BRAIN-ified by Shin Ha Kyun.

Don’t ask me why because I really don’t know. It just happens.

Shin Ha Kyun has been occupying my BRAIN 24/7 as of late. Doesn’t matter that his drama isn’t good or anything. Doesn’t matter that he seldom never smiles in it. Doesn’t matter that he’s always out-of-breath screamy and shouty in it (believe me, he really goes all out, and sometimes IMO overdoes it too much). I just love seeing him on screen. I just love seeing him.

It’s funny how much a film or drama character can do to make you fall that hard for an actor. The same happened to me with Ha Jung Woo. I’d actually seen him in H.I.T, My Dear Enemy and The Chaser before he came into my heart. It was his character in Hwanghae which sealed the deal for me, and thus the beginning of my venture to watch all his movies available within reach.

The same with Shin Ha Kyun. I first saw him in Thirst, then Harvest Villa. Thought he was a good actor but that was it, I wasn’t particularly enamored or charmed by his presence.

Not until he came along and grabbed me by a rude shouting of his in BRAIN. What a way to begin a fandom haha.

SHK in serious Dr. Lee mode…

I wish I could see the man strip for a second, he looks so fit in his professional robe one can’t help but start imagining things :P… pls gimmeeee some showering scenes pretty please?!!!

He might be all rigid and unfeeling in Brain. But in his films, he’s always the cracker-joke-weird-like character. And smiles a whole lot too.

Reminds you of another actor? HINT: The smile.

Come on, you’re nearly there! This other actor is also an actor that I love dearly. <33

Meanwhile, time for some geekiness.

And hotness.

Oh enuff with the pictures already.

Out of everything, love it the most when he’s moving around swearing, cussing, pulling out his guns and even just purely emoting.

Have a Foxy Festival (2010) trailer

I’ve seen this film (bought the DVD just for SHK) and can only say that you have to be really open with the message it intends to convey. SHK plays a sexually obnoxious man who thinks he has the biggest and best cock in the world. LOL  From Lee Kang Hoon to this character, it was non-stop laughter for me. Loved his portrayal (tho film was still weird).

Assassin SHK in No Mercy For Rude (2006):

The Devil’s Game (2006):

Okay, this looks like a good thriller. Am going to get this DVD no matter what.

Young SHK, Kim Sang Kyung and Han Ji Hye in Lee Soo Kyung’s “Hwalili” MV

SHK in Zia’s “Just Laugh” MV

Great song, great MV, and most of all, great acting by Shin Ha Kyun as the emotionally devastated father.


So yeah, that’ s pretty much it for now. I haven’t even posted anything about his best stuff to-date, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Save the Green Planet and Welcome to Dongmakol. Kinda planning to save an entry for each film?:P

At the rate I am going, in no time, man will top even Ha Jung Woo for me.

Look forward to that day! 🙂


22 thoughts on “BRAIN-ified by Shin Ha Kyun.”

  1. Loving your post title, so approriate, coz i too have been brainified by SHK after watching Brain 🙂
    thanks for all the goodies (pics and vids)

      1. actually i don’t have anything beside what i could get by typing 신하균 on google XD

        i love smiley SHK

        cool and broody SHK

        those eyes!!


        is he married already?,because there is 1 picture of SHK and small girl, with the title 신하균 딸바보 i don’t know whether this is from Zia MV or his RL daughter

        btw, i don’t know how to embed pics, so please help 🙂

      2. Ah, not your prob. I think only blog owners can embed pics..hehe..

        Nope he is not married. In fact in his most recent interview he mentioned he hasn’t found the ONE yet. The last known abt his relationship was that he’d dated Bae Doo Na during his Vengeance days (2003?).

  2. I can relate on loving an actor through a character and this is such a good post on how it happens.

    Looking forward to your posts on him in the films you have mentioned at the end of your post.

    1. Thanks for dropping by 🙂 are you a fan of SHK too?

      I’ve already seen his most recent film Front Line (with Go Su). It’s quite a good war film, and all the actors acted well. But I thought Go Su had the better role hehe, so yeah.

      Will def put up a post on his other films if I’m still as crazy then.

  3. Thanks for this! Am also a SHK fan, and it all started with Brain’s first episode. Watched Harvest Villa and Surprise Party already, and will find time to see his other stuff too, like A Good Person, Foxy Festival, JSA, etc. From the pics and videos, SHK is like a chameleon–he’s like a different person everytime. Will look forward to your other SHK posts–prolong the “craziness” please 🙂

    1. Yay~~ you have no idea how happy I am, to know that they are SHK fans like me! Hi-5ives! 🙂

      Brain really did us some brain damage huh? The fans in Chinese boards are also going crazy, they’re raving up down high and low about his performance as Dr. Lee and are already hyping him up to be this year’s KBS Awards Daesang winner. I also think he’s one of the very few among the contenders who actually has a shot at that award. The rest were good in their roles (Moon Chae Won especially in TPM), but nowhere near SHK level yet.

      Yeap you’ll be even more surprised if you check out his other films (I wanted to but didn’t embed all his film trailers in here), there’s just something different in everying single character he plays.

      He did an interview with recently and he described his criteria in choosing his projects/role, “FRESHNESS”. He always seeks to do something fresh, different and creative every time he chooses a project/role. Guess that answers your question?

      And no worries, my fandom will continue as long as the actor continues acting. Hope ppl won’t mind my incessant ramblings abt him (if I do get a bit too carried away). hehe.

