Random prattling…

Goodness gracious, how time flies. Blink blink, it’s already December. And blink again, Christmas is here?!! Just a year ago I was planning and thinking and pondering on how I’d make year 2011 a fruitful and productive year, on how I’d strive to be more motivated at work. And on how I’d kick some ass and find the man of my dreams. A year later now, guess what?

NOTHING has changed, I’m still me.  Demotivated, dull and still single as ever.

A week without blogging has obviously taken a toll on my writing skills, I couldn’t even write a word arhhhhh!!! o_0 Or perhaps I’ve just been too blown away by the awesomeness of White Tower and Kim Myung Min (yeap, been watching and marathoning), nothing else mattered. Even when my  fav OTP Joseph and Rainie dream shattered into pieces a few days back (R was rumored heavily to be dating that smarmy tatoo lad Sunny Wang), I just thought,”Oh well, there goes my dream OTP. As long as they’re happy as friends.” And I moved on with life as if nothing had happened.

I stumbled across this just a few mins ago and had to control my squees. No, this man didn’t just manage to pull off the dorky sexy look at the same time. He IS dorky sexy.

And this?

Oh my dear Joseph Chang, you didn’t have to do that did you? LOL but you’re still mighty HOT and good laughs are better than nothing. *continues to laugh in a corner*


Park Yeon Seon‘s “Wild Romance” is coming up in a month or so. And I am so very incredibly excited. Out of everything, it is writer Park and he who make my day:

I must admit I’ve never been a fan of haggard or moustachy Wookie, but if that is how he’s gonna look in Wild Romance, BRING IT ON! Yummiest he is indeed.


Watched “Triangle” by Ahn Jae Wook, Lee Soo Kyung and Kang Hye Jung over the week. Nothing great about the story, it involves a man and his 2 strange encounters with 2 women. But oh how I missed the hotness of my first crush AJW! I first saw him in the 1999 Goodbye My Love (my first ever Korean drama), loved it (even with the wooden block Kim Hee Sun whom I liked back then), got hooked and never turned back since. Have a look at the trailer:


Last, a double dose of adorableness for all.

credits: as labeled / joseph chang cn /baidu /

5 thoughts on “Random prattling…”

    1. Awww… u think we should discipline ourselves? haha. like stop watching K-drama and resume doing things that normal humans do? LOL Perhaps we’ll get what we want then.

  1. Aw. I liked Triangle… but it was stinking weird.
    As for R and J, I think it’s not far-fetched to believe that she has someone she’s loving (or wants to) at the moment but I’m not sure if it’s Sunny. (Shoot I’d date him though. Just to get close enough to investigate his tats.) She said she wasn’t dating him and I try to believe when they use blatant clear words. If they skate, it’s sketch, you know?
    And J, is The Dork of Sexy(kekeke). He’s silly and shy but smolderingly swoon worthy. Oh J! I miss you!

    1. Yeap, the twist at the end of the film caught me by surprise. But at least it was way way better than the telemovie by Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ji Ah which was released at the same time.

      How’s ITWY for you nowadays? I think ever since Ding Li Wei came back, drama started becoming overly repetitive and glum. And Sunny just doesn’t turn me on in any way aik. Every time he appears, my mind would just go on and on about how smarmy and cheesy he or his character is. The drama and I myself, can totally do without him.

      And J oh J, the dork of sexy <3333 love that!

      1. LOL!
        I’m actually just on episode 9 of ITWY but my opinions are relatively the same. There are definitely things I don’t like but I don’t dislike anyone at the moment. Maggie even seemed sane once they broke up. (Not the break up scene though. I was screaming at her idiocy. I really just couldn’t stand that girl.) Li Wei is greasy but not smarmy. I don’t think he deserves a chance but I can understand why she gave it… just not to the extent she has. I suppose it’s one of those things that women do cause they want to, you know? I also am ok with his return just not the duration of his presence 🙂

        Oh and LJA and KJH’s movie was insulting. She was a horrible character. KJH showed how masterful he is at comedy though. He’s priceless.

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