YOWZA!! What a great way to start 2012~

I think 2012 is out to ruin me. It is going to ruin me so bad that I probably won’t have time for LIFE anymore (and not that I’d have enuff since ppl are predicting that we’re headed for doom this year aiks). Not only am I in a terribly sticky Shin Ha Kyun addiction, which ya know, is costing me half my personal life (searching for stuff about him online, videos, interviews and whatsoever relating to him), and isn’t waning anytime soon; I am also suffering from a severe overload of dramas. TOO MANY DRAMAS! >___<

Just to update, I have one episode to the end of Me Too Flower (meh drama, I really have no idea why I watched this in the first place, my vote for worst Kim Do Woo rom-com), 4 more episodes of Brain (oh how much I love you so Shin Ha Kyun ssi, but I can’t wait for you to end already; you’re getting overly repetitive and senseless *my BRAINY gals please don’t throw stones at me* 😛 ), am half-way thru Fermentation Family (love the writer and PD team, but FF isn’t quite what I’d expected from them; it’s visually attractive and mind-soothing alright, but it lacks the genius and intelligence that I’d seen in Mawang?) and just got started with Special Investigation Team TEN (very slickly executed first 2 episodes; the first case was just downright mind-blowingly twisted and unpredictable; whoever wrote it deserves a standing ovation o_0).

I am also looking forward to a slew of upcoming dramas, just to name a few: Wild Romance (no way I’m going to miss this, for the Wookie and Park Yeon Seon love, and for the crazy ahjumma-permish Lee Shi Young), MoonSun (which just premiered yesterday night, tell me how should I live with this?!!! OTTOKE?! Just by having to choose between Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo racks my brain, I am in serious shizz arrhhh…), Hanbando (not many know about this, but it’s a North-South Korea spy thriller starring Hwang Jung Min and Kim Jung Eun just in case you need to know), Fashion King (this just for Lee Je Hoon who surprised me with his fine acting in Bleak Night and Front Line; I know more will be tuning in for Yoo Ah In whom I adore as well, but if anything, it’s Lee Je Hoon FTW for me) and this new drama called Mask or something by Joo Won (ahhhh, my lovely puppy!) and the adorable Jung Yu Mi (from Thousand Days’ Promise).

And before I forget to mention, History of Salaryman!

Yes, I caught the first episode last night and I ALREADY LOVE IT! It has this really on your face exaggerated feel that you can’t help but just laugh out loud. The characters are all interesting, especially Lee Bum Soo’s Yoo Bang, Jung Kyeo Won’s Hang Woo and Jung Ryeo Won’s Yeo Ji. In spite of their vastly individualistic and unique personalities, when they come together in a scene, it’s total WHACK. Like TOTAL WHACK!!!

I knew it. Back when the trailer was released, there was so much frenzy about how out of the world it was, how over-the-top crazy it was that nobody knew what to make out of it. Other than the fact that I loved the the overall cast, I didn’t know what to expect from the drama.  I mean, what can you do with a drama theme focusing on salarymen?!!!

Nope I’m not much of a history person. I know and have heard of the names used for the characters in the drama, but if you ask me to connect who to who, or name who’s an ally of who, I can’t do any of that to save my life. That’s why drama is MY LIFE. Maybe I’d be able to link historical figures to the characters in here and picture how who’d fought with who in the past, who was whose lover and who’d lost…etc. Seriously, what better way? And what a great way too!

At this point, I’m not sure what the drama is trying to sell to us. It has a lot of stuff, from weird and unique leading characters, to corporate spies vying to steal some hotshot drug and to secret allies and conspiracy plots forged and plotted by some supporting characters etc. Though I have no single idea how they’re gonna link all these characters together, and how they’re gonna link them to the title – Salaryman, for sure I’m hooked and will continue watching.

