My “Sad Letter” to Shin Ha Kyun

You didn’t think I was going to miss posting about this HUH?!

Shin Ha Kyun, can you please SING TO ME?! I keep humming this song with the image of you singing etched FIRMLY in my mind! Cannot get it out of my head no matter how I try. :/ What more godly things can you do? Try me please?

Apart from the fact that I thought it was so out of character and uncharacteristically romantic of Dr. Lee to sing (and to sing it to YJH, can you believe it?!!! After all the yelling and screaming and belittling?), I actually NEARLY cried. T___T Not just because I was moved by Dr. Lee sudden display of sincerity, but also because I was touched by Shin Ha Kyun’s voice. The tenderness and softness within, the lingering tears in his eyes…. omg, how is this even possible? I’m a crybaby alright, but I never cry just listening to a song (usually my tears fall when I listen to the song along with the MV or certain scenes in sight). But WTH, this version of “Sad Letter” (OST from his buddy Song Kang Ho’s hit film “Memories of Murder”) by SHK totally got to me! >_< It’s been on repeat ever since last night, and every time he starts singing (when I replay it over and over), I want to CRY! No serious JOKE!

So yes, I already know the ending. I’ve already seen the cut of the finale last night and am totally fine with how it ended, surprisingly. What better than to have Dr. Lee achieve his goals and dreams and to have his loved one witness his grand moment in smiles and tears? [Totally reminds me of Nodame Cantabile’s ending which I loved.] I can ask for no more.

I haven’t seen the finale in full yet, so I’ll probably dedicate an entry to that later on. But ahhhh…Brain has finally ended for good. Though I’d expressed my gripes and qualms regarding the flow and writing of the drama (which most Brainy fans may not agree with me on I guess hehe, but sometimes I do get a bit too critical when I watch TOO MANY dramas at the same time, please dun mind!), there isn’t a single doubt in my mind, that SHK had carried the show on his shoulders, from beginning to the end. With his earnestness, his charisma, his professionalism, his passion… all because of his dedication to his craft, we were able to find all sorts of wonders in this actor.

So before I bid farewell to the drama, here’s my final “Sad Letter” to Shin Ha Kyun, the body, heart and soul of Brain:

Haha, I am that mad huh? My writing sux so pls bear with it haha.

Once again,

credits: / K-Frenzy capture

I am going to miss Dr. Lee Kang Hoon for sure, but amidst farewell, another gate is waiting to be opened. I’m sure SHK will be back soon! HWAITING!


12 thoughts on “My “Sad Letter” to Shin Ha Kyun”

  1. Thanks Ripgal,
    Once again, you made me watch an amazing drama . i was curious about Brain because you wrote so much about it.You’re right, Shin Ha Kyun was the gem of the drama .I also liked the performance of Jung Jin Young the but from the beggining to the end ,i was so fascinating by him so much .I watched until the ep 16 with subs and i was surprised because i though he would gradually change into a really nice guy but the writer didn’t choose this way.But i’m not disappointed by it because it’s new and more realistic.
    So ,thank you because i don’t usually watch a medical drama even if i really liked New Heart.

  2. Your letter reflects the way most of us think and feel about Shin Ha Kyun! He made Brain special and unforgettable for us…I really hope to see him soon with another project. Of course we’ll get to talk about him again then, right? Till the next! 🙂

  3. ^Hei thanks guys! No doubt I will be posting more about SHK in the future. I am pretty sure he will be back with a project soon, with Brain having elevated him to true A-list status. He did mention he might be doing a melodrama soon? So we’ll see.. we’ll see!

    Till then!

    Welcome to the utterly crazy SHK fandom of mine! haha.. hope to hear more abt SHK from you. ^^

    1. You express your love for SHK better than me!!
      Now that Brain is over,,i want to watch everything he did ,i already ddled Festival and Guns and Talks.
      I watched Welcome to Dongmalgol 3 months ago and i didn’t realized until today that he played in it .He was also really good and has a great role but there are so much good actors in this movie

      1. Haha, same reaction as everyone who’s been BRAINIFIED by SHK lol
        I enjoyed both Festival and Guns and Talks, but you must also watch Save The Green Planet (his acting was amazing in here tho the film’s quite weird) and No Mercy For Rude (juz cos he’s really COOL in here hehe).

        I’m halfway thru his films right now, but I’m saving some until he comes out with a new project. Least I can do knowing that BRAIN is over and I have nothing else of him to watch.

  4. thanks ripgal for this post. Love SHK.
    have not finished Brain yet. At first, no interest to watch brain as it is a medical drama which is a no-no for me. But for curiosity sake because of his winning award over PSH, have watch the first episode and I”m hook!! love his acting so much. I’m on ep 15 on a 3 day marathon, have to finished this week. (spoiler)………. So much love his scene when his mother died and he tells story to an old lady with crying and laughing at the same time. No other actor in mind that can do the scene this good! Will watch all his works now as I’ve have known SHK only in Brain! pity me…
    will look forward to your SHK postings in the future. thank you@

  5. I can’t get over my obsession to him yet. I just recorded his singing to CJW into my 3G’s phone. Pretending he singing it to me hahah. Can’t wait for his next project soon. 🙂

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