Oooohhh… Rhydian Vaughan 鳳小岳 swoonings~

Okay, this is just some random swoony post.

Some of you may not be familiar with this guy Rhydian Vaughan, but if you remember the hit film Monga starring Ethan Ruan and Mark Zhao, I’m sure you’ll remember this man. He played one of the thug-heads and also best friend to both Ethan and Mark’s characters? The Eurasian lookin’ guy (in fact he’s really Eurasian hehe) who plays Dragon?

Ring a bell?

So I admit I didn’t pay much attention to him in the film, tho I remember having wondered who he was and how he was able to speak Taiwanese so fluently (I was convinced he was a foreigner back then but didn’t research more). Blame all the hype and buzz placed on Director Niu and the 2 main leads (which was deserving IMO), or else I’d be all over this hottie in a zippy.

So time passed. I forgot about the film, the actors and everything about it. Up until recently…when he was cast alongside Joseph Chang (oh you know how much I love this man) and Kwui Lun Mei in the new coming of age romance film Girlfriend, Boyfriend. And knowing me curiosity, I googled and youtubed for news clips and all. And ended up with a bunch of some yummilicious stuff. Talk about luxury eye-treatment. Wooohoooo~~~

So you know I’m this shallow haha. I obviously have no idea how good this guy is acting-wise (or whether he even qualifies as good), and I frankly cannot remember his performance in Monga. But let’s just say that I have a thing for 2 when it comes to mixed-lookin’ hotties (he’s  half Welsh half Chinese), and hotties who give me Tom Cruise vibes. Seriously, don’t you think he looks so much like Tom Cruise?!!!! And a lil bit of Roy Qiu there too?

Some clips I found (there weren’t many T_T apart from Monga related stuff):

RV’s Vogue FNO Interview (2010)


RV’s Monga Interview in English (from 5.18 mark)


RV in Elva Siao’s “Countdown” MV


And my ❤ Joseph Chang and RV @ wrap-up party/interview of Girlfriend, Boyfriend


This is just too much hotness, please get me a bucket of water NOW!


4 thoughts on “Oooohhh… Rhydian Vaughan 鳳小岳 swoonings~”

  1. Dear Dodo, you wanted to MINE him? hahah.. it’s totally fine with me! ^^
    I’m perfectly comfortable having Joseph with me… 😀

  2. Quiver! shiver !shudder! tremble…!!no!!!not over this hulky starry Eurasian bloke but over the mere mention of hunky dorry Joseph Chang!!!I m a one man woman ,so no amount of eye candy, dribble worthy hunk u post here is gonna distract me from my one n only love ,ripgal…sorry..u r stll gonna hv to share him with us…me n Rainie,of coz!!

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