Vampire Prosecutor Season 2 IS A MUST!

Yes, it really must MUST HAPPEN.

I pray to the drama gods up there, pretty please, PLEASE!

Vampire Prosecutor had ended its run with 12 episodes a week ago. And I already miss it! SO MUCH 😦 Whilst I did rant about some of my qualms and gripes I had with the execution of Prosecutor Min’s background story and some of its lazy-written cases earlier on, the drama itself no doubt was a class-made investigation drama. Slick, glossy and intriguing.  With brilliant visuals and all-around decent acting, especially from the hot and charismatic Yeon Jung Hoon.

The actor has never been THIS good in a role I must say. His clairvoyance, attitude, and vampirish mannerisms. I love them all. Nailed his character from tip to toe. Although I think the drama could have done better with the case management part (i.e. more constructive analysis and discussions between the team members) and could have had Prosecutor Min mingle better with his colleagues other than Hwang, watching them unfold the cases one by one (albeit too conveniently at times) gave me immense thrill and excitement. I was never bored.

The reason why a Season 2 must happen?

  • Prosecutor Min needs to find closure to his sister’s case.
  • Prosecutor Min needs to find a new blood source?
  • Prosecutor Min needs to get together with Jung In and continue on with their constant eye-sexting and bickering.
  • We need Yeon Jung Hoon BACK! Stat!

OCN, you better work on your heels to secure the original cast for Season 2.

Sequels suck I know, but not when you know it has potential to RAWK.



6 thoughts on “Vampire Prosecutor Season 2 IS A MUST!”

  1. HAHAHA! This post makes me chuckle thinking back to your stance a month back… kekekeke.
    I just marathoned the last 3 eps last night and I started to miss it in the first 5 mins of ep 10. This drama was definitely one of my favs this year. A second season is essential! I still have JI’s gaze at TY in my mind when asked about love. UH! At that was nothing compared to all the other things that really make this drama wonderful.
    Oh well. Excited about the New Year. Waiting for some (new)dramas to grab me by the wrist … 😉

    1. My stance is still the same haha, think the drama could have been better. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying it till the end. While TY and JI didn’t have many really intimate scenes, their silent but mutual understanding of each other was more than enough for me. The scene in Ep 11 – when TY touched JI’s hand (which was holding the gun), gahhh, that was the best scene of all. I wished that they’d made JI find out abt TY’s identity… but then, that wouldn’t make room for a Season 2.. so yeah.. 😛

      Have a happy snappy new year Chinggu ^^ I think the new ones coming up are VERY promising. Salary Man, MoonSun and my dear Wookie’s Wild Romance. And did I mention that I’m watching like 4 other dramas right now? *dies*

  2. I’m 500% with you on this. I really hope that there is a second season, and with all the same cast. It couldn’t possibly be as good without the whole team on board. They left plenty of story to explore, and even the sister’s murder hasn’t been totally cleared up. Plus, there’s that whole special division of the law firm to work with – they can go all Wolfram and Hart on us.

    I’m seriously going through withdrawal. ~sigh~

    1. The drama totally left the ending hanging for a Season 2. It’s SO obvious. The whole team must come back, and possibly, maybe the Head Pros and TY’s sister?

      I’m downloading Special Investigation Team TEN to ease my withdrawals a bit.

    2. Just started TEN last night too. So far so good, but totally loved how they introduced and brought the team members together. Very cool!

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