Wild Romance, you be the death of me…

…if your coming episode are going to be as wacky hilarious as your first!

And you did not just make me gag myself in laughter for a whole one hour last night. Oh no you didn’t.

I haven’t seen MoonSun yet, so I’ll reserve judgment. But Wild Romance, it is SO MY CUP OF TEA HUMOR! I love it. It’s so deliriously madly stupid and comical I really can’t take it seriously lol. You know, it will probably be not as loved as MoonSun (sagueks usually draw big crowd watchers, and we all know how BIG Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo are), it may never be taken seriously, or may not beat History of Salaryman in terms of solidness of plot, but I love it. I LOVE IT SO MUCH ALREADY.

Yes, I’m one biased viewer. I love Wookie to death, and I love the writer even more for having penned few of my favorites in the past (the awesome awesome Alone In Love being on of them). But aside from those facts and the fact that I love comedy and quirk silly done good, it’s actually the surprisingly spot on Lee Shi Young whom I’m loving so much in here. She is so utterly WANJEON DAEBAK!~~

The OTP is love, has wonderful chemistry (it really does get me thinking, how does Wookie manage to do it every single time?) and most importantly, are EQUALS in terms of EQ lol. I love that they’re such hilarious duds together and individually. I also love how both of them spar each other with equal levels of wit and intelligence (being kinda low here LOL), physically and mentally. It’s just so FUN to watch. Wookie is going all out with his obnoxiously self-aware jerk-ass character Moo Yeol, and Lee Shi Young is nailing her character Eun Jae with utter perfection! I love them together <333

But what I love most about WR right now, is the execution and writing. WR may not have the most original storyline, in fact, it’s probably one of the most re-hashed boy-girl-bicker-fall-in-love plot of all time. But the writing of Park Yeon Seon shows, it’s there. Quirky, witty and fun all combined perfectly. It may be a bit lacking in terms of depth and subtlety (reminds me of his early My Tutor Friend), and may not appeal to some for the OTT-ness is portrays, but it’s not totally mindless or ridiculous. There’s just a genuine charm to all the humor and wackiness.

I know judging from Ep 1 alone doesn’t mean anything. Everything can go astray afterwards and I may drop it or whatever later on, but as for now, it’s just pure LOVE for me. More for WR! W000TTTT!~~~

Have a cut from Ep 1:

credits: aeaesi

Moo Yeol and Eun Jae are going to be so FUN together. I can already feel it. <3333


11 thoughts on “Wild Romance, you be the death of me…”

  1. I love this writers, too. I haven’t seen Alone in love, but White Christmas is one of my favourite drama last year and I love her others work… This drama was my most anticipated drama because of Wookie and the writers alone… Not to mention I love some other cast .. I have watch WR RAW, and I’m already hooked.. I’m such a sucker for the bickering romance especially when the chemistry off the chart.. I wanting for more!

    1. You MUST WATCH AIL, it’s a very down to earth realistic show about falling in and out of love. Son Ye Jin’s best performance to date.

      And ditto on WL, I read that Ep 2 was even funnier. Cannot wait to DL!

      1. I have Download All episode Alone in Love… I just don’t have time to watch it yet. All new drama seems interesting… Sigh…
        Thanks for convicing me for watching it… I need that.. haha..

  2. Blast it, woman! Now I might have to actually watch this drama too. I haven’t been following any of the promos for Wild Romance, and the clip you embedded was the first clip I’ve seen from the drama. And it was hilarious! Hahaha! But I’m still cautious to jump onboard because I don’t know where the story will be going. I’m foreseeing some headdesking in the future with this one, if some major stakes don’t arise soon. Whoops, did I just jinx it?

    God, 2012 is off to a great start so far. Only problem is, REAL LIFE’S ABOUT TO GET IN MY WAY OF WATCHING KDRAMAS! Nuuuu!

    1. The premise is typical and cliche so I won’t be surprised if things start to change mid-way, ya know, veer towards melodrama or something? But the writer has a knack with comedy and heart so I’m not TOO worried. But if anything, you can always opt to start when more eppies are out or after reading wee reviews of it, I believe you still have A LOT on your plate to munch. :/

      And yes, I so agree with you on RL commitments. There IS just too much to watch now that cable is on. Believe me or not, I just bought 3 more drama DVDs (The Duo being one of them ^^) to ruin my life. I seriously dunno whether I will be able to get to them. >_<

  3. Frankly speaking, after having watched WR, I don’t feel the need to check out other new new drama’s. Rewatching WR will keep me more than happy for the time being.

  4. I’m sure the love for WR out in dramaland will be subdued, but I too find that it hits just the right mix of humor, quirk and heart. Plus, I’m borderline adulterous when it comes to Lee Dong Wook. I actually didn’t think his chemistry was great with Sunah, but it’s out of the park with ShiYoung which was totally unexpected.

    I’m saving MoonSun for when I feel more serious, for now WR is my jam!

    1. The love mostly rests in MoonSun, but odd one out (ME) am not finding it THAT intriguing or great as others have been saying. WR isn’t any better (I think it dwindled a bit to less funny in the last 2 eps) but definitely still my fav out of the 2. Wookie is one of my many K-celeb biases, so ya know, I get less critical or harsh when watching his shows. So far, WR’s plot is middling for me, it has great moments and yet also does go overboard with EJ hysterics (which can get annoying sometimes). But I’m still interested to see how EJ or MY will develop feelings for each other given their current dynamics. It’s still pretty hard to see both of them involved with each other romantically… LOL

      1. I think your comment about the leads being perfectly matched in terms of EQ is the only way to make sense of the romance 😀

  5. love the endless bickering between the leads. My mindless watch for the moment. Love manager Kim and Dong-ah as well, hope they get more scenes together.

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