A Shin Ha Kyun smile a day keeps worry away!~

Yes, I am just that in love with this man. (Nope not Go Soo, sorry, he’s hot but my eyes are all on the man on the left ONLY.)

I can’t do a day without him.

People have been raving overwhelmingly about his suaveness and cockiness as Dr. Lee in BRAIN as of recent, but I find myself slowly falling for the shy, smiley and introvert side of him. He REALLY is that shy a person, IMAGINE. It’s quite unimaginable. He played a mute killer/assassin (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance & No Mercy For Rude), mad/retarded man (Save the Green Planet, Thirst), sex pervert (Foxy Festival), a nice smiley sweet guy (Harvest Villa) and a righteous patriotic man (Welcome to Dongmakgol and The Front Line)… he’s attempted pretty much all the non-conventional roles that you can think off your head, and in RL, he’s an introvert, doesn’t speak much, is so incredibly shy that you’d probably have to crack your head in order to initiate a good complete conversation with him.

Okay, I better zip up. You’re probably already fed up with my incessant and repetitive ramblings.

Here are some SMILEY SHK pics to lighten up your day, BTS photos taken from his filming of Zia’s Laughing MV:

Isn’t he just so mighty endearing and adorable in the pictures? LOVE LOVE LOVE the way he smiles, so angelic, kindred and soothing. I don’t think anyone would say NO to him if he smiles like that. I think I’d faint a thousand times if he flashed his smile at me. GAHHHHH, save me! >____<

SHK is known to the masses, public, media or friends, to be a man of few words. Even Song Kang Ho confirmed it in public that nobody could ever get close with this guy.


And SHK, ahhhhhh….. so dreammmmmy! <333

Alas, before I leave to continue on with my daydreaming of SHK hugging me in his arms lol (pervy I know but I so can’t help it, he’s already messed up my brain), if you’re fans of SHK, would like to know more about him as an actor or as a person, OR just happen to drop by and want to know why I’m so madly delusional over some ajusshi, please do join us @ Shin Ha Kyun’s FB page: http://www.facebook.com/shinhakyun. You will be overwhelmed with SHK goodies and swoonings. hehee..

But beware as the peepz there might be slightly delusional. HAHA.

credits: as labeled / naver blog / SHK baidu bar


24 thoughts on “A Shin Ha Kyun smile a day keeps worry away!~”

  1. it’s been a while since i went to your blog, and the first thing i see is SHK smiling!!!
    thank you for brightening up my day ^^

  2. Not a fan of SHK but I do admire his acting. Great actor, I have not seen him give a bad performance (the latest I have seen him is in Thirst and his performance was really so good).

    I don’t see him as an attractive man but I’m not judging since I actually think Song Kang Ho is an attractive dude (ever since I watched him first time in Shiri and then JSA) Come to think of it SHK also was really good in JSA too!!!!

    1. I’ve never considered him attractive too (as of Thirst and Harvest Villa), but ever since the BRAIN fever struck, everything about him = charming sexy to me. haha. But of course, all of, it’s his acting and dedication to his craft which I’m drawn to. And oh plus that genuine smile of his 🙂

  3. I totally agree with you about SHK’s smile–will gladly join your daydream! A day never passes without me checking your site–and after a few days of SHK silence, there’s this 🙂 He’s like caffeine to our hopeless addiction. Four more episodes to go of Brain–hope his next drama will be soon and as swoon-worthy as his role in Brain. Or, after Brain drama ends, hope he gets interviewed and we get a glimpse of the shy, cute and awesome RL SHK…

    1. Awww, thanks! I’m glad you guys are in this with me. I think the last I’ve been THIS addicted to an actor was Lee Jung Jae, and even that, I didn’t watch all of his films or crave to watch all of it (the craze did last for quite some time, but died down after he disappeared into nowhere after Air City/Triple) . This SHK fever of mine looks to last a long time now that he’s up for grabs and demand everywhere.. I just hope that in future, he’ll continue to choose a roles which he likes and thinks he can flex his acting abilities on, and not do something merely out of fan-service (no harm for me tho). The real actor he is, I doubt he’ll do anything less than what he’s been doing so far. Perhaps a saguek next time? He totally rawks that ancient garb (have you seen the Moon Embraces the Sun PS?)!

