T-ara’s “Cry Cry” MV – featuring Cha Seung Won

We all know Cha Seung Won kicks ass. And we love it even more that he doesn’t need to try. He just has this natural rough-edged charm and magical charisma capable of making us fall hard for him. Doesn’t matter that he’s already 40, is a married man, and has 2 full grown kids, all we know, he kills whenever he’s on screen. And we don’t mind bleeding a puddle of blood just to see him work his magic. ❤

He recently lent a HUGE helping hand in T-ara‘s Cry Cry MV, once again showing lots of charisma and coolness,  showing us how much he’s got left after Athena. I’m not so much of a K-pop fan or lover, but I do have an odd and inexplicable fondness for the MVs they make out of their songs. They’re mostly overly dramatic and overwrought with histrionics, but I think it’s the actual effort put into the MVs which amazes me. The extra length and mile they’d go just to make their MVs appeal to the masses. o_0

Have a look at Part 1 of Cry-Cry which was just released today: –


I really enjoyed the MV in spite of the drama and makjang-ness. IMO only Koreans are able to write up something like this and make it so crack-like addictive! I don’t mind the repetitive track thruout (I like the song good enough, typical ballad song I know, but it’s a treat to the ears) as Cha Seung Won, Ji Yeon and Ji Chang Wook kicked major ass in it.

Totally wouldn’t mind if this is prolonged or even made into a film!


4 thoughts on “T-ara’s “Cry Cry” MV – featuring Cha Seung Won”

  1. OOH that is so dramatic indeed, and this is only Part 1 ??? I will wait for Part 2 from now, it looks good too from the scenes we saw at the end.
    I enjoyed the MV too, but why I am specially crazy over Ji Chang Wook in it? I didn’t see any of his work before, so should I go check WBDS now??

    1. Yeap, Part 2 will only be released a month later, with a new song featured.

      Awwww.. sorry I didn’t give Ji Chang Wook much of a mention. I also have a soft spot for this guy. Tho he’s not typically good looking and has heaps to polish acting-wise, he’s got this certain manly charm rendering me unable to turn away. 🙂 Ermm, WBDS is by no means a good drama, but I think Ji Chang Wook did pretty well as the main lead?

  2. i’m not a fan of k-pop… but i like the mv a lot!!!! or is it that i’m CSW biased?
    anyway he looks so cool and sexy… i love him as a bad guy. really love him in athena (to me his sexiest look in a drama or movie), i think he was the best of 71 into the fire and Blades of Blood is one of my fave movies (were he was the villain, and looks so impresive, the fighting scenes were awesome)
    enough of CSW keke… waiting for the next mv

  3. I am not a fan of T-ara or K-pop, so I just watched this for Cha Seung Won. It was pretty good, and the song isn’t bad at all. I think he elevates anything he is in though. I don’t know what it is about him, but there is no limit to the charisma that pours out of this guy. I really loved his acting in the scene where she confronts him in the end. He’s so good at being bad-ass, but he then goes and tears our hearts up with his tear-brimmed eyes. Can’t wait for the second part!

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