Choi Daniel’s quirky side in OhBoy! Magazine

Can anyone pull of quirky, wacky and adorable any better than my ILU Daniel? I know I haven’t been the best of fans (I’ve been neglecting…errrr.. in fact dropped his recent drama The Musical for the script just isn’t my cup of tea after 4 eps, even with his ever endearing and charming smiles). I know I’ve broken my promise to watch whatever crack or crap he’s in. But alas, I only have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

I remember having had a short period of Daniel-craze during his BFB days. Not many people watched or loved the drama for it was nothing more than the usual K-drama formula. But I liked it, and enjoyed it a lot. Not just because I adored the lightheartedness and mechanics it used to address an underdog story. But because, it also introduced me to Daniel as an actor for realz (tho I had seen him in Cyrano Agency just before the drama). Not only does he come with buckets of talent and charm, he also has a very genuine and inbred grounded-ness to him. He’s akin to a low-key and understated kind of actor, who may not generate waves like Jang Geun Seuk or Kim Hyun Joong, but may create ripples capable of stringing your heart for a very very long time.

Daniel mentioned in an interview once that he doesn’t really like to wear glasses (and he’s not short-sighted), but oddly, he looks the best when he wears them. And mee? I love him in any form. Check him out in his recent stint for OhBoy! where he’s seen decked in all sorts of clowny outfits, and in mighty weird poses.

I need someone to save me from all the quirkiness! haha

credits: naver /

6 thoughts on “Choi Daniel’s quirky side in OhBoy! Magazine”

  1. Aaaaaww, love this! I love quirky too and I love Daniel Choi. BFB was a nice, low-key drama, which was needed at times. *delurked because of Daniel Choi haha* Is it weird that I find it hard to call him Choi Daniel? Maybe because of the English name? 😛

    1. Awww, thanks!

      Hahaha, maybe we should just agree on Daniel? I remember watching an old interview of his, the host asked him whether Daniel’s his English name, and he said no and his English isn’t good either. I think if I remember correctly, he was named after Daniel the angel after his parents “accidentally” conceived him or something? LOL

      Are you watching The Musical?

      1. Well, I mean because his name is Daniel, makes my mind immediately use the English syntax than the Korean one. Heehee. No, I’m not watching The Musical. I really really wanted to watch it but I bailed after just one episode. Sigh. Daniel Choi was the only reason I tried watching but sadly, I don’t wanna go on. More interested in What’s Up with Im Joo Hwan, hihi. ❤

  2. wow, he’s certainly quirky and so versatile in this photoshoot! He has become my favorite actor of this year cuz of BFB! ^^ I also gave The Musical a try, and it’s kinda bland but watchable. I’m looking forward to his next project, cuz I think his career is only going to get better from here!

    1. Totally agree on Daniel’s versatility as an actor. Altho he played a somewhat annoying (but sweet and thoughtful) Jin Wook in BFB, there were brief moments of angst which he nailed perfectly just through his eyes. I think if given a chance to take on darker, meatier or more complex roles, let’s say a villainous character, he’d be able to rawk it out like no other. I just can feel it.

      The Musical should have been my cup of tea (I love dramas featuring music) but sadly the script isn’t as engaging or interesting as I’d expected it to be. Or perhaps I just couldn’t buy the chemistry between Daniel and GHS. :/

  3. I’m just waiting for the day when I can see him in something that I actually feel worth spending a whole day on. Probably one of the only actors who became my favorite despite not having finished a single drama of his. And saw him (on the big screen) once when I went for Brown Eyed Soul’s concert – TOO GOOD LOOKING.

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