Wookie and Lee Shi Young’s “Wild Romance” Official Posters + Teaser [UPDATED]

I think this drama is gonna be a MAJOR HOOT!

Dunno if I’m the only one, but the posters feel very SPY MYUNG WOL to me? But a tad more exaggerated and crazy. I love that both Wookie and LSY are going all out in their expressions tho. They’re like SO IN YOUR FACE silly and clowny you’d have a hard time containing your laughter. Just look at Wookie’s naughty-arrogant-ish expression, his character Mu Yeol is practically tempting you to watch this.

Check out the even zanier teaser:


I’m sure a lot of people are turned off by Lee Shi Young’s hair and Wookie’s moustachy/beardy look. But I for one, am ALL FOR IT. No more perfect looking chaebol leading guy (tho he’s popular), and no more demure pretty damsel in distress heroine. I’m already sold.  And Park Yeon Seon, you are the one I’m counting on. Do not let me down!

Wild Romance premiers on 4th January 2012.


credits: KBS site


5 thoughts on “Wookie and Lee Shi Young’s “Wild Romance” Official Posters + Teaser [UPDATED]”

    1. IKR?! I love that she’s going all out in this. And Wookie looks like he’s into the crazy wackiness too. If the drama turns out to be as good as the teaser, my offerings to the drama gods up there. Thank you in advance!

  1. omg that is sure epic! if it’s going to be as crazy as this teaser shows it could be, then I’m completely in! wookie’s smile makes me giddy, but I love lee shi young’s bumbling personality in this 😀 phew, now I can finally look past her hair!

    1. Yep!me,too! Looks potentially exciting!liked lee shi young in Poseidon ,she is a riot here with that mop on her head!good roaring start to the dragon year!

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