  4. yes just checked facebook SHK as you suggested and had fun viewing all the pics–he would do a great saguek role, and we’ll surely be with him all the way for that! I saw the first episodes of Take Care of Us Captain and couldn’t help but think that SHK would be awesome in the pilot role that Ji Jin Hee is playing 🙂 I’m starting to imagine or picture him in the lead roles of some of the current dramas on air–is that what obsessed means? haha

  5. Love this post of yours, I can so feel your love for this man. ^___^

    I love the pics of SHK, especially those of him with the cute little gal. He looks like such a gentle and kind daddy in them, when he’s gonna be a real papa in the future.

    I hope you’ll get to meet this shy and lovely man in the future. : )

    1. I can feel your love too chinggu hehe. ^_^

      Haha, talkative and interesting are usually more of my type (I can’t stand guys who have nothing to talk about), but then perhaps I’d set my standards too high. But for sure if the man’s like Dr. Lee KH…hmmm…. Drama-wise I’m captivated and charmed, but in RL, no thanks. haha. I think I’d drain myself dry by just trying to get my point across.

      1. Oop! dun start the gay topic. I have been wondering whether he is gay while observing some of his disposition from the pictures i saw in the web.

        It’s very funny to read your articles. YOu kinduv of expressed whatever that was hidden in my “brain”/heart regarding SHK. Btw he is my de-stress when work gets overloaded.

  6. Ah SHK,SHK this man is all over my brain and his presence over my brain will last for a while or forever.
    He looks really loveable in the above pictures.And the title of your post is so true.
    He has messed up my brain big time,I can’t help but think about him every single day.
    I hope we’ll see him soon after Brain in other projects.
    Thanks for the goodies :3

  7. Your Shin Ha Kyun posts keep piquing my interest in Brain. But is it really any good? I might add it to my to-watch list if you think it’s worth a watch. 😀

    1. Haha, gotta admit this man is invading my brain upside down inside out. Can’t help it. 😛

      I may anger LOTSA Brain fans here (but no worries, I still love my Dr. Lee!), but I honestly thought Brain was only decent up until Ep 7/8 or so. I’m actually watching on just for SHK’s performance and that ONLY, nothing else. I rarely do so when a drama flops writing-wise, but he’s kind of an exception now because he’s just so damn captivating? If you want quality writing, maybe not Brain for you. But if you want to have a glimpse of SHK’s acting, you could try out the first few eps?

      Oops, did I just discourage you there? haha, up to you chinggu, up to you ^^

      1. I think one of these days, I’m gonna finish up Harvest Villa. Did you watch that? I remember Dahee saying that it was fabulous, and I rather liked it, even though I stopped watching it last year due to lack of hours in my days.

  8. I’ve actually found him attractive since Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance O__O Was I the only one? He was so adorable in that…you know despite the killing and the…uh…vengeance. After that I’ve been watching more and more things with him. I’m not gonna start watching Brain until it’s finished though (I like to marathon). I never knew he was so shy (seems my two favorite actors are pretty introverted–the other being Won Bin). I guess he did seem that way, haha. 🙂 But ahh, he makes my heart flutter.

    1. I thought he was rather adorable in Vengeance too, the green hair and all LOL my friend was like, WTH the green hair is unacceptable!! And I was like, I STILL LOVE HIM <33 Brain's almost done, 2 episodes left to air. Probably a good time to start now?

      And I thought I'd never come across another Won Bin haha it looks like dear SHK is pretty much par with him, albeit not so moody or broody I think?

      1. I loved his green hair~~
        & Lol, yes! I think Won Bin is much more introverted. I watched his Star Date and it was hilarious at how hard the host was trying to get him to say more than a few words.

        And ahh, Brain is finished now, I can at last watch it :D. And swoon. Everywhere.

  9. Thank you so much for this post. You just phrased out all of my delusional head over heels love towards this guy in words…I don’t know why, ever since I saw him in All About My Romance (quite late of me to notice him), all I can think about, from the moment I woke up in the morning till I sleep, I can’t seem to calmed down and wanting to see more of him…After I found out about his actual personality in real life as a person who is really shy, and rarely finished his sentences when being interviewed (as, claimed by reporters who had talked to him, lol), I fall in love even even more towards him…Then, I started watching his previous movies, and I cried whenever he cried, and I giggled alone when he smiled…I’m not sure when will this overwhelming feeling will calm down…because, this is too much for me as a fan…I rarely being too obsessive, or should I say…it’s been a while I have this kind of crush towards an artist 🙂

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