The reason why I love Ojakgyo Brothers..

Tae Beom and Soo Young.

I know A LOT of people love the show, adore the brothers, want to claim Joo Won as theirs and are ardent fans of the Tae Hee-Jae Eun couple. Countless people have raved and rambled about how good and endearing the show is, and I totally agree. I love the family, love the relationships, the dynamics, the funny and all. It’s not the most original writing I’ve seen (family dramas tend to overdo the dramatic stuff a bit), but so far I’m OK with it, can live with the tropes and am totally in sync with whatever’s happening up till now. Tho I don’t rave about the show as much  (due to overload of dramas T_T), I still follow it very closely. I’m a lil bit behind as I watch the episodes on KBS World, but I make sure I stay home every Sat and Sun night just to catch OB. My friends are even complaining why I don’t go out anymore.

While most peepz are going GAGA over Joo Won (I love this lil puppy too) and his character TH and JE’s love story, I find myself even more invested in this other OTP – Tae Beom and Soo Young. Their interactions, their gradual development as a married couple, their growing feelings for each other…etc.  Contract marriage in K-drama, it’s like the most rehashed concept EVER, it never never gets old! I hate the fact that they can’t come out with newer ideas, but you know what? I hate myself even more for loving such relationships in dramas – where 2 people come together without knowing each other, and gradually grow fonder of each other as time passes.

It’s the same thing with TB and SY, if you get what I mean. There isn’t anything original about the way their relationship is written, it’s so predictable. For some reason, I just love seeing their parts  the most when I tune in. When they bicker, I giggle like mad. When they argue, I have the time of my life. When they’re mushy or lovey dovey with each other, I swoon like a mad romantic. And when they go angsty, tears automatically form in my eyes. Of course, I adore the brothers are their respective OTPs as well (surprisingly the writer does a great job by balancing out their screen time), but when it comes to shipping any particularly OTP, TB-SY takes the cake. Their sizzling chemistry. The electrifying sparks when they’re in a scene. The others pose no contention at all IMO.

I have to give props to Ryu Soo Young and Choi Jung Yoon for making TB-SY’s dynamics work so incredible well. They sync SO WELL for each other. If CJY didn’t get married just recently (while filming OB), I would have been shipping something in RL.  But perhaps that’s why CJY has never looked better. She looks prettier in OB, and has this ethereal glow in her in OB. A glow that I failed to see in her earlier drama Manny or her other dramas. Perhaps she’s working with a close oppa (they’d known each other since Bad Love, they worked together in the show but weren’t the OTP) so she’s comfortable with him. But either way, what I wanted to say, they RAWK.

I tried to find videos or fan-made vids of them on youtube, but failed. 😦 I guess they’re not as loved or well-received as the TH-JE OTP?

Here’s the one and only MV I found, and is one of the most beautifully made drama MVs I have ever seen:




15 thoughts on “The reason why I love Ojakgyo Brothers..”

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Their onscreen chemistry is just so endearing, The emotions that they bring into the characters of SY & TB feels so genuine, I can’t help but get so captivated watching the two of them.

    1. Yeap, they feel like a real couple to me compared to the other OTPs. There’s this sense of earnestness about the way they talk to each other, like you said, the emotions are so genuine and real. I feel so very much in love just by watching them.

  2. I love them, too! But lately Soo-young has been getting soso screechy, just like her mom (who drives me CRAZY, since she only seems to have one volume setting — vein-popping scream). It’s hard for me to find anything attractive or sympathetic about her when she’s not really doing anything very loving or sympathetic on screen. She might cut TB a little slack and show a few moments of weakness instead of beating the dead horse of TB-HR all the time. Still, I have hope that she might go back to normal sometime here soon.

    1. I think SY has that screaming streak in her, she takes after her mom after all (mom is worse tho, she really needs to get therapy). SY does get on my nerves when she yells at TB without truly listening to his side of the story, but being the woman she is going into her 5th month of pregnancy (I think some have the tendency to get over-emotional), I can’t blame her totally. The drama ALWAYS portrays TB in a not so good light in front of SY (having her bump into TB and HR all the time), so it’s natural that she’d boil and explode.

      But luckily OB isn’t entirely about them, at least the family and bros’ interactions make up for whatever angst and screechiness there is in the drama.

  3. I totally agree. Ryu Soo Young is one of my favorite Korean actors. I fell in love with his acting in 18 vs 29, and he makes even the worst scripts work, i.e Bad Love. Joo Won is an eye candy, but I also tune in for TB and not TH.

