I know I know, I am so f*cking deliriously MAD head over heels for this man. He consumes me. He eats me up. He drowns me. I don’t think I am capable of being saved.

But you know what, I don’t friggggggin care. Cos he defies every single word equivalent to AWESOME out there. And anything AWESOME is meant to be MINED. So before anybody claims him, Mr. Shin Ha Kyun is from now onwards MINED MINED MINED. Seriously. I am willing to give my other ILUs away (tho I still love them) just for this man.

So, anyone of you who wants to have a piece of him, no worries, sharing is my thing. But reminder: HE. IS. MINE.

Watched Ep 13 of Brain last night. Plot is starting to get all messed up (I really have no idea where the drama is headed) BUT Shin Ha Kyun gets to flesh out more of his power acting, which is always always a welcome for me.ย  And just in case you’ve not been blown away by this man yet…

It’s not an extreme outburst, nor is it an all out sobbing scene. But when an actor is able to bring tears to your eyes with smiles and tears at the same time, you know this actor isn’t just an ACTOR. He IS the character.

Shin Ha Kyun just redefined show-stopping for me.

Forever indebted to whoever picked him for this role.


35 thoughts on “Redefining SHOW-STOPPING.”

  1. Yeah I totally agree with what you wrote. His acting is just sizzling, facial expressions and body are smouldering. Thanks for sharing once again. : )

    Btw, you’ve mentioned that you watched episode 13 last night? May I ask if it comes with eng subs? Cuz so far, I’ve only managed to find Chinese subbed ones.

    Something funny, while I’ve been electrified and brain-ified by SHK, I’ve caught chickenpox. Hopefully, I’ll recover faster by watching him in ‘Brain’. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Nope, I watched Ep 13 with Chinese subs. I don’t think Eng subs have been released yet?

      Oh dear chinggu, I hope you’re better now. But Brain is just so energy-exhausting, you sure it won’t make you feel worse?

      1. Dear chingu too,

        Though ‘Brain’ hovers around serious stuff like hospital politics and intense relationships, I think other than the meds I’m taking, SHK is possibly like a little ‘antidote’ to my illness. ๐Ÿ™‚

        So it’s all cool. In fact, since last week, I’ve watched ‘Brain’ 3 rounds already, hehehehe… ^____^

        I hope he will win something during the KBS drama awards.

    1. I think a lot of factors are taken into consideration. Script quality, ratings, popularity etc. Brain is currently banking ONLY on SHK’s performance alone. The script doesn’t make sense (at least to me) and the other actors do not leave any impression at all. It isn’t a quality drama in any way (except for SHK’s godly performance of course), so it ain’t surprising if it gets buried under the other more popular and high-rated dramas.

      But I do think it’s good sign that a lot more people are starting to take notice of SHK because of the drama. The quality isn’t there, but SHK is. And it’s because of him, the drama is kind of elevated to a watchable extent.

  2. I understand…believe me. His acting in Harvest Villa was phenomenal. It’s a shame that I cannot get past the female lead in this drama to watch it. Tried. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    1. You know what? I’m going to re-download and re-watch Harvest Villa just for him. Can’t believe I didn’t rave about him back then when I watched it. Guess I was drawn to the plot rather than the characters. And Lee Bo Young had the more interesting role.

      And as for female lead Choi Jung Won, agree that she isn’t doing much. In fact nobody appears to be doing anything beside SHK. He just steals every single scene. โค I do think he and CJW have good chemistry together tho, despite her lack of acting compatibility. And that's a plus point for me if nothing else works.

      1. I think HV deserves a re-watch too since I cannot watch Brain. Boo-hoo.
        Next time Shin Ha Kyun dear, choose a drama with a good lead actress that can match or at least keep up with your greatness. K?

        Love that first pic by the way….Rawr!

      2. Thanks for the clip Ripgal i didn’t understand a word but i was bawling my eyes out too. OH Man. and you will share him right? pretty please.
        Somehow i don’t feel that the romance is a big part of the drama direction Whether the writers intended it this way or not, I feel the show is about Lee Kang Hoon the Man, how he grows and the people and events that shape him to be the man he eventually becomes. He could go the way of being a better doctor or the anger and thirst for power and vengeance may drive him on the darker path.
        I say whether or not the writers intended it this way cos they may not have realised that with SHK in the role, he would just BE the drama itself.

      3. Awww…happyshirt, of course you’re welcome to share him with me and all of us here. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Agree with you. I think nobody actually expected SHK to steal everyone’s thunder in Brain. Have been reading articles here and there, everyone wants him to win the Daesang in spite of other dramas being prominently higher rated or popular. People have been commenting on how they’ve never been so mesmerized by an actor’s performance, and how they’ve never seen such an acting performance in drama before. The way he immerses himself FULLY, body and soul into each scene, it’s riveting. He really gives his all.

