Kang Hoon & Ji Hye goodies~

(Had to post this pic because cutie Joong Ki is just so SANTA here~~)

First off, Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day ALL!~~

I bet all of you’re boozing, partaying and exchanging gifts like no other this season. The usual which happens every time this year. 🙂 This year’s Christmas was an unusually quiet and uneventful one for me. Not because I’m doing the anti-Christmas thingy. Nor do I have no special person to celebrate the day with.

You’re right. The unwelcome virus of ALL time chose to attack me a week into the season. Of all times. All round the year,  Christmas time.

Nevertheless, at least I got to spend some good precious time with family at home. Attended  mass which I’ve been neglecting for a whole year now. Watched some Shin Ha Kyun films (and loved them all). Finished Thousand Day Promise and Vampire Prosecutor. Caught up with some new dramas. And HOLA, holiday ends.

I’m getting all lethargic and listless thinking about work tomorrow. So many unfinished work and stuff to prep for the upcoming year. Arhhhhhh…. BUT for some reason, everything and anything Shin Ha Kyun makes me better. He has literally (and virtually) become a relief pill for me nowadays. I can just watch an interview of him on youtube, or rewatch parts of his films (LOL ones of course), and I’ll be as hip and energetic as before. I can just imagine him smiling and I’ll be a happy girl the whole day.

Love oh love, it really is an incurable disease.

Oh yes it is. Ask Ji Hye from Brain. She knows best.

Above are official spoiler stills released for tonight’s episode of Brain. It looks like our Dr. Yoon has already got an upper hand over Dr. Lee eh? Heeee~~  I have to admit that altho our OTP in Brain isn’t all gooey or romantic on your face, and they don’t have any overly intimate or touchy touchy scenes, the tension and sparks emitted when they’re together are more than enough to make me heart thump so mad. I don’t even need a kiss. I don’t even need a hug. Just one yearning gaze by Ji Hye, and one restrained-but-I-have-feelings-for-you stare by Kang Hoon, I’m all done for.  Now that things are out in the open, I wonder if Kang Hoon will suddenly become a softie or sweetie towards our dearest Ji Hye?:P

It’s laughable just thinking about it. Perhaps some BTS photos might help.

Awwww… how lovely do Shin Ha Kyun and Choi Jung Won look together? I believe the last 2 shots are BTS and NG shots. Because our Dr. Lee will never smile so heartily and genuinely in the drama.

Meanwhile, have 2 lovely MVs of the so called Brain – HOT TENSION COUPLE~~



Credits: as labeled /pham1020 twitter / krdrama.com / Brain DC gallery


20 thoughts on “Kang Hoon & Ji Hye goodies~”

    1. Ok, I’ve seen Festival, Front Line, Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance and No Mercy For Rude. SHK plays very different characters in all of them. But if you’re looking for something similar to his Dr. Lee, I would recommend Front Line. Still a far cry from his arrogant character in Brain, but the seriousness is there. It has a good story (typical war plot but is engaging), convincing performances by SHK (and Go Su as well as the rest of the supporting cast) and stellar directing.

      But if you wish to begin with a totally different SHK (no traces of LKH in SHK at all), Festival might be the one for you (tho it is kind of an x-rated film, not for kids for sure).

      I left his best films for the last – Save the Green Planet and Welcome to Dongmakol. The former isn’t very mainstream and popular, but the latter, as all say, a MUST WATCH. You might want to give that a try.

      1. thanks for your reply 🙂
        oh shoot, he was in Welcome to Dongmakol? Yes, that was a really good movie.
        Now I will check in my collection of downloads which one I already have.
        Is he in a comedy too?

  1. Hihi there!

    Thanks for sharing all about SHK! I’m a new fan of him after watching ‘Brain’. : )
    He’s so so good in there. ^___^

    Actually, I’m trying to do live streaming to watch ‘Brain’ now but no success at all, despite trying on IE and Google Chrome on laptop, iPhone and iPad. I’ve tried many websites too, being unable to read Korean doesn’t help too.

    Do you know of any website where I can do live streaming?

    PS: I love the latest pics from episode 13! :))

    1. Hi there. new SHK fan! An-nyeong 🙂

      I’m sorry I have no idea how to stream Brain live. But I’ve found some links in Brain’s baidu (Chinese discussion site), might be of some assistance to you..


      Scroll down and you’ll see the links 🙂

      (Just read spoilers of Brain13…arrghhh.. why oh why writer?)

