More Shin Ha Kyun ^_^ (Edited)

Yeap. I’m obviously so going to be in this craze for a long long time.  But I’m so very happy that a lot of people are in this with me as well. The replies and comments ALL make me giddy and happy. The excitement in sharing the SHK love, it makes me look forward to every day i.e. a new day with SHK news with utmost glee.  Knowing how so many people have been charmed by Dr. Lee and SHK, it makes me even more passionate in this endeavour to know more about and to understand this actor a lil bit more.

Today I’m going to share a goodie that will make all SHK fans smile so very wide. It’s a recent On Air interview done on the set of Brain with our most beloved doctor. And in contrast to the oh-s0-serious and intense Dr. Lee, here SHK shows a more genuine and smiley side of himself that will make you heart melt into a puddle.

First off, some caps of the interview:

I have no idea how to embed tudou clips here, so pls click: HERE   to view.

And since I’m mad, no harm doing something even crazier.

(I re-edited the translations, got a more accurate one from KBS World 🙂 )

Interview Translations:

[Host: H || SHK: S]

H: I’m seeing SHK personally on set. I see that filming has been quite strenuous for you, you’re crying every day. How does it feel?

S: I feel great. I’m happy to be receiving lots of love from people. I’m using all the support as my pillar of strength. The drama is coming to a complicated stage and we don’t know exactly where we’re headed. I always look forward to meal times.

H: So you should be eating well now then?

S: Yeap, I’m eating a lot.

H: Have you heard of the “SHIN HA KYUN HEARTACHE”?

S: Ahh… I’m a bit sick now. (LOL, I love his sense of humor!)

H: Oh, you’re cracking a joke shyly huh?

S: I think people are giving me too much credit with that “label”.

H: Have you ever been rude or distant towards people even without you realising it?

S: I leave immediately when I’m done with a scene. Because I have too many scenes, more often than not, I’m always the only one on set when we’re done for the day.

H: Ah such a lonely person you are.

S: I have always been lonely.

H:  He needs more love and support from his fellow actors.

S: When the rest of the actors around, I feel a lot better. I look forward to those moments.

[Jung Jin Young commented on SHK’s charisma while Choi Jung Won praised Shin Ha Kyun for being an impressive and earnest actor who gives his all.]

H:  The drama also has a love-line going on. So you have a thing with Choi Jung Won’s character?

S: Yeah, kind of.

H: Will there be another KISSING scene?

S: I dunno (smiles shyly). So far we haven’t had any yet. But there are many more episodes, so we’ll see what happens.

H: You don’t have much romance in your projects?

S: It’s a pity actually, because I’ve always wanted to try out something like that. But I will definitely get to that one day.

H: The year end awards are coming, do you have any hopes or expectation (for the Daesang)?

S: Daesang? Ahh, I feel embarrassed about this. I’m just trying to do my best here.

H: Will we see you a lot more in drama in future?

S:  Yes, if they approach me, and if I feel I’m able to do it, I will definitely continuing doing dramas.

H: My brief understanding of the experienced and affectionate Shin Ha Kyun. Let’s look forward to more of him in BRAIN.

Chinese translations credits: cnn_1127 @


I dunno about you, but I, totally sunk into GOOEY-ness watching SHK smile so earnestly during his interview. And with that pair of specs on him, he’s just so ADORKABLY CUTE! I want to be that woman sitting next to him.<33333

Before I end my note, here’s a  SPOILER for BRAIN11 tonight:

I’m already jumping and squealing in joy as I type this. \ ( ^ ^ ) / Altho the romance in Brain isn’t painted very clearly. And also, while I still stand by my view that Ji Hye’s sudden infatuation with Dr. Lee happened out of nowhere, I can’t deny that Dr. Lee needs something and someone to hang on to for support. Let’s hope Ji Hye can be the fire to his icy cold heart. ❤

Wonder how it’s going to be like when Dr. Lee is in love?

credits: krdrama / Brain baidu


14 thoughts on “More Shin Ha Kyun ^_^ (Edited)”

  1. Thanks again for this! Can’t wait for the subs for Episode 11 and can hardly wait for Episode 12–am engrossed with this drama even if I can’t understant the words 🙂 Till your next SHK update!

    1. Thanks! Read comments on Ep 11, drama does like to torture our KH. What with his inner struggles and inability to loosen up, I wonder if he will ever find peace and resolve to his predicament. Ji Hye ah Ji Hye, your road to love is such strenuous one.

  2. Yippie I got to see another post about our SHK,thanks for always writing about him.I’m gonna watch the episodes from ep 9 to 12 today because it’s the weekend YAY!
    I really don’t want brain to end soon.
    I really hope he gets the award. :3

  3. im really following you right now because of my addiction with shk…i really want every koreandrama addicts to check this drama out, i dont want them to miss this craze im feeling right now with this drama and shk…and we’re so lucky to have you sharing your infos about him..i cant wait for subs for the latest episodes, and begging to see it right now…
    big thanks to you!

  4. Thanks guys all of you. I’m glad I was of some help (or not haha) to your SHK and Brain addiction. Caught up till Ep 12 last night, and was again floored by SHK’s ability to muster such intensity so gripping and nerve-wrecking. Never seen a character this bottled up with explosive emotions ever since Chuno’s Dae Gil. I wonder how long would it take for Dr. Lee to come to terms with his pride and stiff guard. He really needs to loosen up.

  5. Thanks so much for the interview. I am totally gonna post this at Brain’s soompi thread.
    I love it when the reporter asked that question about Choi Jung Won.
    I am totally wishing Shin Ha Kyun and Choi Jung Won become a couple in real life.
    The last time I was this much in love with a certain couple was Lee Byung Hun & Kim So Yeon In Iris.

  6. thank you so much for your interview translation
    I had seen some movies and dramas of SHK
    but when I see him in Brian drama, I fell in love with him in few seconds

  7. Although didn’t check Brain yet and didn’t see any Shin Ha Kyun works but I think I am starting to love him just after watching some scenes and reading reviews and posts I read about him in Brain.

    I was really surprised when I checked drama wiki and discovered that he had his first awards for Brain !!!!

    Did you see this old music video from 2000 before chinggu ?

    I thought you would go crazy watching Shin Ha Kyun and Cha Seung Won in one movie, hehehehe. Lee Yo Won is also there. They all looks so young but also great in it. I loved it and loved the song too 🙂

    Thanks to Asian-Drama for posting about it.

    1. Please please do join in the SHK craze! If you ever have the time, just check out the first 8 episodes of Brain, you will be blown away by his acting in here. Trust me! 😀

      And yes I’ve seen that MV, in fact I’ve already done my part as an obsessed fan, scour up and down the internet and youtube just to find stuff about him LOL

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