        I never considered romance a major element in Brain. But I can’t deny that I’m fascinated by the minor touches of it in the drama. SHK does it so well, with his eyes, his gestures and mannerisms. He’s so all out brash and loud, but when he looks at Ji Hye, his gazes expressions, it’s all softness within.

        It’s not just a simple case of acting out a character. It’s BEING it. And SHK does it brilliantly.

  3. SHK is not just a show stopper ,he s a heart stomper,brain numb(er) energy sapper,emotion milker,sense snatcher n most of all a heart robber!! Omg,not since Joseph chang gave I allowed another man to get under my skin this way,to make my adrenaline course thru my veins at such a rapid pace n blood to rush to my brains at such speed that I feel that my arteries r about Ti blow up

    1. Omg …,,it just did…I need Lobotomy ts instance by SHK or to get my brain checked by dr lee gang Hun..whichever,to return some sense n sanity to me..wat a way to end the year for us,ripgal …Here s wishing all of us SHK owned,A Euphoric Deliriously Happy New Year 2012!!

      1. But, like mskololia above,I don’t like the insipid looking female lead in Brain either,so m not rooting for the OTP in ts series..sorry๎๎.. For me,watching SHK๎˜๎˜๎˜ n his impeccable characterization n role play
        r enough to make Brain work ๎€Žfor me.๎„†๎„†๎Œฉ๎Œฉ๎Œฉ

      2. Queen oh Queen, I love you so! You always always describe our MEN perfectly~

        “SHK is not just a show stopper ,he s a heart stomper,brain numb(er) energy sapper,emotion milker,sense snatcher n most of all a heart robber!! ”

        Not only did SHK rob me off my senses, he made me forget about Joseph Chang’s birthday – YESTERDAY! I just found out and totally missed it. Aiks.

        HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 all! Indeed, what a great way to begin the new year~~~

  4. I dig the new header. ^^

    With SC changing 180 degrees in character. I think they ditch the original plan of having SC influence KH to become a sincere doctor.

    KBS have the couple award voting going on, and they have SHK with both CJW and JJY. SHK and JJY isn’t even bromance in the show.. weird to put them in for the couple award.

    1. I’m actually quite iffy about the direction change in the script. It’s like they’re focusing on Dr. Lee’s vindictiveness now. I hope they won’t waste too much time on Dr. Lee’s vengeance against Prof. Kim, it’s a drama about neurosurgery after all. And Prof Kim’s sudden change in character, it’s mind-boggling.

      The SHK and JJY couple nomination is a joke LOL

  5. Well it’s the first time I see this actor playing – he is amazing
    I usually do not like dramas of hospitals but ….
    I wait all week for Monday and Tuesday only because of Shin Ha Kyun
    Where he hid until today?

    1. He hasn’t been hiding, he’s just more of a film actor. And a low-profile one. But I believe after Brain, everyone will be rushing to offer him scripts. He’s even called ‘God Ha Kyun” now, a label which even surpasses Kim Myung Min’s titular “Acting Mentor” (during his White Tower/Beethoven Virus time). You don’t think he’d be in hot demand after this?

  6. Dear JC,Omg!!like ripgal I lost track of time too,so belated birthday to my first love,Joseph Chang!!Sorry honey,it’s just dat this new sensation on the block ,Shin
    HUNK Kyun has many of ur loyal fans completely bewitched n possessed at ts time of writing that we r lost in time!!it’s not that we love u any less,JC,it s just that we adore this brilliant SHK as much!!n we know u don’t mind sharing the adoration,ya?๎„†love u n SHK 3000x!!๎˜๎˜

  7. Happy New Year to U !
    I enjoyed every bit of your sharing regarding SHK! Dun stop sharing, keep on going!
    SHK is simply awesome-rific! (awewsome + terrific) but your sharing is as captivating.

    1. The SHK love is growing, and I LOVE IT! Happy New Year to you too and may SHK continue to wow us with his brilliance ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi,
    I like the way you describe our dearest Shin Ha Kyun and your sharing (I know he is YOURS, but you don’t mind sharing, right?!)
    I’m sooooo happy and excited that our dearest Shin Ha Kyun won the 2011 KBS Drama Award Grand Prize, which he absolutely deserved! This is the best present for new year 2012!!!! Just look at how humble and modest he was when he received the prize. I really love him for that!
    SHK is the first (Korean) actor who made me want to continue watching a drama series just by watching the 1st episode! So you can see how awesome and great he is!
    Looking forward to more of your sharing on our dearest Mr. Shin ha Kyun. Thanks! It feels so good to be BRAIN-ified by him!

    1. Awwww.. I’m kinda embarrassed now. I’m sure there are way more avid fans of SHK out there, who’ve blog and raved about his greatness. But I guess I get a bit too carried away haha. I’m worried that at this rate, my blog will become so SHK focused that all my other hunnies will get jealous ๐Ÿ˜›

      But yes, his victory was very well deserved. And somewhat predicted? You look at the rest of the actors, it wouldn’t be logic if anyone of them actually won over him right? It’s so obvious. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I wonder if you know this: just saw from some Chinese websites saying that dearest Shin Ha Kyun is a renowned actor who is known as “Mickey Mouse ajusshi” (็ฑณ่€้ผ ๅ”ๅ”) in Korea attributed to the way he smiles! This is funny, but I like the ‘nickname’ (only the Mickey Mouse part, not the ajusshi part). When I google for Mickey Mouse pictures, they DO look alike!

