Moon Chae Won glams up for BAZAAR

Remember Princess Sae Ryung?! The demure and petite woman who thrived hard to protect and defend her man in TPM? That’s our girl up there – Moon Chae Won. Who stripped off her beautiful hanboks and went for a more glammed up and sophisticated look in BAZAAR (Nov’ 2011).

Girl’s definitely a chameleon of all sorts, having played various roles in different dramas in the past 4 years (the most notable a gisaeng in Painter of the Wind and the evil girl in Brilliant Legacy). Not only does she have loads of talent to prove acting-wise, it looks like we’re also not to be spared when it comes to her modeling. Girl rawkz sophisticated and sexy glamour like a sass!

Damn, isn’t she just devilishly gorgeous in fiery red?



8 thoughts on “Moon Chae Won glams up for BAZAAR”

    1. Hi kawaii ^^ yeap I’m the one! Nice to meet you!
      MCW’s a darling, I’ve liked her ever since Painter of The Wind and knew back then she’d be one to look out for. I’m glad she’s doing great with heaps of working opportunities now. Girl’s got plenty of potential no doubt 🙂

      1. Hi ripgal! It’s really nice to know that you also like MCW. I remember, you are/were a fan of MingEn?

      2. Yes, you still remember me?!! Those were the days, I used to be so OTP crazy I didn’t have a life. LOL

    2. LOL! yes.. I’ve long term memory, esp those who like/ship the same artists. I’ve always remembered your Lee Da Hae’s avatar! hahaha

  1. she’s a natural beauty. i like her in the princess’ man. she suits the hanbok pretty well please more dramas for her in the future

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