  4. I’m also BRAIN-ified by Shin Ha Kyun just like you and I’m very happy to see your rambling about him,so just continue them :3.Actually It’s my first time seeing him in Brain,I never watched any of his dramas as I never knew about him nor I think they were that famous and I’m just a recent K-drama fan.
    Honestly when I heard that SSH will be the lead I was kinda excited and got upset when he dropped.Originally I planned to drop this drama but since my aim is to become a doctor so it’s fun to see medical dramas.But really after seeing just an episode I was stunned by Dr Lee,such awesome acting.But sadly the English subs are so slow that I’m starving really bad for more episodes.I think about him all day just like you,whether I’m at home or in school.And the first thing I do is to search for subs for new eps every time when I’m at my computer..Do you know how many eps BRAIN has?I really want them to make it a little longer so I can enjoy the AWESOME Dr Lee Kang Hoon .
    I’m really happy that you’re a fan of him too.
    And thanks for sharing SHK goodies and keep them coming.

    1. Awww thanks for the comment, and thanks too for raving along with me! ^^ That’s the thing about getting addicted to Korean dramas – the language barrier >_< I can never watch an episode raw not knowing what the characters are talking about, and yet I get frustrated knowing that the eps are already out and I can't watch it urrrrhhhh. Only at times like these I feel fortunate that I'm able to read Chinese (they come out very fast, have no idea how the subbing team works they're crazy).

      I'm glad someone's in this fandom as much as I am. I was a bit wary I'd get a bit too carried away abt SHK in my blog I'd scare peepz away haha. I google about him too, but get stuck most of the time because there just isn't much to scour around for (he's more low profile and he does mostly films). But the good thing is that from what I've read and found out so far, he's def liked and loved by many. And his acting has always been well-received and praised. 🙂

    1. Ahhh, komawo for your stalking! I’m glad Dr. Lee made you de-lurk for good 🙂 and totally agree with you, awesome is overrated, but SHK defies all that. hehe..

  5. Hey ripgal,u n I seem to share the same good taste in men!!u got my brain all fuzzy n numbed wth curiosity over ur constant rantings on this dude,SHK whom I did not know from addams till now… N now that I do,I m completely besotted,bewitched n beguiled!!I find myself looking fwd to ur almost daily jottings on him!!keep it coming,miss!! !!he s almost a replica of Kwan Ji hwan ,right down to his gait! N hey,I m enjoying Brain because of ts new discovery! Thanks,pal!!

    1. So you checked SHK out just because of my ramblings? AWWWWW… how sweet. ^^ So happy that you’re in this with me (along with my JC love hehe). We do have the same taste in MEN. hehe. I can’t guarantee daily notes, but I can assure you that this fandom of mine will not die anytime soon. When I’m hooked, I’m doomed.

      And DITTO about him being a KJH look-alike. It’s not like their facial features resemble each other or anything, but the aura they give out, and that big wide smile of theirs, no wonder. haha

  6. i just love the drama right now, its never been to late to end the year with this! cant wait for the next episode to come, and i wish i could understand hangul..and here i am trying to browse the net bout the guy who is occupying my brain right now! hoping for a nice story til the very end!..

  7. guys…..i am totally addicted to this drama…can’t say why…i started watching him on the 2nd episode and it just got me hooked…i search for the drama online and keep watching. Can’t wait for the english subs too but i’m still watching even without the subs…hehehehehe…….his rude and arrogant character really grabs everybody’s attention and that includes me…i’m going to check out his other film and drama…kudos to all shk fan….keep up supporting him…..

  8. An-nyeong mean and aya! Welcome to my own lil SHK hub. hehe ^^

    You guys have to to check out Front Line and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. The former he plays serious and righteous, the latter he plays a deaf and mute who doesn’t utter a single word thruout the film. His acting style is there, intensity in the eyes and his facial expressions. The way he engrosses and immerses himself in his characters, no matter how different and unique they are, you will see the brand of SHK-ness, won’t miss it.

    1. ripgal,

      thanks for the info, i’ll definitely check out those two….to let u know, i just checked him out in harvest villa….and my, his character is totally diff…he’s goofy, funny and its kind of weird seeing him that way…. anyway…i’m counting days to go to Korea next year….hope i can buy all his movies there….

  9. He’s my favorite character in Welcome to Dongmakgol and he stole ever scenes in Murder, Take one. Sometimes he reminds me of Ryu Seung Bum too

  10. Oh, I have a Ph. D alright. Permanent Head Damage by SHK.

    I thought that why am I like this. Just thinking about this egocentric Medical Doctor who is shouting at people.

    I am glad am not the only one. I am still feel weird about my rection to SHK. I have serch and watch several of his work. Hopfully, I will be wean of him after those characters in one of this days.

    For now, I am pretty mad at him for making me crazy.

  11. Oh yes I’ve been “Brained”! My head has been turned into scrambled Brain and I have fallen totally in love with Shin Ha-kyun or is it LGH, I’m so confused, I really don’t know…..OK kidding aside, Brain was just brilliant! I loved the character and spent most of my time shouting at my Laptop saying, “No, don’t do that, OMG that’s it your finished, you won’t bet out of this one lightly”, my son thought I was going insane and frequently told me, “it’s only a K-Drama! Mum, it’s not real”! Oh for god sake what would he know, he likes J-Pop! I have watched many films with SHK in and I also have to agree with the blog Brain had me falling in love with this actor, he was a real pleasure to watch. I even went back and watched “No Mercy For The Rude”, and cried my eyes out at the end; “A Letter from Mars”,, is another tear jerker and is “My Brother”, he has such a vast range of talent. I receintly read on a forum called Soompi that Song Seung Heon and another actor turned this drama down. although I really like a pretty face SSH I really do not think he could have pulled this character off like SHK did his acting is OK not outstanding like SHK. SHK has the ability to draw in the audience and make you feel all those emotions he imbues the characters with, he’s out of the ball park GREAT!

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