    No doubt there are many others who write on SHK, but I like yours the best as you could express it sooooo well that I agree with almost 99% of what you said about him.

    I personally prefer SHK to pair up with Kim Soo Hyun (aka Yoo Ri-el, who played the role of Jang Yoo Jin in “Brain”) to that Choi something, both in the drama and in real life. I think Kim Soo Hyun is a lot more beautiful and elegant than CJW. Like what you said before, CJW isn’t doing much. I love to death the scene where Kim Soo Hyun gave Shin Ha Kyun a provocative back hug in episode 6. She even did some similar provocative act, though towards SHK’s poster, in some BTS; too bad I don’t understand Korean.

    By the way, wishing you a blessed and blissful New Year 2012!

    1. Awwww.. thanks for the compliment! Sometimes I feel I just repeat the same things (on how awesome SHK is) all over and over again. I am glad you love reading them ^^

      As for SHK and his ideal partner, I don’t really care that much. Altho I do enjoy his chemistry with Choi Jung Won in Brain, ultimately he’s the pulling factor. Whether he ends up with whoever, as long as he’s happy, I’m all good. For me, as long as I get to see him act, or as long as he continues flashing that Mickey smile of his, I can die happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Oh NO! I have claim him since watching Harvest Villa days….. hahha just kidding…
    LOVE Your article… ! I love you praise him so much that make me smile the whole time when reading your article, LOL… I’m just very glad he get daesang AWARD.. YAY..

    I hesitate to start watching Brain, Want to watching it just for his sake.. Is it good? I can’t stand medical drama, though

    1. Hi there missjb, long time no see! Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Awww.. it makes me glee in happiness that my posts are able to bring smiles or laughter to ppl. Sometimes I get so carried away I dun even know what Ima crapping abt lol but oooh, you claimed SHK before? haha, doesn’t work since I never knew then.. he is STILL MY PROPERTY! ๐Ÿ˜›

      It actually depends. I personally do not think it’s that great or good a drama. The writing really offers nothing, sometimes borders on ridiculous ( my opinion). But it really is a worthwhile watch just for Shin Ha Kyun. He really gives everything and his all for this role. One minute of his scene, I assure you you WON’T turn away. He is just that captivating in here.

      1. I agree Ripgal, the drama is all over the place. I think they started off with oh lets have the usual romance and competition drama, then when SHK really took off then it became about Dr Lee KH. then now they can’t decide which direction they’re going to go now. JS more in background, Dr Ko crawling out of the woodwork again. I think they’re really confused now. hahahah.
        I watched Festival over the weekend OMG!!! SHK’s character left me speechless the man’s a pig!!! *LOL* From LKH to that. ooo hilarious!!!

      2. At this moment, I am watching solely for SHK’s performance. Nothing else really makes much sense to me anymore. Imagine if any actor had taken the role, I doubt the drama would be as well-received. Like you said, it’s all about SHK & LKH now. No SHK doing LKG, the drama is as good as major flail.

        Told ya so, this actor is a chameleon. He can play wacky, pervy, serious, righteous, cool, arrogant you name it. He always embodies his characters fully.

      3. Sorry for reply your post so late.. I didn’t expected you would reply my post… Honestly I can’t stand medical drama for some weird reason… So Since you feel Brain is not good enough, Maybe I will pass… Just want to re-watch Harvest Villa, or wait his future project… I miss his acting already.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Practically Harvest Villa is a quirky drama, but because of him, when the drama become darker, I’m crying my heart out watching that show.. I have no idea why… of course one of the reason is because of him…

  11. I watched “Festival” last nite! It was hilarious, particularly SHK. He is a pro or like you said, Chameleon. Quite frankly, i prefer his acting in comedy show though it doesnt really exude his charisma like in “Brain”! So mesmerised by this versatile actor.

  12. i cannot agree more. i haven’t seen any actor like shin ha-kyun. his emotional intensity and character insight is a gift. i was crying so hard after episode 12. you can really feel his desperation, regret, and frustration. i am so glad i stumbled upon brain while surfing channels here in the philippines. what are the chances of that on cable tv? it’s not accident. it’s more like God-ordained.

    i am so happy he won the daesang. he really deserved it. God bless you SHK!

  13. Just finished watching the last episode. Hmmh… still prefer episode 19.
    Thanks for all the write up about “Brain” and SHK. No regrets in following so crazily over this show and so madly in love with SHK :). Recently in the midst of a very boring meeting, i visualised SHK right infront of me ha ha ha (space out mode!)
    Until then, shall await for his next drama! XIE XIE, ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA!

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