Lee Da Hae @ Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards

Way to go Jang Miri!

It’s been quite some time eh? Have been busy raving and rambling about my ILUs and ajusshis that I’ve totally kept my LDH love under the radar. Aiks. But it’s not that anyone cares, or neither do I care if anyone cares. So yup. I’m back with some news of My Girl.

LDH was seen at the 19th Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards yesterday night, in an dashing and elegant evening gown, bagging the Daesang Actress Award (Drama Section) for her performance as Miri in Miss Ripley.  In all truthful honesty, I didn’t think that drama was a great drama (it started on a good foot, but turned somewhat ridiculous and all over the place mid-way). And it certainly wasn’t LDH’s best performance to date. But considering the amount of intensity and energy needed to play Miri, IMO it’s one of the more decent performances this year (I don’t recall many mind-blowing performances from any actresses this year save for the TPM ladies Moon Chae Won and Hong Soo Hyun?). But all in all, an award is an award. I am more than happy and proud that all her effort has been recognised.

I think the gown looks great on her, but then like I always say, I wish Da Hae could try out some other colors other than just black black black all the way. She looks better in bright and light colors IMO, as they accentuate and highlight her figure more.  Going with safe black just makes her look skinnier than she already is.

Here’s a look at clips of her New Sensation Pictorial – she definitely owns in brighter and bubbly colors.


credits: LDH Soompi / baidu / apqaria / as labeled


4 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae @ Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards”

  1. Hi again..ripgal ^^
    Congrats to Da Hae! she won Grand Prize for Drama Actress category :). and MCW also won Best Actress for her role in TPM.

  2. Thank you chinggu for that post. I am also very proud and happy for our girl ^_^

    I always wondered about your thoughts of Miss Ripley’s later part and I almost agree with all what you said. As you said it is not a great drama and we can’t deny it had many flaws but I really enjoyed it and was very satisfied by our girl performance in it. IMO it is one of her best performances ever and may be the first one since My Girl to impress me. And IMO she really deserved an award for it.

    Let’s hope the best for her next project. Specially on both writing and directing levels. Can’t wait for that. Really miss her.

    And about MCW, she got 2 awards 🙂 one for movie “The Bow” and one for “TPM” Congratulation to her as well.

    And I can’t deny my frustration when I see our girl wear black over and over again, she really needs to change.

    1. Oh apqaria chinggu, I know I can count on you to support our girl. Thank you so much for the comment! ^^

      Although I may have felt indifferent about her acting in Ripley, I thought the drama did her good in helping her elevate herself from being a cutesty actress to a serious one. She had great scenes, and faltered in some IMO. But again as I said, not many actresses have impressed me this year. I don’t even recall one truly mesmerizing performance so far. So considering that, our girl did relatively well. And for the judges to have recognized that, I take immense pride as a fan. ^^

      Agree about the all out black theme our girl loves, she clearly needs to take a break from that. Colors please unni!

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