Let’s Have Some Fun with Hong Soo Hyun in SURE

This year has been a great one for Hong Soo Hyun. If I were to choose a favourite performance from an actress in a drama this year, no doubt she would be one of the contenders for the spot. If anyone has seen The Princess’ Man in full, nobody…absolutely nobody will deny that Hong Soo Hyun’s portrayal as the steadfast and bold Princess Kyung Hye was a wonderfully gripping one. A performance filled with utmost intensity smeared with touches of fragility and vulnerability. A performance which opened eyes and surprised many. A performance downright worthy and deserving of the numerous appraisals given.

Riding on the success of TPM, she appeared in Kim Hyung Joong‘s MV Lucky right after, whereby she kicked mighty ass as the undercover cop plotting to capture the fugitive  played by KHJ. If you’d seen that as well, you’d know playin’ sexy and tough isn’t an easy job? So, just when you might probably be thinking that she could only pull off cool tough mean characters, you might want to check out her fun and quirky side in her latest photo spread for SURE.

Let’s have some fun!

The spread is incredibly gorgeous. I love how they’re so colorful and artistic, and I love how Hong Soo Hyun looks with short hair. Although I don’t think she nailed those expressions very well, some of them appear a bit too similar to each other or bland, but I do love that she’s doing something unique and different compared to her usual forte (usually sexy).

Hopefully with the boost that she’s got off TPM, she’ll be able to get better acting opportunities in future. You know it when you see it. This girl definitely has it.

credits: krdrama.com / as labeled


2 thoughts on “Let’s Have Some Fun with Hong Soo Hyun in SURE”

  1. She’s effing awesome, that’s what. I never really liked her prior to TPM, but after finishing that drama, I’m now a huge fan. She seriously showed us all that she can act well, and I’m hoping that her next project will continue to prove that she’s an actress that’s blossoming with age.

    Oooh, I had no idea that she was in KHJ’s MV. Gonna go check that out. Right now. Instead of doing studying. 🙂

    1. I’m holding hope that she’d get an award for her TPM performance in the year end awards. Excellence or Best Supporting, she deserves it.

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