Ah, my Boscolie HEART <3

Awwwww… don’t they look so utterly lovely together?

I’ve been a Boscolie shipper and fan for years. Ever since they’d appeared together as the bickering couple in War of In Laws (2005) (which catapulted both stars to their TVB A-list status now), they’ve been making me RL couple shippy heart fluttery…and 6 years after, they’re still going on strong!

It’s kind of an open and public secret that they both have pretty much been together since forever? From paparazzi snaps, to fan-sightings, to their constant display of affection for each other in public, in spite of their tight-lips, come on, we all know it already! 😛

Recently they both attended TVB’s 45th Anniversary Gala in a dashing and stunning fashion. Bosco looked amazingly HOT, and Myolie pulled off that gown with such class and sophistication (tho she looked a bit too thin?). Together? There couldn’t have been a better match (altho TVB sought to promote Moses and Aimee as well).

Imagine how much my inner heart raved and squeed and squealed at the sight of them? In each others’ arms? <3333 They also played a couple game in the show, which required stars to identity their partners thru their facial features. And of course, Boscolie had their moment together (tho it wasn’t theirs to begin with, should have been Bosco and Kate) and stole the entire show! hehehe..


Yeap, the game could have been rigged or purposely planned out that way (knowing TVB). But more Boscolie is LOVE for me. And even more LOVE when Bosco tries to make fun out of their so called rumored “relationship”. hehe..

Hopefully one day we’ll get to see Boscolie paired up in a drama again, but pls no going back to silly slapstickish WOIL type of drama (altho I loved the first one). Bosco’s already proven his worth as an actor after knocking the ball out of the park in LoO. He can only get better and better (the way I see it). Myolie? I can only hope she can stop going overboard with her annoying OTT acting and revert back to the girl I saw in Golden Faith.

But amongst everything, I wish them all the best “together”! <333333

credits: Boscolie.net / Boscolie’s Paradise / asianfanatics


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