All the actors are doing a fine job. They’re all very fitting to their characters, and already have good chemistry with each other (esp Lee Bum Soo and Jung Kyeo Won). I love Lee Bum Soo’s oddly clumsy and quirky character Yoo Bang the most out of the ensemble. The way he carries his clumsy and sometimes oblivious self is more than enough to get me into fits and giggles.  Although sometimes he does tend to overdo his expressions (bordering on too comical at times), I’m OK as long as I’m laughing enough.

Jung Ryeo Won is totally knocking everything out of the park with her character Yeo Ji. I love her already. I knew she had this spunk in her when watching her in the film Pain with Kwon Sang Woo where she played a homeless person who didn’t give a damn about what people thought about her. She was so fun to watch.  Her character here isn’t particularly new to us, kind of typical at most, the arrogant meanie girl who thinks she can have anything in the world in her hands. But she sinks into character very naturally and gives Yeo Ji a likeable charm altho she’s not a likeable character to many in the drama.

Jung Kyeo Won and Hong Soo Hyun are also doing a decent job with their characters. The latter hasn’t had time to shine yet but oh my Jung Kyeo Won, you hottie! If kaedejun or dodo hadn’t  claimed you way before this, I would have eaten you up in a go! <333 Your last drama bored me to death, but I am so so glad you made up by choosing a role that fits you to a tee~~~ not only do you look so damn dapper in the suits, you fit the Clark Kent specs perfectly and do that over-confident spy thingy like you’re a pro. If only Lee Bum Soo wasn’t lead and  I already love his character to bits, you’d be my sole reason to watch this.

History of Salaryman is written and directed by the Giant team, so I’ll be expecting some solid stuff aside from the zaniness and fun. I didn’t watch Giant in full, but have seen bits and pieces and heard enough to conclude that the writers are not ones to be messed with. They know their stuff well.

If anything, the new year is starting out to be pretty good so far, drama wise at least. I’ve also heard positive stuff about Wild Romance and MoonSun (the former’s wacky fun and the latter’s living up to the SKKS expectations I heard), so that’s one major PLUS. The one and only downside –  I have to split my schedule to cater to all these dramas. >__<

Life of life, you’ve just been ruined.

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10 thoughts on “YOWZA!! What a great way to start 2012~”

  1. Haha! So glad you posted on this! I think every drama fiend feels the same right now. I’m swimming in dramas and have no idea how to stop myself from checking out the new ones! I even have Japanese and Taiwanese dramas I’m finishing and beginning! AH!
    Anyway, watched both eps of HoaS and I have to say that ep 1 was hilarious but ep 2 not so much. The momentum slowed a bit and tho it was disappointing, it was needed. I suspect it’ll pick up and slow like this throughout the series for the general fact that actual story and plot have to be covered. I love that this drama is leaning toward the dark comedy side of things… I’m truly digging that. And the rhythm of comic jabs are more on the Brit angle which has me buckled over.
    Haven’t checked out MoonSun. I’m excited as crap but I’m waiting for the adults to show up then I’ll marathon. WR is also on my radar but I prob won’t begin until I’ve scraped a couple other dramas off my plate.
    Checked out TEN and loved the first episode. Sat down to watch while knitting, with no idea the ep was so loooong! I was surprised but it was captivating. I kept teetering back and forth on my deductions. Gotta love whodunits!
    As for FF I think you’re right. I should pick up on ep 6 and I find the show is just, ok. In the sense that it’s wholesome and sweet but you have to be invested in watching to continue. I’m enjoying the performances but there’s just something missing. You know?
    Oh and do you find it as annoying that Ho-Tae just assumes that Ki Chan is his dad? In the first few eps I was extremely irritated… To the point that I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue. I mean isn’t this man in his 30’s? Shouldn’t he have gained some common sense? Just because a man gave you a cookie and smiled at you, doesn’t make him your FATHER! At this point in the story, I’m sure he’s just trying to find out what the truth is, but given everything that he learns with each subsequent episode (and again using common sense), it’s very possible he’s just another kid that was abandoned and Ki Chan took in. Oho. Miane chingu… I’m griping (and rambling). Ultimately, I’m enjoying the drama.
    Once I finish up my dramas, I’ll be posting about a couple. May take a bit but it’s coming… And wow if any of these new dramas shape up to be worthy of writing about…
    Oh it’s definitely a hectic way to start the new year!

