Shin Ha Kyun should be forbidden from SMILING

Because if he keeps doing it, you guys will prob need to get me an oxygen tank or call an ambulance for me soon.

I’m sorry if I’m overdoing this SHK thingy in my blog, but I JUST CAN’T HELP IT.

Please tell me how on earth can a sane person resist this.

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Seriously, after so many years of crushing on Korean actors and celebs, I have NEVER been this affected by a single smile, laugh or gesture.

In dire need of therapy now. :/


Summary translations of SHK’s KBS Guerilla Street Date Interview (20/01/2012)

This is one fun SHK interview with emphasis on his love  style & preferrence. SHK throughout the interview is pleasant, kind, honest with his trademark infectious shy smile.

 SHK showed up on KBS Guerilla Date, talked of his ideal type. When asked if he felt his enormous popularity, SHK replied very shyly that he didn’t feel it at all during production of BRAIN. When asked about him winning the KBS Dae Sang, SHK said it was like a very nice short dream because he was making BRAIN till the last moment, he attended the award ceremony, then went straight back to the BRAIN drama set. SHK gave a hug to a fan and gave away small bags with his personal signature inside to fans driving the crowds to frenzy mode, resulting in temporary interuption to the interview. One fan shouted out, “Please don’t get married” which made SHK taken aback for a moment. After moving into a small cafe, SHK was told that he is famous for not having any specific ideal type and to be more specific this time. SHK replied very shyly that he really doesn’t have any. When asked between 165cm or 169 cm, SHK replied 168 cm quickly. The interview was conducted in multiple choice format in which SHK was asked several questions on his ideal type female. On Thick vs Light make-up, SHK replied “just right amout” ; On Profesisonal vs housewife SHK replied ‘Professional woman then a house wife after marriage would be nice”; On Mini skirt vs One piece dress SHK replied ‘ I just ike pants’On How much Beautiful SHK replied “Not ugly but not too beautiful”; On 20’s or 30’s (age) SHK replied ‘Age is not a factor’.

Overall, SHK gave out nothing specific and kept repeating ‘just about”in his answers making the reporter taken aback for a moment.

In Summary, SHK’s ideal type can be any average females.

(credits: Aja Marie /

NOTE: NO TAKING OUT of this blog. Tks.


17 thoughts on “Shin Ha Kyun should be forbidden from SMILING”

  1. i know what you mean! Somebody has to stop him from smiling. I am so charmed by this distinguished man and find myself browsing the web daily to find more information/videos about him. Can die! 🙂

  2. You’re not overdoing at all posting stuff about him.I’ll be really happy if you can post about him everyday.
    And you’re not the only one,he’s taken my sanity too.I really really want to see him in another project.I already miss him very much. :3
    Just seeing his one smile makes me so happy.
    I hope he’ll again blow us up with his awesome performance in another future drama

  3. SHK smiled a whole lot in the interview… but my favorite capture would have to be this:

    credits: Brain baidu bar

    Aigoo SHK ssi, do you know you’ve been killing lotsa ppl lately?

  4. “Aigoo SHK ssi, do you know you’ve been killing lotsa ppl lately?”

    yeah, all of BRAINIAC should consult Dr. Lee , do a CT scan and surely, his name will appear on our brain.. hahahaha

  5. Ughhh someone needs to sub this soon. He’s amazing. I am finally watching Brain and he is blowing my mind. Perpetual blushing while watching every episode.

      1. Beware my friend, because perpetual blushing will prolong further, and gradually it will become an incurable disease that you CANNOT live with. Good luck~

  6. He’s not necessary ‘attractive looking’ but the man exudes charisma that makes him sexy onscreen and with his shy personality & short answers to question makes him adorable. Seriously, I smile throughout this interview. Help me!

    1. Totally agreed Anne! ^^ The latest subbed interview that you’d provided showed how genuinely grounded he is. He has no high expectations of himself, doesn’t try hard to impress, and just has this strangely naive innocence that makes it hard not to like him. I’ve seen several actors who are introverted, shy and quiet (eg. Won Bin, Kang Dong Won..etc) but never somebody like Shy Ha Kyun. The shyness overtakes him, but when he says a word, flashes a smile, the room brightens, my world instantly BEAMS with light as well. He really has no idea he’s that powerful.

  7. I agree that he has a powerful effect on audiences first with his superb acting, and offscreen, with his sincere smiles and shy persona. Its like he’s unaware of his impact and that is his greatest attraction. We are all goners and our only cure is to see him all the time in the big screen–lets hope his next project is a drama so that we get to see him weekly again. 🙂

  8. Guys, please visit the Shin Ha Kyun FB page for more PHOTOS of SHK. 🙂 He did about 30 interviews in a single day right after Brain ended (20/01/2012) o_0 you’ll get a hoard of SHK in just a few clicks! 😀

    And rumor has it he has chosen his next project, a film (where he rightfully belongs, Chungmuro! ^^)

  9. I watched SHK in Thirst. In Thirst, I found his character repulsive, stupid and annoying, as the director wanted me to. Then suddenly I went “Awwwwww, poor thing,” (for reasons I won’t say to those who haven’t seen it) I saw him to be pitied.
    Time passed.
    I watched Brain and was TOTALLY COMPLETELY head over heels stuck on this JERK doctor who I wanted to strangle and then hug. Prolly got to ep 5 or so and went, “Wait! That face…those eyes…Whoa! STOP!” I hopped over to Dwiki and sat, mouth agape for a few seconds trying to connect THIS doc to THAT poor wet man… I still can’t believe it is the very same smexy, trapeziously gorgeous actor who drips with virility in Brain and lake water in Thirst — How can he be in both roles? I don’t know, but there he is.
    ** sigh **
    I am watching Harvest Villa now, and paused to go looking for another perfect photo of SHK for my desktop photo and found YOU and THIS and all the pretty you have gathered together in one place.
    Thank you thank you!

    PS HJW? Also one of my favs. I did the Lovers in Prague to HITT to My Dearest Enemy to Never Forever to Moonlight in Seoul – in like 10 days. I was well on the way to d/l every film he made, but then the MEGA UP-plosion hit and now I have to go find them elsewhere.
    I can’t wait to see his newest with GHJ…

    Eneeway — back to HV now. I’ll be stalking you…

  10. So true, I really can’t help but smiling whenever he smile. It’ s as if his smile is viral and contagious. Every move and expression of him is adorable and his shyness makes him even more precious. He makes my heart feel jumpy and excited. It’ s hard to stay calm seeing him on screen…

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