  4. I was thinking about this yesterday so I love that you posted about it. I like the other characters and the drama as a whole, but I’m watching for these two. 🙂

  5. Eli and SweetiePie54, I’ve been looking everywhere but failed to see much about TB-SY. In youtube, most vids are for the TH-JE couple. They’re awesome, and I love them.. but still, nothing beats TB-SY <33 So glad that they won Best Couple @ the KBS Awards, they deserved it. Totally one of my fav OTPs last year.

  6. i so agree with you. TH-JE might be the official OTP of Ojakgyo Brothers (and they are exceedingly cute) but to be honest, that’s all they are to me…cute and adorable! but TB and SY feel real to me. I started watching this show cause I loved both Ryu Soo Young and Choi Jung Yoon as actors so seeing them as a couple was bound to be awesome, they bounce off each other so well, which explains why their chemistry is so palpable. nonetheless, I never anticipated how much I would love them as an onscreen couple. Yes, their story isn’t all that original, but what makes their relationship so refreshing is the way they talk to each other (have you ever seen a kdrama couple be so honest and open with each other about their feelings, frustrations, worries, flaws, etc?). of course, their lack of communication since HR arrived has caused angst, but the progression of their relationship still feels realistic.
    and I just wanted to swoon over Ryu Soo Young for a second, who is clearly the best actor (in my opinion) of this already awesome cast. he nails every scene and emotion.
    thanks for this post. it’s nice to find another TB-SY fan.

    1. No probs, I should be thankful that at least there’re still some ardent TB-SY fans out there. I just got off Ep 40 @ KBS World, the last scene totally broke my heart. Su Young’s confession about her feelings and heartbreak that TB didn’t love her, it made tear up T_T. She may be unreasonable at times, but I totally get her frustrations. I feel for her.

      And no doubt RSY is the best actor amongst the rest of the bros (I won’t count the veterans). He knows his character well, and he embodies it well. Love him the most in emotional angsty scenes, I feel every single emotion with him, and sometimes cry along with him too. Why the heck doesn’t he have a leading role yet?!!!

  7. I started watching this show because of the dog, and moved on to Ryu Su Young and Choi Jung Yoon’s story. I loved the silly comedy and bantering between them, and their sad scenes made me wish they would get back together immediately.

    Ryu Su Young is spot on as the self-centered and scoop obsessed reporter, who had to grow kicking and reluctantly, but finally completely, into a person aware of Cha Su Young and his baby. I have only seen him in My Princess where he acted as a laid back professor, and I liked his acting. I didn’t like the series so only watched the first few episodes, and am not sure if he managed to keep it up.

    1. ROFL, what? The dog? hahahah.. I watch this show with my parents every weekend, and they never fail to comment when the dog appears. They’re like, “The dog probably lives there.” LOL

      RSY and CJY have the best chemistry out of all the couples, stat. Their cute scenes are adorable, their sweet scenes awww, but the best, their angsty scenes, they just rip my heart into pieces. Gahhh T____T

      I actually liked RSY in his earlier dramas, My Princess did him NO justice at all. 18v29, Bad Couple and Lawyer of Great Republic of Korea were pretty good dramas (enjoyed them immensely), you may want to give them a try. 🙂

      1. It is a handsome dog, and alert and well behaved! A jack terrier I think. It might actually be living there.
        Thank you for the recommendations. If I come across them, I will try them out.

  8. I am so glad I chanced upon this site while looking at stack of images of Ryu Su Young. He and Choi Jung Yoon both look good apart and together and I love their act more than the other couples. They are naturals. They so deserve the Best Couple award but I think Ryu should have bagged the Best Actor award as well. He is more eye candy to me than Joo Won who is a looker as well. Both he and Jung Yoon are also good “hangers” for their fine clothers. OB is ending soon and I would really miss this couple the most. Great to know there are others rooting for them too.

    1. Yeah, I was kinda bummed RSY didn’t get an award for his performance while CJY did. But oh wellz, at least we know he’s truly the shining star of the show. ^^

      And again, welcome to the TB-SY fandom <33

  9. I have never followed a drama before as much as OB but this is the first time I commented on OB online. I just could not resist here because the focus is on TB-SY for a change. I am also devotedly following the cadence/recaps by the great Softy and Fanderay, so I could afford to watch the dramas raw (no English subs) despite not speaking a word of Korean other than those I constantly hear on K-dramas. Imagine my screen cut up in half – I am watching the episodes on youtube on one half of the screen while reading the almost script-faithful-line-by-line-it’s-no-longer-a-recap of Softy on the right. Of course, I have to watch each episode a few times over, and I do not mind at all.

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