Ha Jung Woo, the Nameless Gangster [UPDATED w/ Official Teaser]

Can someone NOT agree how sexy a beast Ha Jung Woo is? Even with acclaimed great Choi Min Sik (of Old Boy fame) beside him, his presence is just as striking and captivating. Just look at that confidence and nonchalant attitude of his, tell me, how am I supposed to NOT love him more than I already do?

In case you didn’t know, I’d written a few entries about the man in the past. And it looks like it will continue that way until he stops acting. I haven’t seen his most recent film Client with Jang Hyuk and Park Hee Seon yet (dying for Chinese subs to come out), but I’m already looking forward to his next, Nameless Gangster aka War Against Crime, a film penned and directed by a familiar name Yoon Jung Bin whom he’d worked with twice in the past (The Unforgiven and Moonlight in Seoul).

The film is set in Busan during the 1990s, when then President of Korea, Roh Tae Woo declared a war against crime and violence. Ha Jung Woo plays Busan’s most powerful and tyrannic gangster-head while Choi Min Sik plays his right hand man (I assume, from the poster).

I’ve always had an unexplainable interest in gang films. Perhaps I’d been influenced by Infernal Affairs (HK), the thing about gangsters fighting for their own warped concept of justice piques my interest. And it certainly doesn’t help when you get an actor of HJW’s calibre to play such a character. I’m sold way ahead.

Some stills from the film:

Gosh, how can a man look THIS SMEXYHOT?!

Film is set to premier in Korea next Feb 2012.


Official Teaser

credits: as labeled / krdrama.com


5 thoughts on “Ha Jung Woo, the Nameless Gangster [UPDATED w/ Official Teaser]”

  1. Hehehe. I love mobsters… I guess it’s the wild side of us all. Back to the film… it genuinely looks interesting… So wish I could see this and everything I want to see without that sticky language barrier issue. Gosh! Darn that Tower of Babel!

    1. We all love mobsters who are SMEXY charismatic. An Ha Jung Woo will no doubt rawk it out of the park. As he always does in any role. ^^

      The language barrier is a problem, but I can live with it. I just wish I could share my enthusiasm and passion for Korean films and dramas with a RL chinggu. Most of them are still pretty averse to reading subtitles aiks. And I can only say they’re missing out on a great chunk of quality chungmuro.

      1. You’re right. Having a real-life, tangible buddy is a must! I have one and honestly, it’s hard because we don’t always watch all the same things but we make a point to watch as many together as possible. We have very differing tastes on characters but overall if not for her, these dramas would run me crazy.
        I’ll be praying for you chingu! You need a drama buddy STAT!

    1. I love my ILU oppas to bits <3, but my knees weaken when my ajusshis are in play. I think it's a sign that age has gotten ahead of me LOL *goes back to ajusshi Shin Ha Kyun-squeeing*

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