In Time With You ending theme – 踮起腳尖愛 Tip-toe Love

I love In Time With You. I love it so much very much you have no idea. The reason you don’t see any ITWY posts in my blog?! Just coz I have no coherent words for this amazingly written, directed and acted drama.

You want drama, cheesy dialogues or overwrought histrionics, ITWY has none of that. ITWY is what you would call a slice of life drama. About life, friendship, love and growing up. About reality and expectations, hopes and despair in life. And in particular, those occurring and revolving around 2 best friends, soulmates Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen) and Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin). Somewhat similar to 9 End 2 Outs (which I love dearly as well), but a little more toned down, understated and with a quieter and soulful vibe.

ITWY is very different from the typical TW idol dramas that we’re used to watching. It’s comparatively more blunt, honest and real. It takes us through the ups and downs and conflicting human emotions and it isn’t afraid to reveal the RL of how life isn’t always a bed of roses, how life goes on even with roadblocks. Getting to know yourself better and deeper can be scary sometimes. When you’re reminded of your good/bad traits by another, you start fretting, worrying and crying about how imperfect you are. How others are doing great and you’re turning 30 (dooms day!). But ultimately, it’s the process of discovery and the people who care that count.  When someone knows you this much and accepts you of who you are, what more is there to ask for?

If time permits by the time ITWY ends, I might do a write-up for ITWY. This drama is too good not to be talked about. It’s that good that you’d have to be ockoala or thundie in order to bring out the beauty and heart of this drama. Serious. (But I’ll try! hehehe…)

Meanwhile, here’s from ITWY’s amazing OST, Hong Pei Yu’s Tip-toe Love, my favourite OST out of all. ^^



10 thoughts on “In Time With You ending theme – 踮起腳尖愛 Tip-toe Love”

  1. I LOVE this drama! Yes… it’s so real… and Ariel and Bolin are superb.. I always love Ariel.. i think she is an amazing actress and I will sure miss her after this drama… but Bolin really surprise me.. I have never seen any of his drama except this one… and i will have to put him down as one of my favorite actor… Bolin’s song ‘I do not love you’ in the OST is so good.. not that he has the greatest voice… but the way he sings it and the lyric just so fitting to his character and his feeling to YQ in the drama. I have really nothing bad to say about this drama.. although this year is not yet over but i am sure this one will be my top 5 drama this year…

    1. I agree with you on Bolin. He definitely has this innate natural-ness to his acting capable of making one feel really comfy and stress-free. I don’t think he’s as good as Ariel yet, but he’s definitely on par in holding up against her.

  2. I love this drama too, but I can’t stand Sunny. Anyway, I am so happy I managed to stream Office Girls tonight, first time so smooth, on buffering at all. What a sweet episode, hope to have sweet dreams tonite. Happy holiday, no Monday blues. 😀

    1. Sunny’s the guy who plays Ding Li Wei right? I think he’s got a great bod and he’s hot, but that’s about it. Who needs a Sunny when we have a Li Da Ren right?

      I’ve only seen up to Ep 9 of OG, I still like it, but somehow wish the romance would progress a lil faster than the current pace. Also, it’d be great if they could focus a lil bit more on Zi Qi growing up as a person and him improving his working ways in the company with Xing Ren’s assistance. I know drama’s about Xing Ren in general, but I’d love some more depth in the characters eh?

  3. Yep, I know he’s got a hot bod but I am so put off with his full body tattoo, euww… Also, his ‘aggressiveness’ is not to my liking, not romantic as compared to Joo Won in SG. (Sorry, I compare to kdrama but I just saw SG on tv. lol) I adore Li Da Ren so so much and I get impatient when the timing is always wrong. In DR and YQ friendship I feel that DR is always more giving and YQ is kinda spoilt and pampered by him, imo.

    Ya, you are so right about Zi Qi. I really wish that too, its been 12 eps, but he’s not growing, how is he going to prove to be successor of the company. Where is his MBA? I feel there’s too much focus on the manager. But put aside the nitpicking, I am enjoying it for just the fluff and the lightheartedness after the heartache of ITWY.

    Btw, OG and ITWY are the only 2 dramas I am watching. This is the 1st time I am not into any current kdramas. Just dunno why, I cant get into them. 😦

    1. I totally agree with you on DR and YQ’s relationship. Actually I have read some comments about how DR’s being a scaredy cat/wuss in affirming his feelings for YQ and how he’s gotta man up etc. But I also feel that YQ has been sort of taking advantage of DR in a way that since they’re buddies and best friends, DR must stand by her side every single time, no matter what happens. I love that YQ’s not perfect and has her insecurities, but sometimes I just want to knock some sense or sensibility into her head. As in that altho DR always comes to her rescue, it doesn’t mean he has to agree with whatever she does or thinks. DR is the only one who knows her in and out, and would readily give her his honest advice whenever needed…I’d actually love to see her appreciate this fact instead of just bugging him about how life isn’t fair or how he’s not being the supportive friend “he’s supposed to be”.

      On OG, I actually don’t mind Stallone scenes LOL cos he’s just so funny he lights up my screen. I just want OG to be more than just an office-premised rom-com, perhaps with some more focus on the characters and their growth?

      1. Bravo ripgal, you said what’s on my mind about YQ. I just didn’t know how to put into words. Looking fwd to your recap of ITWY. You can do it. Jia yu 🙂

    1. Haha Dodo, I agree with Koala on a lot of things, but yet I still love the drama to bits. I guess it depends on whether you’re able to accept YQ the character for who she is. You’d probably more or less know by now that YQ’s not the typical nicey damsel-in-distress type of heroine. She’s all sorts of human – good and bad traits alike. Tho I do have some problems with her ways of treating Da Ren (as a friend or guy) and would love some appreciation on her part, I have to admit it’s quite an interesting journey for me – to see how she actually deals with things in life her way.

      Some peepz said it’s not realistic, how YQ acts as a 30 year-old single, but I beg to differ having encountered people who are far more extreme than YQ in RL. IMO she’s quite an honest and real depiction of some women who experience the same things as she does in the drama.

      Ultimately, it’s still up to you as to whether you’re able to relate to this woman. If not, I guess it’s not your cup of tea? hehehe..

      1. Thanks for responding, dear! Yeah, we all have different tastes in dramas but I think I’m still going to check out the first episode at least, since a few of my RL friends love it as well. And plus, I liked The Fierce Wife, which many thought was too OTT/melo. Heh.

        Btw, you also like Office Girls, yes? Heard that one’s kinda crack-tastic as well!

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