Guess who?

Yeap, my mind has been invaded by ABS lately. Just got off tweeting my chinggus about how cutie Kim Bum has changed…ermm.. manned up lately? 4 years ago he was this sweet big bro in EOE, 2.5 years ago he played the charming playboy in BOF with that much loved (or hated haha) smirk, a year plus this grey-haired rocker in Woman Who Wants To Marry, and NOW? Have you seen Padam Padam?

But hey, that’s not the point. And the above picture isn’t Kim Bum’s bod indeed.  So who is he? And why is he not showing us his FRONT? arrrrhhhhh…

Did you get it right? haha.

It’s none other that our beloved ( long gone-low-profile) Kang Ji Hwan ♥ ♥ ♥

His recent film Detective Cha (co-starring Sung Yuri) has just wrapped up. And here we get a glimpse of him going undercover LOL

Dayum isn’t he looking great in that bod?! Fan-service is one of the greatest gifts, one just CANNOT look away! <3333

I’m not digging that whole feminine style on him that much (manliner alert!), but I am intrigued and interested in how he’ll do as the undercover model.

Miss you KJH sshi, please come back to drama soon!

credits:  krdrama. com / KJH Hwan-Hye baidu bar / DC


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