Happy 11-11-11!

Yeap, the day is 11-11-11! Supposedly the most auspicious and special day of the year, where lots and lots of money is spent – on weddings, marriages, singles parties, couple parties etc. I personally don’t see or get the hoo-ha and overwhelming reaction to this so called special date. It’s just a same old normal day for me. I wake up unwillingly. Go to work. Fret at work. Wait for time to pass and the day to end. The consolation? TGIF.

Haha sorry to sound a bit sour. The morning obviously hasn’t started very well for me. But the day is still young, perhaps I’ll meet someone like Wookie down the street later, fall in love and get my fairytale romance? Oh how I wish. Right.

Rants aside, today is actually a very special day for a very close friend of mine. We’ve known each other for 10 years now, and at 11am this very day, she officially became Mrs. Kwong! It’s quite a sensational feeling I must say. I know the guy personally (in fact I’ve known him far longer than the girl, about 15 years now?) and I know he will do what it takes to make her happy. I witnessed their courtship, their 2 years together, and now I’m going to see them walk down the road of bliss together. It’s so so so surreal.

Here I just want to wish them a happy and blissful union together. For good and for worse, may they hold on to each other and be the pillar of support of each other forever and ever. <33 I know it sounds overly ideal and cheesy, and I know RL isn’t always a bed of roses (marriage included). But it doesn’t change the fact that they’ve made a life commitment to make this work, at such a young age (both are 25)!

Allow me to dedicate this song Love Paradise (by Kelly Chen) to my dearest chinggus D and C. May they have a long and blissful life of togetherness and may they continue to walk hand in hand towards eternal happiness. *sniffs sniffs*

(Nope I didn’t make the MV, grabbed it from Youtube with credits hehe)


To the rest who’re celebrating 11-11-11, singlehood, couplehood or for any reason whatsoever, go all out and have a great blast today! Eat play and love!

Happy 11-11-11!~~~


2 thoughts on “Happy 11-11-11!”

  1. Hi. It’s a special day for me cos it’s my 33rd wedding anniversary (11+11+11=33) and we are celebrating it in Jejudo. Leaving for Seoul tomorrow. 🙂

    1. Hi hi Rubysing ^^
      Awwwwww… how sweet! It always touches me when I hear about couples still going strong and lovey together after years of marriage together. <33 I hope you have a wonderful and sweet time with your loved one in Jejudo ^^ Chukahamnida!

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