My Boscolie Dream Come True <3

Yaaaaaaaah, I’m so happy!

Not just because Brain 8 is airing today, I get to DL Brain 7 w/ chi subs when I get home later and have my Shin Ha Kyun fix for good (sleep was troubled yesterday because my brain was all SHKSHKSHK!). But also because my Boscolie dream came true for good!I don’t care if it’s for show or any reason whatsoever, all I know is that I’m all gooey and awwww-y with glee knowing how far they’ve come thru as a RL couple ❤

Myolie won 3 awards @ TVB’s 44th Anniversary Awards yesterday night (along with the dashing and well victory-deserved Kevin Cheng) and gave a winning speech alike to a public confession of her r/s with Bosco. I have a gut feeling that it was all staged for publicity purpose, but nevertheless, it didn’t stop me from glee-ing head to toe.

Myolie’s Winning Speech Cut (Bosco related part)


How much sweeter and funnier can they get? ^A^ The fact that they’ve been thru so much over the years (both have had their fair share of negative publicity) and having stuck it thru until now just amazes me. Especially for Bosco (Myolie’s already ahead of him career wise while his is just starting up) all thumbs up! I hope you both be happy for a long long long time!

Here are some delicious off camera snapshots of the couple (click to enlarge):

credits: asianfanatics / tungstar / video uploader


4 thoughts on “My Boscolie Dream Come True <3”

  1. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Aww…aren’t they so sweet! I saw some of the pics yesterday, but just watched the video you posted now. I’m a big Boscolie fan too!

    I don’t think it was for publicity, but who knows. They look SOOOOO HAPPY in the pics and video (apart from her happy tears~haha)! I’m really happy for them too and can’t stop smiling when I see them together. I wish them both a lot of success and happiness together and always! (I secretly want them to get married soon…hehe)

    1. You are so very welcome, Boscolie fan hi-fives!

      Totally agree with you. Bosco was there when Myolie kick-started her career with WOIL 6 years ago. And its even sweeter that he’s still around by her side to witness her grand moment last night. After all those years, it has finally come to light! <33

      I too hope to hear ringing bells soon. My bet it will happen within these 2 years. hehe..

  2. awwwwwwwwwwww… im a die hard fan of boscolie since woinl came out and have been rooting for them since then.. when i heard and saw the award show, i almost died of happiness!! they r just too adorable for words!! i can’t till they get married and make cute mini boscoliesss kekeke =)

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