Music Focus: 李佳薇 Jess Li Jia Wei – 煎熬 Suffering MV

李佳薇 Jess Li WHO?!! I’m sure most of you have never heard of her, have no idea who she is, and probably do not care. haha.

But if you guys want to have a go or listen at the voice of one of Malaysia/Taiwan’s most promising singers right now, you MUST not miss out on this girl.  The 24-year old Malaysian emerged No. 1 @ Taiwan’s most popular singing competition 超級星光大道7  One Million Star Class 7 last year, breaking a record history of being the only contestant in the competition to have reached a full score of 30 FOUR consecutive times for each song she delivered. I’ve seen her sing in the competition, and I definitely can vouch for her singing capability. She is just WOW.  She has wonderful and extremely promising singing range (she can go from really low to REALLY HIGH), captivating stage charisma and most importantly, a voice capable of piercing through hearts.

I heard this song Suffering 煎熬 on local radio for the first time yesterday (apparently she’d released her first album last year itself and this song was her first single), and was totally blown away by her voice. Her ability to switch from low to high pitch is just 0___0. If marketed properly, she can be HUGE!

Here I’ve embedded 2 different versions of her MV for the song. One so befitting of the lyrics and message the song intends to convey. Very honest. And doesn’t shy away from depicting how love can be so brutal and painful in RL.

** BUT PLEASE BEWARE: This MV is extremely discomforting, and at times disgusting. It also contains numerous controversial and visually explicit scenes which may turn you off immensely (and I mean immensely). If you’re not comfortable with gross scenes, you may want to stick with the song version (which I will add in as well), but if you want to experience the pain and suffering of love (I believe some people may have been through this), you may want to stick through the MV.

But still, please be prepared.

Full UNEDITED version (banned in Taiwan)


Shorter EDITED version


Song version – English lyrics embedded


The original MV was banned in TW while the edited version received complaints for over-emphasis on sexual/explicit scenes. Even I did not expect such scenes to be shown in an MV o_0 definitely shouldn’t be available for kids’ viewing.

The disgusting stuff aside, I do think the MV reflected how agonizing it can be for some people to experience abandonment in the most extreme or brutal ways. Some people cry themselves to emptiness, some leave their souls to rot… In essence, the MV tells us, no matter how bad, one has to pick up and move on with life afresh. Do not ever give in blind to suffering.

I don’t know about you. But tho I’ve never experienced something like that before, I certainly felt the pain the girl felt in the MV thru Jess’s voice. It really grabbed my heart from within and squished it. I don’t think I’d ever want to go thru such a phase in life.

credits: video uploaders / as tagged on video


3 thoughts on “Music Focus: 李佳薇 Jess Li Jia Wei – 煎熬 Suffering MV”


    I have seen part of the unedited movie on weibo some time ago and I actually couldn’t get through the first 2 min and I even didn’t know how this was supposed to be a song.
    But I am so lucky that you have posted about the song here again to have a chance to listen to it.

    Although I skipped lots of scenes in the movie but I got the message which I admire but I can’t deny that I still can’t get over it and I will surely stick to the song version.

    I LOVE the song, really really great and I can’t describe Jess Li voice better than you and I agree with every word. I don’t get such depressed feeling easily from songs specially with languages I need translation for 🙂 but this really got me depressed feeling every word inside my heart. The only song I remember now which I get this feeling when listening to it is “Mika – Over My Shoulder”.

    Thank you dear for your great post (as always) 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome dear chinggu. It’s good to have people appreciate my music entries, considering that I’m not THAT familiar with the music scene.

      Yes, the MV is extremely disturbing, no surprise that one would turn away just seconds into it. Imagine living in such a trashy and gross environment? Just can’t. But the song does resonate better if you sync both visuals and the lyrics together. The pain and suffering at its most extreme, it grips you from within and tears you apart (at least that’s what I felt from watching the MV). Depressing it is.

      But Jess’s voice is sublime in here, I can only wish she continues to soar higher and higher in the music scene. Do us Malaysians proud! 😀

  2. OH, God! That was one chocking MV and one extremely talented girl, it sure wowed me o.o
    I didn’t expect another MV to say such an accurate story about abandonment like ‘Cleansing Cream’ from Brown Eyed Girls did. I’ll, now, definitely check on Jess!

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