      1. Thanks again for sharing! : )

        Me not very good at reading Chinese but will try. Me gonna try finding the spoilers for episode 13 now, can’t wait… ^___^

        Btw, do you happen to know if overseas fans are allowed to vote for KBS drama awards?

  2. I have been a silent reader of your blog, posting for the first time today. Thanks for all your SHK goodies! 🙂
    Many many years ago, i was impressed by SHK’s performance in JSA.
    Then i love his bad tempered , not very smart character in the movie Of Funs and Talks.
    He was one of the 4 killers together with Won Bin. Have you seen him in this 2 movies?

    1. Hi there, thanks for the comment! ^^
      Yes I’ve seen Guns and Talks. But that was abt 10 years ago hehe, so I don’t really remember the actors other than Won Bin and Shin Hyun Joon (granted they were more known to me then). 😛 Only recently did I find out that SHK and his best friend Jung Jae Young were in it as well…

      I’ve heard of JSA, and will definitely watch it for sure. Anything Song Kang Ho is a MUST watch for me. And so is Shin Ha Kyun’s from now on hehehe…

  3. @yulinged — oversea fans can participate in KBS Drama Awards voting, you’ll need to register for an account.

    Speaking of voting, Shin Ha Kyun is currently leading the ‘hot casting’ poll ~ well deserved.

    I’m happy his comeback to TV is successful and it may be more encouraging to him if he wins the Daesang this week, not that he needs award to say how awesome his acting is. // publicity is never a bad thing since the drama is still on air.

    1. Thanks so much anne for the Brain MVs! They totally captured the KH and JH’s best moments <333

      I'm 99% sure SHK is going to win something. Daesang or Top Excellence. (Cos really, nobody other than Kim Young Chul from The Princess' Man can give SHK a run of his money.) But you're pretty much right that he doesn't need a trophy to prove his acting caliber. Those who've seen him in the drama know deep down he's already there. ^^

      Something funny abt the KBS poll on Best Couple tho. I get the Kang Hoon – Ji Hye couple, but Kang Hoon and Prof Kim? LOL

  4. totally freaking, crying tons of ep.12 without fully understanding hangul… 🙂 that’s how brainified iam this days….can’t wait for the kbs awards by the way, hoping to see a glimpse of SHK…. wishing him the best. thanks again… im free for the week guess i could try one or two of of shk movies, i hope i could find them…

    1. I feel you chinggu. The power of SHK. He doesn’t even need to utter a single word, and my heart breaks into pieces. T_T

      In 2 out of all the SHK films I’ve seen (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and No Mercy For Rude), SHK played a mute. He didn’t speak a single word in them (tho they added his monologues/personal narration). He relied merely on his facial expressions and physical gestures to convey his characters. And nailed them all convincingly. You feel every single emotion with him.That’s what I call power acting.

      I’m sure you’re able to find his films subbed in English. Youtube also has some of them subbed in case you’re interested. ^^

  5. Thanks for these latest SHK goodies–an apt christmas gift to all of us fans! Episode 13 was heart wrenching, but the upcoming episode seems to bring the loving times back–there’s a scene though with the other girl,what’s with that? Hope Dr. Lee will stay faithful to Ji Hye…

    1. You’re so very welcome. Anything for SHK and his fans ^^

      I haven’t seen 13, but read spoilers. It seems like drama is taking a huge turn in the next episode (Prof Kim)? I hope Dr. Lee can find a resolve and settle down soon. He’s always so bottled up and hung up with his inner torment that sometimes it makes it makes things a bit too tiring. Writer should give SHK a chance to smile genuinely or happily for once (trust me, when he smiles, he shines 🙂 ).

      And for the other girl, she doesn’t stand a chance against Ji Hye. Dr. Lee’s heart is already settled cozily in Ji Hye’s brain. It’s just a matter of time. <33

  6. ep 13 just kiled me. te scene dr.lee talks 2 te grandma aftr his mothers death was 2 good. if shin doesnt win te award m gonna b disappointed. thanx ripgal 4 those pics they made my day. luv u

    1. Welcome chinggu. 🙂 Brain DC gall has LOADS of BTS photos, but I just picked the lovey dovey and HOT ones. hehe..

      SHK’s performance reminds of me Jang Hyuk’s in Chuno last year. And JH won last year. If logic works, SHK will definitely win. ^^

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