least how he’d managed to survive his whole ordeal when he became one, and I’m all good.

Drama still has a chance with 8 episodes to go. Explore Tae Yeon’s character a lil bit more, up the complexity of the cases a lil bit more instead of packaging them like difficult cases, take some tips from H.I.T or Mawang, and there you go, drama will definitely pack more punches.


7 thoughts on “I like Vampire Prosecutor, but….”

  1. I am with you on getting more back story about the characters… like TY… his boss profession jung.. the vamp bar owner and even Soon-bum.. SB obvious knows TY is an vampire… but how he got to know the truth about TY… VP is only 12 ep long.. with 5 ep in I hope they get to tell more of those story soon… now the drama is more like a typical crime drama….. not that I don’t enjoy this drama.. in fact.. i like this drama more than other kdrama are airing right now… but lets get the story moving… may be it’s early to say this… but I really don’t mind to have a season 2 on this drama.

    1. Yeap, VP does come across pretty typical crime-investigation like. That’s why it’s important that TY’s identity as a V is highlighted as well, for us to connect with him on a deeper level and for us to understand why he is the way he is right now. I’m OK with the rest of the team, but I’d sure like to know abt the bar owner as well. Perhaps he’s the other vampire? Perhaps he was the one who killed TY’s sister?

  2. The show never shows Tae-yeon’s vulnerability (correct me if I’m wrong, I only watched 2 episodes after all) and that’s what I really, really want to see. So he’s a vampire who walks in broad daylight, has superhuman strength, a clairvoyant, too cool for school, seems invincible, other than those dead-blood induced migraines. We need more. Yeon Jung-hoon’s doing a great job and is sexy as hell, but this show lacks Dexter’s compelling vulnerability, or True Blood’s amazing bad-assery.

    PS: The barman reminds me of a bad imitation of Eric Northman haha…

  3. Haha. I actually haven’t seen past episode 3 and again, I understand the gripe. I thought about it at the end of ep 1 or 2 but I think I decided it’s actually something I like rather than dislike about the drama. I look at his limited V acknowledgement as confirmation that it isn’t the most important thing to him. Rather his job holds higher importance and his supernatural status helps him be better at it?
    I found that it’s interesting that I virtually forget that he’s a V until the end of the ep when we’re reminded. I really think that the writer plans to build on this (admittedly very slowly) as the drama continues. Being that it runs till the end of Dec or early Jan, I suspect we have plenty of time. I get the impression that the last month of the drama will be nothing but vampdom and all about TY.
    For now I’m pretty content with the cases and the look of the drama.
    Perhaps, I’m just in a good drama mood?

    1. I’ve seen past 5 and sadly I still feel the same way about how the mystery about his past isn’t dealt with in more detail. The drama only has 12 episodes in total, and we’re already half way there with no solid or concrete clues on how his world as a v and p works. It kinda undermines the whole point of him being a vampire in a way, but oh wellz, at least the last 2 cases were a tad more interesting than the earlier ones.

  4. i feel that we have been given multiple clues as to his identity and on ep 6 we are told how he was brought into the V world a little more. TY is a sexy bad ass who sees the world in a different way, much more than the obvious i used be human boo hoo stuff but like i’m a V and i’m gonna use it, like the whole its not a curse if i don’t think of it that way kind of thing, obviously he regrets being one and he feels the way most would but he isn’t going to let that stop him from his goal which is ultimately to kill the V that murdered his sis, he doesn’t seem to me to be the type who cares about what happens to him in the crossfire, just what happened between then and now and what he’ll deal as punishment.
    i really enjoy this Drama, and i believe that once JY can get on with telling him of her trauma, he’ll maybe entrust her with his and then the story will move like a jet plane and we’ll all be praying that it moves a little slower. things like these, that have a slow beginning often are what touch us the most in the end.
    although there is one thing that i do not quite understand, why DM is such a hidden character, he’s sooooooooooooo adorable and i feel like we never get to know anything about him. i can’t even find the actors name anywhere, sigh, well i guess that probably isn’t going to change much, i also wish they acted more like a group, and actually were together most of the time, but hey maybe it’ll all come later to so i’ll be waiting and watching to find out.

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