    1. Oh unni take your time! You know I’ll be reading any way, miss your writing! hehehe..

      Ah, so 2nd ep of HoTS isn’t as hilarious? Too bad because I’m kinda banking on that to keep me going. I know the writers are good so I’m not worried if it gets too solemn or dark. But fun and laughs are always good for me. 😀

      I heard TEN’s cases kinda dwindled after Ep 1 (maybe cos it’s just too hard to top that one? It’s really a genius case), so I’m not holding expectations higher than what I already have right now. So far it’s engaging and intriguing enough, and direction reminds me so much of Vampire Pros which I’m sorely missing right now, so gonna continue on for sure.

      As for FF, it feels kinda just there. If I don’t watch it, I won’t miss it. But when I do, I get somewhat invested. I dived in thinking it was going to be food porn and KIMCHI, but then it had something else – birth secrets and conspiracy stuff. So I’m kinda confused which route PD/writers are heading for? So far I don’t feel both aspects – the food and birth secret thingy blend that well. It’s either you give us an all out food drama, or a mystery thriller drama. And abt Ho Tae finding his birth father, I get what you mean but I’m OK with it. Cos his character is written that way, premise calls for immaturity and irrationality. Notice how he’s always so rash and hot-headed?

      Downloading WR and MoonSun now, cannot wait to get on it! hehe..

      And of course, will wait patiently for your posts. ^^

  2. Just want to know.. DO you watching Fermentation Family with eng substitle? or Could You speak korean Language…? Because I’m struggle to find any subs for this drama, huhuu… 😦 I’m a huge fan of their previous drama, Ressurection and The Devil… I have download till ep 9, But I can’t find any subs..

    Thanks for your review on TEN… I just about to start download this show… For Joo Sang WOok’s sake of course.. Since I loved him in Giant.. Not to mention I’m drooling watching TEN trailer… Expected this one will become a good show.. But since Nobody rave about I become hesitate…

    1. Unfortunately I am watching with Chinese subs.. can’t help you out there. 😦 Have you tried looking arnd the Soompi FF thread? They might have some stuff there.

      No probs on TEN. ^^ I haven’t seen anything after Ep 1, so I may have judged way too early. I did hear that the subsequent cases weren’t as gripping or exciting as the 1st, but I do have a fetish for investigation dramas done good, so while my expectations have lowered, I’m expecting something at least on par.

      Hope you’re able to find subs soon. =)

      1. oh Unfortunately 😦 .. It’s okay…. Thanks For give me information…. I have went to soompi, but they only provide streaming link … for some reason, I have no time watching it online… 😦 I heard FF is upcoming withs2 project… I just wish they don’t cancel it and will subbing it soon or later.

        I agree with you, so many promising drama… NOw I really wish at least I know Korean language so I can watch Korean drama/movie without subs… 😆

    2. missj b…Idk about soft subs but dramafever is streaming it. That’s where I watch. They have up to the latest eps I think. Don’t bank on that cause it’s not my priority drama but DF is pretty good about having eps out, even the currently airing ones (especially if they are subbing).

  3. Ahem. Don’t touch my Jung Kyeo Woon. Look, but don’t touch. 😀 I know it’s tempting, but he’s got my name (and kae’s) all over him! Kekekeke!

      1. I can bring out the big guns, that’s what! You ready? *reaches for a pillow* And yes, RAWRRRRR!

        You really can’t MINE JKW when kae and I have been fighting over him for more than a year. We’ve finally called a truce, but even still, we’re always trying to one-up the other with our declarations of love. LOL!

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